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Hey guys, if you like blinkies and pretty graphics as much as I do, please click on the cute little castle below. Lots of adorable things like sigtags, blinkies, and banners can be found.  If you decide to join, please comment that [ profile] ladyofavalon77  sent you :) Thanks for reading this :)

And here are some samples of the wonderful things made by the amazing [ profile] yishui . Hope to see you there!
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This episode had so much drama that it went for TWO hours...instead of one :)

And Piers triumphed again! 
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So guess who was on tonight? I'll give you a big hint!!! *points at icon above*

I hope she comes back! 
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Third time changing this entry :)  

This WAS a drama filled post about why this journal became friends only but after talking to person in question I realized that I might have jumped the gun so changed it just in case I did.  I will stick to my plan to keep journal friends only just in case my open journal entries were adding fuel to a fire.  And that's all I'll say on the matter :)

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And still end up wrong.

Hopefully our calls will be enough for next week!

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 Today was a good day. My uncle from my dad's side is visiting, the Sunday talk shows were on, and I had a great time at church.  Uncle will be here a few days to find a job and apartment.  He's moving down here.  I'm not too happy about this because it's nice to keep family at arms length...otherwise they drive you crazy.  However, he pretty much keeps to himself so it's not that bad.  As for the talk shows, Obama Obama Obama.  I can't wait till I go to work tomorrow and check with my boss.  We can discuss all the gory details and then some.  Everyone likes Obama...but can he win?  I say no.  Clinton is the establisment candidate and though the people (like me!) love Obama, the powers that be won't let him win.  They don't like change and they'll do everything to stop him.  Such a pity.  Church was wonderful because of an awesome worship service and a sermon to match.  A good shot in the arm to start the week off right.
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So I'm finishing up the series and since it's my second time seeing it, I've decided that another pairing I love is Arvin/Emily.  They really did match those two actors up well.  Ron Rifkin is such an unusual, intelligent man that he could not just have any wife.  Army Irving is unusual looking but has that same depth of intelligence that he has.   Lots of layers again :)  And though we know she's not evil, she has the ability to see past his faults and still love him.  She's not a one dimensional character.  Actually no one on Alias is :D  What I love best is that he shows another side when he's with her and it was sad to see him lose that with her death season two.   I think bringing Nadia into the picture helped alot in bringing that back but I still liked seeing his relationship with Emily.  Ron Rifkin is an amazing actor.  He can play someone so cold and calculating as Sloane and then go to Brothers and Sisters and play someone so light hearted and funny like Saul :) Go figure!
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Found this cute blogthing while looking for something to post on politics :) Here is where it placed me :D

Not as Conservative as I thought I was :)
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It's the first time we don't have Gene on board and I must was still pretty entertaining.

Until next week! 
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It's Law and Order night.  When I first heard Law and Order: Criminal Intent was going to move to USA network, I was sad. I liked Chris Noth as one of the four detectives on the case.  Fortunately, the Writer's Strike happened and now I can enjoy the latest episodes on Wednesday nights.  This was a good one!

In other shooting news...

I want to see more on my favorite Assistant District Attorney :)
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When I first started watching Alias, I wasn't that big a fan of the Sydney/Vaughn romance.  It was just so obvious and they're too much alike to be interesting.  I've always liked Will and Sydney because he's light and funny, always making her laugh.  It's a good balance.  However, now that I've finished Season One I find myself strangely drawn to them once more.  I don't know if it's the quiet looks they give each other or how they make a really great team or how he genuinely feels for Sydney.  At any rate,  I think I'm going to enjoy watching the rest of the series since it's all about Sydney/Vaughn and I can appreciate them as a couple now :) 
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So do you want to take a spin on the dance floor? Or take up a gun and shoot some machines?


Dance Wars: Bruno V Carrie Ann (Week 2) )

Now for something less natural and more mechanical.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Ep 1.3 The Turk) )

At least there's something to watch during the Writer's Strike :)

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 [info]clementine_lime was nice enough to tag me after I replied back to her interest meme so here is my turn to fill it out PLUS add that cute fandom meme I've been seeing on people's journals a few weeks back :D

Reply to this post and I'll pick seven of your interests for you to explain in your journal. Post this with your explanations so others can join the explaining fun!

[profile] clementine_lime picked:

1. bsg (Battlestar Galatica).  Well, this was my third fandom I've fallen really hard for.  First was Star Trek: Voyager with Janeway/Chakotay, second was 24 with Martha/Charles, and this one was with Lee/Laura.  I have REALLY tried to like Laura/Bill but it just won't happen. It doesn't have the right spice or chemistry that I enjoy watching on screen.  Something subtle and natural that you just won't see anywhere else and, out of all my ships, Lee/Laura fascinates me the most because it's not quite a romantic love but definitely something more than friendship while not being a mother/son thing either.  This enigmatic quality has me hooked on them as a couple.  I also love how open ended the show is.  There are so many ways things can go so it has the most opportunities for fan fiction that I've ever seen, second to Star Trek.  Also most of the characters are memorable and play off each other really well.  With Martha and Charles gone from 24, BSG has moved up to my favorite TV show till the series finally comes to a close.

2. ellen tigh.  When I first saw Ellen, I didn't like her.  I heard great things about the episode she was in and how funny she was but still didn't like her.  However, that all changed with Season Three.  The things she was willing to go through to save her husband were heart wrenching and the actress played it so well.   It was like the Logan marriage all over again.  There were layers I could see that would be great to write stories about.  You can't tell your heart who you'll fall in love with and Saul unfortunately had fallen for a bad woman...but despite it all, he loved her. Despite what people told him...despite what his friend said...he truly loved Ellen.  And that is what I loved watching when the character was onscreen.  Saul's softer side.

3. hamri al-assad.  I loved Assad the moment he came onscreen because a) I love the actor that plays him from his work on Deep Space Nine and b) because the man was like an Arab Jack Bauer.  Some good in him but willing to do bad things to get the job done.  However, I didn't really start liking him till a little story idea popped into my head of how we could have changed Day Six to be better than what it was.  Namely, more Martha and Charles but this time (keeping in mind that Martha was actually sane and not clinically depressed) she was helping Assad with his peace iniative.  You see, Martha's family had been very active in the Middle East and she spoke fluet Arabic.  In fact, Charles asked her to come alone to a summit when he was in Congress.  During that time, Assad was part of a terrorist cell that took the spouses of the visiting Congressmen hostage and Martha showed great bravery during the crisis, always impressing Assad and he left an imprint on her as she had on him.  Through that connection they develop a deep friendship with maybe a hint at a romantic interest that will lead to peace.  When Jack and Assad have their first showdown, Martha's emergance from a backroom stops him from firing and then she gets shot in the confusion.  Assad then has to choose between making sure she's alright and moving ahead with his peace initiative.  Charles of course is brought in to find out what the heck his ex-wife is up to.  Alas, it was not to be so but I still love the character and ship him with Nadia :)

4. laura roslin.  Laura is the REASON I'm hooked on BSG. To see a woman played by Mary McDonnell with so much depth and so many layers is a joy to behold.  I love that you can ship Laura with anyone.  She's THAT good.  I also like how she can be sweet and idealistic one minute and tough as nails in the next.  The woman is smart and sassy!!  The only criticism I have is when she tries to play cutesy with Adama.  That is SO unattractive! The woman should be past that now.  She's NOT a sixteen year old girl with a crush.   I've always wondered what Jean would have done with the role...

5. lee adama.  What drew me to Lee from the start was his refusal to be the good son.  I liked how he challenged Adama and I LOVED how he worked with Roslin.  There was a natural rhythm he fell into with her and the side of himself that he showed when with her was VERY attractive.  It was like he knew who he was supposed to be in her presence and you could see a hint of the man he would become...someone much better than his father because he could work both with the military and the politicians.  Adama is too clear cut, Lee has layers and some of them are irritating like his affair with Kara and his behavior during the beginning of Season Three.  However, I really love that he's at odds with Laura because now they can undergo the other part of a full relationship with blown out arguments and confrontations.  For me, a great relationship is not measured by how sweet it is...but by how balanced it is, arguments and all.

6. nina meyers.  I always liked Nina but never got really into it until  [personal profile] averitaand  [profile] _ila_showed me all the wonderful complexities involved with her deception and her love/hate relationship with Jack.  Rewatching the first few season of 24 brought that depth into focus and I suddenly found myself liking her with well as with Tony.  Now since then, I think my heart has settled on Kate (a stronger, less afraid but very understanding (more so than Teri) Kate) but my attraction to Nina Myers as a character hasn't gone away.  There is much to explore there since so much was left open ended and I find any story that includes Nina is better for it.  If she came back instead of Tony, I  don't think I would have minded as much :)

7. william adama.  Though Laura/Lee has my heart, Bill Adama is the natural choice given age and experience.  I also found myself VERY moved by the one scene where he is saying goodbye to Laura in a way and there is an unshed tear in his eyes because he cares for her that much. It moved me more than any scene with Martha/Charles and that's saying alot since I place them at the top of my list.  However, I find myself once again resistant to shipping him hard core with Laura because a) they are the favorites and b) BIll is still too reticent for me.  It's hard to write good fan fiction with strong and silent types (just think of my Martha/Aaron stories) so as I explore the relationship further I find myself becoming more and more dissatisfied and end up disliking the one won't open up. I do hope she ends up with Bill because they both deserve it and are a natural fit BUT stories that bring out the wonderful relationship she had with Lee are infinitely more satisfying and seem to be somehow more rewarding for me on a personal level.  If Bill ends up being the 5th Cylon, I won't be upset either ;)

Name a fandom I'm into and I will tell you:

1. The first character I fell in love with:
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t:
4. The character I love that everyone else hates:
5. The character I would shag anytime:
6. The character I’d want to be like:
7. The character I’d slap:
8. A pairing that I love:
9. A pairing that I despise:
10. Favorite character:
11. What are your five favorite things about your fandom?
12. What are your five least favorite things about your fandom?
13. Who are your five favorite characters?
14. Who are your five least favorite characters?
15. What are your five favorite pairings?
16. What are your five least favorite pairings?
17. Which character are you most like?
18. What is your deep, dark fandom secret? 
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It only snows every five years in the South where I live but today it did! Not enough to make a snowman but enough to dust the ground with powder sugar :)  I stayed indoors all day and watched Alias episodes as well as played in Second Life.  There were treasure hunts to track down and blog entries to catch up on :)

In other news, Singin' In The Rain has come to my town :) The broadway version of my all time favorite musical.  The guy who I thought would be in it is directing it so I'm not too sure how great it will be.  Some of the pictures weren't promising though the set looks great :) Maybe it's time to break out the old tape and watch it again.  I love Donald O'Connor.

*starts singing "Make them laugh, make them laugh"*

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So today was quite interesting.  First a limited edition dress in Second Life with only 20 copies available in a game of thousands.  Five released during four times: 3 AM, 9 AM, 3 PM and 9 PM.  Well 3 AM was out of the question since I had to go to work today and 9 AM wouldn't work either unless I wanted to call in sick.  Therefore I was left with 3 and 9.  I really didn't care for 9 because so many people would be off from work so to be one of the five to get a dress in that crowd...almost impossible.  3 pm had a lot of advantages, first of all it was late for Europeans and second of all too early for West Coasters.  The trouble was getting a lunch at work that late.  I needed to be at home at least by 2:30 to get a good place in the store.  Fortunately, there weren't that many BSR's working so I got my request.  When I got home, the game wouldn't run.  Had to restart a few times and then it was ten minutes till the release. I waited patiently and even had a chance to grab one early when I saw where the designer was pricing the five gowns  but I held off.  Patience was rewarded and she lowered the display, by mistake hiding some of it in the ground which I figured out quickly and got my copy :)  Now I'm one of only twenty lucky girls on the grid with THIS particular dress.

The confessions of a Second Life fashionista :) 
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So I'm still watching Celebrity Apprentice and tonight's results just made the show take a turn for the worst.  Here's why.

That's all for now!
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Wednesdays are my *squeee* days because I get to see Linus Roache in Law and Order.  *squeeeeeeeeeeee*

Now for some icons of Mr. Roache.  I checked some of the LJ communities but no one is making them :(

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Well, me and the manager at work were excited for this day to come.  Would Romney suffer another defeat?  Would we finally see a leader emerge?  I myself was hoping for another upset like in New Hampshire but no cigar.  Romney secured the win and now we've had 3 different winners in 3 different states.  Romney is a good candidate (other than his religion) so it's not a total loss but not much to discuss when the projected winner wins *sigh*  Oh well, hopefully South Carolina and Nevada will be more exciting.  I'm hearing that Obama and Hillary are neck and neck down there.

And did I hear right?  Obama and Hillary teamed up against Edwards on the debates last night?  Are these two making up so they can ask the other to be VP if the other should win?  Hmmm VERY interesting :) 
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So I have been looking forward to the premiere of The Sarah Connor Chronicles since I heard it was being made and Lena Headey was going to be cast.  I saw her in the previews of 300 and fell in love.  The woman has strength and depth.  Then I saw _ila_'s post with the awesome promo pics from the series and her comment that she looks like Nina and she's SO right it's freaky!  Anyway on to the review :)

Thoughts on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (Pilot and Gnothi Seauton) )
Overall, three out of four stars but not a GREAT love like I had for season five of 24.  There are just no great character interactions to ship in a fanlike way.

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Have you ever saw the movie Persuasion starring Sally Hawkins and Rupert Penry-Jones??? Well, if you have, you KNOW what I'm talking about.  The guy is just SO PERFECT with wide broad shoulders, eyes that see everything, and feelings that run deep.  His voice....gah, it's wonderful.  He's been a few things I was able to google like Four Feathers and the British series MI-5 which I must now own to take in the goodness that is Rupert Penry-Jones.  The storyline is great too because it's about a girl who has been "persuaded" to turn him down the first time for a better match elsewhere and he punishes her for it by going after another girl while she looks on but true love will not be conquered and slowly but surely they find each other, the ending is just too marvelous for words.  Every subtext, nuance, and look is played to perfection so if you haven't seen it, go!! Now!!  Pictures of the handsome Mr. Rupert Penry-Jones below :D

Next up, Review on Sarah Connor Chronicles :)

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