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I tried and again was swept into Second Life so I'm going to give up the fight and just post on the weekends hehe.  So a little recap of the week's events.  We have new people training so it means more time on the teller line.  Blah!  Hopefully they'll be ready soon and I can get back to what I like.  My grandmother took a nasty fall last week and they did a MRI and found a growth. It looks like she won't make it through the month.  I'm not too worried because we've never been close and she's been dying from diabetes for awhile. I do feel for my Mom though.  Pray for us!  Speaking of family, my Dad got on my case about driving too fast.  ONLY because he drives too slow.  Whatever!  Parents...can't live with them...can't live without them.  Pfft!

Now on to something I want to talk about...Dancing with the Stars and 24!!

Now what is Jack Bauer up to?  And is that Karen with Noah Daniels I see?

So that my dear friends is all from me tonight.  If you feel in a naughty mood, check out this's to my latest Noah/Karen fan fic hehe.  Enjoy!  Next up an explanation of the icons and quotes you picked out of my profile :)  Talk to you later!  One last thing!! I'm going to hopefully see Gregory Itzin at a golf game on Saturday!!!! *squeeeeeeee* Wish me luck!

And THAT'S how you win an Emmy Nomination!

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Don't ask and I won't tell...if you do, I won't be able to help myself! Since I'm a fan of many shows, you won't know which one and I can let out my excitement but still be mysterious :) Ok, for some reason, I wasn't feeling well at work and let it show. I did apologize afterwards and felt better after a Tylenol. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow because it’s just me and the assistant manager until 9:30. Don’t you just love the pressure! 

First up for review comes straight from the ballroom J 
Dancing With The Stars: Paso Doble and Waltz )   

Now on to some other matters relating to madness and mayhem.
24 (Ep 6.17 10 to 11 PM) )   
So those lyrics I was talking about… 

I've Cried Enough by Lara Fabian )   
If only the writers had followed this and shown a stronger, more stable Martha. We know Jean could have done it…they just needed to write it J Best part about this song…she still admits love was there, just like there was love in the Logan marriage once upon a time J 

I might smile and stand with you, Charles but I will never forgive you...

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I REALLY REALLY hate Mondays. There are just too many darn shows to watch…and one of them isn’t even on yet. Fortunately the season finale of Prison Break was today so one less thing to keep track of. More on that later. If you haven’t seen it, please do! Work was heck on earth…don’t want to talk about it…don’t want to discuss it. I have a headache and that should more than explain how bad it was.

So on to the reviews!

Now on to 24 which I actually enjoyed tonight and lots of little shipper bits to follow.

Dang if this isn't going to be the length of a novel but I must stick to the schedule. It brings me great satisfaction

So I have no more to say and deep down you’re saying “Thank God!” Come on…you know you’re thinking it after I posted it :D

I'm not worried...that's a fake can tell by the "Made In China" etching on the side
You going to shoot me with water, Jack?

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So another action packed Monday. There was 24...there was Prison Break…there was Dancing with the Stars. How does a girl choose? And Heroes wasn’t even up! I don’t know what I’ll do when it returns. All I know is that all through work today I was looking forward to turning on the TV and watching my favorite shows. And I still have to see Dancing With The Stars which I taped!

Ok on to the reviews for there are some good parts!

Now for some quality time with Jack Bauer J

So time to share some new lyrics. I bought this collection of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs and there is this one from his musical “Song and Dance” that I have fallen completely in love with. It’s entitled “The Last Man In My Life” and basically it says everything I would want Martha to think after her reunion for Charles. As a bonus, you can also use it for her new life with Aaron. Whichever is your preferred ship J 

So if you have time today, check out the song if you like music from these big sweeping operatic epics :)

How much you want to bet that I can beat you in poker, Jack?

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You see I had more time to think about the line from the leaked page of script and it doesn't sound like Charles really cares for Martha. It appears that either a) he's forgotten about her, b) they've formed an uneasy truce, or c) he's up to no good and wants to draw her out into the open. However, the whole tone of the statement seemed cool and detached though it was Bill who spoke it. I just need to prepare myself for the worst...there's nothing there and I should stick to the Season Five DVD's. Ok, let's take a deep breath and move on :) 

A great news article has been making the rounds of my flist and now it's time to post here. Lots of little spoilers for 24 so if you want to remain spoiler free, don't click the link below. They don't reveal a lot but they hint and suggest so much more. Click at your own risk :)

Well, that's all for tonight...time to go on a hunt for some Casino Royale Icons.  Daniel Craig is so AMAZING.  He's stolen my heart as my favorite actor!! Now I need to go out and rent all his movies :D

I think you're underestimating my husband's ability to lead this country...

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I love fortuitous timing. A meme on my favorite songs and the day I post some favorite lyrics. Just perfect! Unfortunately, my vacation ended yesterday so it was back to work for me. I was the only person with combinations to the vault since the other two are on vacation so I had to travel back and forth to and from the vault the whole day while taking members in my cubicle and then members on the teller line. Fun fun fun! Fortunately, I could log into the 24 Community site and catch some awesome spoilers to hold me out till I got home. Time for a LJ cut so others won't be spoiled by my post :)

Unfortunately, nothing good to see on TV tonight but hopefully that means I can get some graphic design projects done. Something Martha/Aaron related since I promised the FLOSS girls some icons for awhile now, especially [profile] clementine_lime . Good time to fulfill my promise! Now let's get to the music meme that [personal profile] xandra73 tagged me with. Thanks, Xandra!

Well, one of my favorite groups put out a new CD recently but I'm saving it for Christmas so I'll highlight some of their older songs. The group in question is Il Divo and the songs are "Everytime I Look At You" and "The Man You Love".  VERY romantic songs and here is how they apply to the Logans.  The first one talks about how love changes a man and I think that was true of Charles.  He was a better man when Martha was there and he knew it.  I love how the singers says "let love be blind" and "I used to think that I was strong...I realize now I was wrong"  Falls right into line with how I see his character :)

This last song is so beautiful instrumental wise that I could hear the music alone without any singing.  However, the words are lovely as well as they describe a man who just wants to be there for the woman he's in love with.  Now we know Charles was not this kind of guy from the start...however, people could change and maybe after he's lost everything he suddenly realizes what he DID have and this changes him into this type of man.  One can only hope!

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We have been unusually busy at work and I think it's because they thought we would be closed for Veteran's Day.  Now I'm just glad I finally got to the weekend *three cheers*  For the good news: I finally finished Chapter 14 of If I Should Lose You.  Not the best but satisfactory enough to post and edit later.   Also *drumroll please* Jean Smart and Gregory Itzin are OFFICIALLY back for Season Six.  In fact they might be filming their episodes right now.  A dozen or so news sources confirm this *squeals*  Meantime I will be shipping Karen/Bill.  They would make such a CUTE couple despite what other people say.  *glares at certain posters at the 24 community boards*

So now that I have that out of the way, let's go back to talking about more fun topics like...TV shows :)

And finally it's time to get to the blogthing.  This time I chose How You Live Your Life.  Again results for Martha and Charles.  I like how it says Charles is tactful and diplomatic while it says Martha tends to dream big.  Awww!  

I'm coming back for Season Six and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

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Well, it's another wonderful weekend and I'm so glad the holidays are coming. Yesterday was marvelous for two reasons: my good friend clementine_lime posted a great news article on Martha and Charles that I will share next Thursday and so many great things are coming in about Season Six of 24.  I can't believe I doubted for a minute that this season would not be as good as last season.  It appears that they're diving into White House politics more than ever now that West Wing is gone.  Woot woot!! If they can balance that with the action, I will be a happy camper.  That and the fact that maybe just maybe Bill and Karen have gotten married *crosses fingers* 

And now time for some lovely graphics I found on the 24 Community Board.  The first signature was on display by username Virginie and I really like the coloring and how she merged all the images of Season Five into the sharp but slim siggy.  The last one is by The24UmKing and he always does great work.  I showed some of the siggies he made for me earlier.  This one he put together from the promo images and though he thought it didn't come out that great, I disagree.  There is my new favorite couple: Bill and Karen :)

And now I leave you with a classic Martha screenshot.  I love it when she's in First Lady mode.  The 24 Calendar I have shows how she really knows how to carry herself.  Now with Karen's new hairstyle I might be switching allegiances :)

Tell me, you ever tire of just playing a role instead of really making a difference? 

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