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So I'm finishing up the series and since it's my second time seeing it, I've decided that another pairing I love is Arvin/Emily.  They really did match those two actors up well.  Ron Rifkin is such an unusual, intelligent man that he could not just have any wife.  Army Irving is unusual looking but has that same depth of intelligence that he has.   Lots of layers again :)  And though we know she's not evil, she has the ability to see past his faults and still love him.  She's not a one dimensional character.  Actually no one on Alias is :D  What I love best is that he shows another side when he's with her and it was sad to see him lose that with her death season two.   I think bringing Nadia into the picture helped alot in bringing that back but I still liked seeing his relationship with Emily.  Ron Rifkin is an amazing actor.  He can play someone so cold and calculating as Sloane and then go to Brothers and Sisters and play someone so light hearted and funny like Saul :) Go figure!
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When I first started watching Alias, I wasn't that big a fan of the Sydney/Vaughn romance.  It was just so obvious and they're too much alike to be interesting.  I've always liked Will and Sydney because he's light and funny, always making her laugh.  It's a good balance.  However, now that I've finished Season One I find myself strangely drawn to them once more.  I don't know if it's the quiet looks they give each other or how they make a really great team or how he genuinely feels for Sydney.  At any rate,  I think I'm going to enjoy watching the rest of the series since it's all about Sydney/Vaughn and I can appreciate them as a couple now :) 

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