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Almost two whole days to myself without the parents in the house :) How marvelous! Unfortunately they want the room cleaned by the time they get back but still...being able to do what I like while they're away. It's such a nice feeling of freedom :) Mind you, I like when they're here so I can talk to them but I like it when they go away so I don't get nagged by them. At any rate I'm enjoying my time alone here in our house.

So how was the rest of my time spent? Fiddling around in Paintshop and Photoshop making icons for [profile] 24_stillness. Of course I can't show them to you till the voting is done but I CAN show you my past ones :D I even got an award too! For a Charles/Martha one if you can believe it! Also I have to show this AMAZING banner that [profile] clementine_lime made me for Bill/Karen. Seriously!! It needs to be hung up in an art gallery it's THAT GOOD!!

And that's all I have for now.  Next Saturday I'll have more icons to post :)  So keep a look out if you like to see my work!

Tell my husband that if he won't release my pills I promise to do something he will clearly regret before this night is through...

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For one, I get to sleep in!! One more day and those 24 DVD's of Season Five are mine.   Muhahaha!!  At any rate, I caught up on all my LJ entries this morning and played around in Second Life again.  There are too many things to buy in that game.  I need to get a job just for that!!  I was helping my Mother string some calendars together for the prisoners she'll be visiting tonight.  My poor fingers!! But it's all for a good cause :)  I was then going to finally see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at 4 while shipping out some overseas packages but she needed help cleaning out the van so just one trip to the post office and back.  Since she still wasn't ready, I sat down and finished the last two hours of Season Four of 24.  And you know what?  Reiko did a REALLY good job in her scenes where she thought Tony might die and then that he actually did.  Her pain was so palpable I just wanted to reach out and tell her everything would be ok.  It made me like the Tony/Michelle relationship more than before.  Season 2 and 3 were just kind of "blah" but those last two hours really gave the couple some great depth.  I now have a better appreciation of the relationship.

Well, today had a new episode of Heroes so it must be discussed!

Ok, well today is fan fiction Monday and I've had a lot of ideas going through my head.  However, I've been taking a break from writing to work on some graphics.  I still have some stories to post so no worries.  The ideas I've had are as follows: Christmas story for Martha and Aaron for the gals at FLOSS where Martha is having a lonely Christmas till a special person makes an appearance :), possible Christmas Gift story involving Aaron and Martha, still have to finish Culinary Differences with Martha and Charles, and of course If I Should Lose You.  Hopefully, this break will stimulate some creativity and the writing will flow like water.  *crosses fingers*

Trying to set me up, are you?  Well, you won't get very far! I'm on to you!

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Well, it's another wonderful weekend and I'm so glad the holidays are coming. Yesterday was marvelous for two reasons: my good friend clementine_lime posted a great news article on Martha and Charles that I will share next Thursday and so many great things are coming in about Season Six of 24.  I can't believe I doubted for a minute that this season would not be as good as last season.  It appears that they're diving into White House politics more than ever now that West Wing is gone.  Woot woot!! If they can balance that with the action, I will be a happy camper.  That and the fact that maybe just maybe Bill and Karen have gotten married *crosses fingers* 

And now time for some lovely graphics I found on the 24 Community Board.  The first signature was on display by username Virginie and I really like the coloring and how she merged all the images of Season Five into the sharp but slim siggy.  The last one is by The24UmKing and he always does great work.  I showed some of the siggies he made for me earlier.  This one he put together from the promo images and though he thought it didn't come out that great, I disagree.  There is my new favorite couple: Bill and Karen :)

And now I leave you with a classic Martha screenshot.  I love it when she's in First Lady mode.  The 24 Calendar I have shows how she really knows how to carry herself.  Now with Karen's new hairstyle I might be switching allegiances :)

Tell me, you ever tire of just playing a role instead of really making a difference? 

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I know I'm silly :) But I'm happy it's the weekend. I thought I would have to work on a new graphic for today's post but guess what!! I just received some wonderful love banners from [profile] gentleflower. She was so nice to take my request and then to give me so many options. I heart her so much. And it came at a good time as you guys know how my fandom was cooling and I needed something to cheer me up. Well this was it!! *still loves staring at them*

I know she was just trying to delay Charles at this point but even with camera men right on them, they sure make a hot couple :)

And candid the words of a fellow fangirl...fadfdsfsfaf!!!  I think it's rubbing off on me :)  Maybe they'll be together in a romantic comedy :)
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Well, I've been trying out different options in my photoshop program.  Looking at the tutorials on various sites so I can make my own graphics.  The results haven't been too promising but it's a beginning.  First up are two icons I made for the 24 contest challenges.  The first could use some work but the second didn't come out TOO bad.  I hope I can submit something a little better for the next contest.
2 Icons and 2 Banners )

And that's all for now.  This day was pretty uneventful.  I spent a lot of time in Second Life instead of writing the next chapter in "If I Should Lose You'  Why oh why must I procrastinate so!

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I'm in a cheerful mood.  We were absolutely CRAZY at work but I stayed longer and now my boss loves me.  Always good to build up some points with the boss in case you need vacation time or run into problems later (and with me they're always HUGE problems so this is good).  

My Take on Justice, Kidnapped, and Shark! )
And since it's Saturday, time to reveal some Martha/Charles graphics.  I'm still experimenting with Paintshop and Photoshop so I'll display three banners a wonderful person named The24UmKing at the 24 Insider board made on request.  I really like the different shots used in each one :)



And that's all for today. Will be back with more musings on Monday *wink*

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