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Found this cute blogthing while looking for something to post on politics :) Here is where it placed me :D

Not as Conservative as I thought I was :)
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Follow these easy steps:
The first article title on the page is the name of your band. 

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album. 

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result in your own journal: 

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And I see Greg :) I can't wait!! I've been thinking about it all day today and couldn’t wait for work to be over. I don’t know how many times I glanced at the clock but it had to be over a hundred. It was so wonderful to walk out the door and think “This time tomorrow I will have met my favorite actor of all time.” Isn’t that marvelous?

So that’s all on that front. I’m left with a blogthing about the inner you. It had some interesting results for my favorite couple. Not exactly what I expected J

Another one done, one more day to go!

Beauty is timeless...

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So today is Good Friday and a wonderful time to remember why you go to church, why you read your Bible and why you pray J We’re currently still looking for a church so we went to a Christian coffeehouse on base and saw a clip from The Passion and listened to a moving song in Gaelic. The chaplain was quite real with his audience about Christ’s love when he came to earth and died for everyone one. However, what I really liked was how he explained how much it must have hurt him to hurt his mother because he had to go through all these things and she had to watch the child she loved experience it all, adding heartbreak on top of heartbreak L 

How far would you go if you loved someone… 

So I ran across this awesome blogthing where you put in two random names and it tells you about the love between the two characters. There was also one for putting in the name of the person you love and what your relationship is like J Have fun with your own names or the names of your fandom ships!

I like the results for both of these memes..."last for all eternity"...I could definitely go for that!


We are all gathered here honor a friend...
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So! It's Friday!  Another glorious weekend awaits.  Work was long and busy but it made the time go by fast and we had so much action that I had to put my work on a second stat sheet.  That should help push up my numbers.  Still haven't gotten those visa prom notes out yet.  Hopefully, we're slow next week and I can get that accomplished!  The assistant manager at the other credit union branch came to visit today and he is QUITE handsome.  She has another son who is also very hot...if she wasn't a manager at the company I work for, I'd try to get a date!  They're also very respectful boys and one is going to West Point.  *squeees*

Time for another blogthing. This time I chose seasons because I was hoping for a nice contrast between Martha and Charles and got something a little different.  Instead of a stark contrast like winter/summer, I came up with a contrast of different versions of the same season.  Fall is winter's spring and spring is summer's fall.  I like how that shows there are similarities between the two while still sharing the same characteristics.

That chocolate bunny makes me hungry long till Easter?

I can't believe it's over...this term as First Lady...maybe next year I run for President...
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It seemed like it was going to take forever!! But it's finally here. Since we've left our last church, I no longer have to go on Friday nights! I'm so excited about this because my longest days at work are on Fridays and church on top of that means no free time for me. If the sermons were as good as the worship I wouldn't mind...but they aren't. So here's to sweet freedom :D

So time for another one of those fun blog things and I really liked this one...Are you destined to rule the world?  Well, I know Charles is but I just wanted some confirmation.  Martha of course could rule the world by virtue of her Hotness but would she want to rule the world?

I find the handcuffed hands quite that Martha and Aaron together till the end?  *giggles*

You have to be kidding me? I'm not THAT stupid, Marty...
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Well, I haven't been to church in awhile so I was really looking forward to the service tonight. It's an all night worship service where we just sing songs for as long as every one can stay awake. The last one was awesome and I was SO happy that I could make it tonight. And then they dropped the worship service, just two videos. What in the world? No one was aware of this except for the pastor and other church leaders. I know I should have a better attitude but I was really looking forward to this program because too many times our worship is cut short by the pastor who preaches really boring, repetitive sermons. *sighs*

Now for some notes on Numb3rs :)  And all the characters involved...

So what foreign language should Charles and Martha learn? I found another cute blog and filled it out for them. Fill free to see your own results :)

So 3 more days till 24 is on and some more squeeeeeing will commence :D

What else can I do...Charles refuses to take my calls...Aaron is no where to be found...I'm lost at sea without an anchor to ground me...what else can I do...

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And now it's Friday and I have a great weekend to look forward to. We had Chinese at work because it was the birthday of a dear coworker who I love to discuss Dancing With The Stars with. However, today I found it quite difficult to discuss shows like Grey's Anatomy because she's already been happily married for long number of years and not interested in the idea of romantic, complicated love. Where are all the starry eyed idealists like me who want to discuss complex relationships between men and women but leave the sex out of the equation. It just distracts from the truly wonderful connection between people...otherwise we're just reduced to animals who just can't wait to jump the opposite sex whenever we get a chance. How unromantic and primal when we're meant for so much more!

Finally, here's an adorable blogthing about whether you love with your head or your heart.  I'm sure if I took it I would follow with my head because though I like to be romantic I haven't been in any serious relationships.  Just haven't found the right guy :)

On a final note, I stayed up until 5 AM!!! Talking to Mom can get addictive.  I am now writing this entry at 2:30 PM on Saturday because I slept in that late.  It's great to have someone to talk to late at night!

Have you ever loved someone so much that you couldn't tell her because you were in so deep you knew she would never believe you?

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So we're down to out last day here in sunny Florida. The weather has warmed up quite a bit since that cold Tuesday I told you about. After sleeping in till 10 AM, I got dressed and headed out to the computer lab once more, only to discover two people already there. I waited around ten minutes but no one seemed to want to move so I headed back to the room and packed all my things so Mom wouldn't yell and I could return to the computer for however long I needed to be there until it was free. Packing my Nintendo DS, 24 book, and Bible, I headed out again and this time found it empty. Most of the time was spent catching up on posts on Live Journal and the 24 Community but some on making a few posts about last weekend.  Then home for a small break and watching some more of Season Five of 24.

I wanted to go out with Mom later but she never called. Then she rang me about picking up some pizza for dinner so that counted as my one trip off the grounds. It was about 7 PM when she picked me up so I decided to stay in for the rest of the night and watch the last 2 hours of 24 Season Five. 

Finally, some results for Charles and Martha concerning a survey I found on Blogthings :)

Another day, another entry.  Talk to you some more tomorrow! When I'm actually home!

Kiss me now before it's too late...I know you want to...

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A long day at work and a long day updating LJ BECAUSE I'm going to be away for a week with no laptop and probably no internet access. Having fun in Orlando, Florida and getting back just in time for the 24 Season Six premiere! At any rate, today was rough at work. Manager was out sick, only a few BSR's on the floor, and so many things to get done before I leave. I didn't end up leaving until 7:45 PM and I was supposed to be out by 6. Oh, I'm off for a week :D

Finally, how lucky are Charles and Martha Logan?  The first answer is for him and the second is for her :)

So that leaves me to my farewells! I'll miss you all and will hopefully find an internet cafe so I can keep track of new posts! Wish me well and I CAN'T WAIT to be back for the premiere! 

So this is love...a few kisses stolen in rare moments trumpets, no fanfare...just us...
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However, I found this wonderful blog thing about what Christmas Ornament are you so I've decided to include it for one of my last December posts! How perfect for the holiday season!

Nothing to report on today.  Just an insanely busy day at work and quite content to come home!

If that's what you want, Martha, I won't stand in the way of letting you go...
Your happiness is what matters most...

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Well, this journal item is making the rounds and so I must join in. Leave me whatever you think I'd like best...though I think my icons and pictures tell it best :D my xmas stocking ) Another boring day...I did mail out Christmas cards to illusorythrill and clementine_lime. Hopefully you'll get them soon! I went shopping for my secret Santa at work and came up with a gift theme...I love things that match! Tonight was a new episode of House and I missed it :( I'll have to catch up on the action later. Fortunately, plenty of friends on my flist like it so I'll be able to revel in the recaps :) On the positive side: I'm caught up on LJ entries! I think I need to leave some communities...I have too many posts to reply to...but save that for later :)

And side note: I made a new Christmas icon. It's the one I posted up in the top corner :)
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Ok, the porn reference was a little strong for me, even in jest. So I decided to find another Dear Santa letter that wasn't so...naughty hehe. Who likes coal in their stockings anyway? *winks*

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In July I gave [ profile] crashandburn a Dutch Oven (-10 points). In October I gave [ profile] xandra73 a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). Last Wednesday I punched [ profile] jacklemmon in the arm (-10 points). Last Tuesday I gave [ profile] janaine a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). Last month I put money in [ profile] mrsaaronpierce's expired parking meter (14 points).

Overall, I've been nice (39 points). For Christmas I deserve a Sony Playstation 3!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Other than that, try it for yourself and tell me what you think :)
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Work was crazy today because EVERYONE and his mother got paid!! Didn't leave until 7 pm!! However, I'm off Monday and Tuesday so it wasn't so bad as I kept concentrating on that piece of good fortune :)  I was really looking forward to going to church tonight for the praise and worship but family decided to stay home and I hate to drive all that way in the dark so stayed home too.  We had a small family prayer meeting but not the same as when we're in church.  I don't know why that is because I should be able to get more into it when it's just the family but I find it easier when there is a large group at church.  *shrugs*  Just one of my many eccentricities I guess :)

If I had to choose what kind of candy I would be, then I would say I was an Oreo cookie: Creamy inside but tough cookie outside :)

I want to thank you, Aaron...for being the man my husband couldn't be...for being the man I wanted him to be.
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We have been unusually busy at work and I think it's because they thought we would be closed for Veteran's Day.  Now I'm just glad I finally got to the weekend *three cheers*  For the good news: I finally finished Chapter 14 of If I Should Lose You.  Not the best but satisfactory enough to post and edit later.   Also *drumroll please* Jean Smart and Gregory Itzin are OFFICIALLY back for Season Six.  In fact they might be filming their episodes right now.  A dozen or so news sources confirm this *squeals*  Meantime I will be shipping Karen/Bill.  They would make such a CUTE couple despite what other people say.  *glares at certain posters at the 24 community boards*

So now that I have that out of the way, let's go back to talking about more fun topics like...TV shows :)

And finally it's time to get to the blogthing.  This time I chose How You Live Your Life.  Again results for Martha and Charles.  I like how it says Charles is tactful and diplomatic while it says Martha tends to dream big.  Awww!  

I'm coming back for Season Six and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

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I myself am not a connoisseur of fine wines and alcohol so this blogthing is not really me but the questions were intriguing and the results were quite interesting that I couldn't resist. I guess if I had to choose, I'd be a non-alcoholic martini (is that even possible?) I have had one hard drink in my life and I didnt' like the idea of losing control as I talked the ear off a guy I had just met that day. It definitely got rid of any inhibitions that I had so no more alcohol for me...who knows what I would end up doing with too much in my system? Better to not find out hehe. However, for Martha and Charles, that is a totally different prospect altogether *mischevious grin*

Oh and before I forget special birthday wishes to [ profile] xandra73. I hope it's everything you dream of and more!!

Shaken But Not Stirred... )

I know I look great but do I sound great?

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Another day, another Friday.  So glad it's the weekend.  Having Wednesday off to go to the State Fair helped shorten the week considerably.  Now I can try to tackle "If I Should Lose You" again.  Maybe finish it by the middle of November?  Or maybe not :P  Since I get out from work so late, this will be a short post with the usual blogthing.   I love emoticons so had to use this one for Martha and Charles.  Here are the results.

Don't tell me how to do my job...or how to fix my marriage...I know EXACTLY what I'm doing.

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Hmmm theme songs...I think mine would be Oh What A Beautiful Morning because I tend to be happy all the time. At any rate I saw this blog and thought it would be cute to stick in the good old journal. This weekend should be fun in that I need to get some writing done. Hopefully I'll be able to knock out some chapters of "If I Should Lose You..." I'd like to have it done by the end of Oct so I can then start on my Season Six with Martha and Charles. However, we'll have to see how creative I'm feeling. You never know till you start writing and I'm also excited about this other idea I have where Martha and Charles stage the fight at the airfield to get Charles out of the Bluegroup's clutches but now they must separate so she'll be safe and Aaron stays behind to protect her but nothing romantic between them. I'm REALLY liking this friends only thing!

Now the results were kind of...strange...some parts fit while others did not.  I guess the main thing is that Charles holds more in than Martha and Martha has a greater impact once she gets her act together.  *shrug*  Just a little quiz so who knows!

I might LOOK like I don't know what I'm doing but that's all part of my master plan!

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Well I had to find another little quiz for this week. There are so many to choose from...what kind of lover are you...what kind of meat are you...what's the name of your band. Silly little things like that. The blogthing below was lengthy to fill out but I like the results. Feel free to take a look and tell me what you think :)

What? You don't think I can handle the truth?  Well, you're WRONG!

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[profile] mrsaaronpierce is the person I stole this quiz from and I think the results are pretty amusing.  They need to update it so Martha and Charles appear in it as well but for now it was created in 2004 so all characters up to that point are in the quiz.  If you want to know my results, I'll just say that I ended up being one of the two listed below.  *innocent smile*  Long live the Presidents of 24!  

Click Here To See Counterparts for Charles and Martha! )


 Results for Martha Logan 

Which "24" character are you?

David Palmer
You are David Palmer!! Your the President of the United States.. You are sensible and know what needs to be done. Honest, and hardworking, and nobel. Why cant you have 3 consequtive terms?
Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by

There are so many different emotions captured in Charles' face throughout Day Five.   I mean you could take a screenshot every second and still find a different look each time.  The man is simply AMAZING!!

You're keeping something from me and I'm on to you!

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