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Well, the new TV season is starting so it’s time to get back into the good old journal. If Second Life doesn’t steal me away…AGAIN! Someone help me now J I’m addicted. All other games pale in comparison. But I’m sure you don’t want to hear me go on and on about my new love affair. On to the shows! First up was Shark (I taped Brothers and Sisters to see later J )

So it wasn’t a new episode but recaps are always good AND we got to hear cast commentary.

And that’s it, folks! Tomorrow is Prison Break, Heroes, CSI: Miami, Chuck and Journeyman. I’ve seen the latter two so can comment on those and of course my favorite of all favorites: DANCING WITH THE STARS! Which I just taped and will see tonight because this post is backdated from Monday J

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And I’m still no closer to catching up on LJ than I was before. Darn that Second Life!! I do have GREAT news about my application to be a fashion model in game though!! I gave a little speech on why I wanted to be a model and she said it was the best speech she had that night. I was squeeing the whole time behind the keyboard J It’s so nice when people think you did a good job. One round down…two more to go. My little speech is below the cut line!

So let’s see…I did happen to watch a REALLY good movie called “Water” about a Hindu girl of eight years old who was married and widowed before she turned nine. The things this video showed about India was frightening!! I mean they had her in this home for widows and she can’t remarry, her head is shaved bald, and she has to beg in the streets. They SAY that widows are holy women but they leave them to starve and treat them like pariahs and prostitutes. I loved it when the little girl said “Where is the home for widow men?” She had such spunk! And there were some good adult actresses too J

There are supposed to be icons here but I’ll work on that this week J Just watch this spot for them. There ARE some in my previous Sunday post here! I made one of Jean, Jayne, Aaron, and Bill J Enjoy!

Don't I look handsome!

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I'm going to try to have this journal filled out every day again so backdating entries.  It was Mother's Day today and we took my Mom out for lunch :)  It was Chinese and quite filling.  I didn't go to Chinese class AGAIN.  I just can't get into it without a good teacher :( Thankfully it's not mandatory like school was.  I'm an adult now and can skip class whenever I like!

A few thoughts on Brothers and Sisters... )
So here are the icons I promised you! It was really fun trying out these two new tutorials. And then tweaking them to what I wanted to do with the pictures. One of Jean, Jayne, Bill, and Aaron. Feel free to take any you like, comments are love, and no hot linking :) Just a few icons for your viewing pleasure! )

So that's it for now! Check back next Sunday for some more creative endeavors :)

Nothing's going to break this bond we've formed!


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I tried...I really tried to get back into LiveJournal but failed miserably.  I'm having way too much fun in Second Life. And I don't know why.  It's just dressing up and going to parties but it's SOOOOOOOOO much fun right now I can't describe it :)  ANYWAYS!!  goa_44 tagged me with this meme oh so many moons ago and I am finally going to post in ze blog :D  Leave a comment and I´ll give you a letter, then you have to list 10 things you like, starting with that letter. Post them in your journal and give out new letters to your commenters in turn. My letter was "L".  This should be fun!Top Ten Things I Love That Start With L )

So only one show tonight...a new B&S show and everyone who watched it knows it was FABULOUS!

Brothers and Sisters (Ep 1.21 The Grapes of Wrath) )

So hopefully I'm back on track and will keep posting :)

We make it look easy!

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This is one of the best days of the year because on this day Jesus rose from the grave. The sacrifice at the Cross would have been for nothing if he had remained in the tomb but once he transcended death itself we were able to finally enter into a full relationship with God and not worry about keeping the law with sacrifices and priests. Jesus became our ambassador and we could finally enjoy everything God had to offer! Isn’t it great? 

Small Easter Celebration )
We did manage to have a little fun like watch an animated film I rented earlier in the week. 

Open Season Review )
And then there was that great little show that comes on Sunday Nights at 10 PM… 

Brothers and Sisters (Ep 1.18 Three Parties) )
I found another wonderful tutorial that’s great with bases that have a character standing to the side. You can then put this tiny text layer and a shape of your choice to the side to produce the following results. Tell me what you think. They’re all of Charles because those were my best bases J Planning to use this tutorial in other great shots!

You're looking fine, Mr. President (Icons of Charles) )

And that's that.  Nothing more to say or post :)

You are SO busted!
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A new month...a new layout J The header is by [profile] clementine_lime   for pointing me in the right direction. A tweak here and there and voila! A masterpiece!! Almost J *giggles*


So I had to wait awhile for Brothers and Sisters and what did I see? The Nativity Story!

And then there was the glory that was Sally Field!!

The first two are for the 24_stillness contest and the other two were the result of some fooling around in paintshop.  I'm not really happy with the last two because the coloring didn't come out great but maybe someone else will like it!  Comments, critiques, it's all welcome!

So Jack...what's your favorite basketball team?  Did you catch the latest Laker game?

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Found a FANTASTIC song today for my M/C ship. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. I had heard it before but it just brought up everything I was thinking for my couple. I thought of Martha going through her breakdowns in the early part of their marriage and Charles just comes and lays down beside her so she knows that she’s not alone. Maybe after they learn the news of their son’s death. When words are not enough and you just need someone to hold you…when you feel your world come crashing down around you…just stay by my side and never leave. *happy sigh*

So there are still no new shows to watch but I never saw the premiere of Brothers and Sisters and decided to watch it on the streaming feed from ABC.

Well, someone pointed me in the direction of another hilarious site: Tvgasm Recaps. They have one for 24 and they’re VERY funny! The one had great comments on Martha’s love of fruit. You have to love these independent review sites popping up to poke holes and make fun of the show all in good humor. If you need a laugh, check it out at this link: Tvgasm Recaps of 24.

I could be facing a long night of torture and all I can think of is Martha...

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It's Sunday and no church since our local one is miles away from here.  I was able to sleep in to a nice decent hour and then check out the cable channels we have.  Nothing real exciting on TV that I hadn't seen before but it's fun to channel surf!  I also was on the prowl for a computer room at this resort.  The front desk said there was one and by gosh I was going to find it.  Too many journal posts I needed to keep up with!

Once again brother and father decided to be couch potatoes while Mom and I went to scout out the lay of the land.  I was also on the lookout for the latest issue of the Entertainment Weekly. Supposedly there was a 24 insert that was too good to pass up.  Profiles on Bill and Karen! *squees*  Last night we went to Wal-Mart and they didn't even have the magazine.  Today we went to Super Target and I was sure they would.  Wrong again!  All they had was last week's I doomed forever to never get this issue until I come home later this week?  At any rate, last night I bought a case for my portable DVD player so I don't have to carry it around in a shopping bag, a starter kit for my PSP that includes a memory chip (Boy are the graphics good on that baby! We need to get a LCD TV so all movies will show up that way :)), and the TV Guide magazine so we'll know what's on this week but more importantly it has an article on 24.  Anything about my favorite series I'm buying these days :)  At Target, I gave in and bought these cute Valentine bears that had on outfits from the Victorian period.  They were so cute with little pink envelopes in their hands that I had to buy them.  I love matching sets.  We almost stopped at Gamestop but Mom wanted to get back for dinner.  No word on the computer room yet (I'm typing this entry after the fact when we actually found it hehe).

Since it's Sunday, we also watched a new episode of Brothers and Sisters: Family Day (1.11).

Recap of Brothers and Sisters (1.11): Family Day )
More time for TV and 24 of course :) 

24: Episodes 5.13 and 5.14: Tensions Run High, Sacrifices Must Be Made, Betrayal of True Love, & Turf Wars )
Now if you were interested in a website that lists all the 24 promos that have aired since the first one appeared on TV, check out the site below to either download a hard copy or just view them one at a time.  They update pretty regularly and have a nice layout that is easy to navigate!  Click me to find this treasure trove of 24 promos!

How could this all fall apart?  I was so careful to plan each and every move?  How could it fail?

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I'm still in shock that I was able to do it.  Usually his character is impossibly hard to pen dialogue for but this time I kind of found my way around it.  First of all, he only has a few one liners at the end of the story and second it's mostly inner dialogue of how Martha thinks of her life now that her marriage is over.  Though it pained me to write a few one liners that took a stab at Charles, it was necessary for the validity of the storyline.  And it was just fun :P  Don't get me wrong...I love Charles but it's amusing to poke fun at people you love sometimes.  I don't think I could do that with Aaron...he's too perfect...and serious :)  Though Martha has fun getting under his skin *giggles*  At any rate, I started this idea because of a Christmas Fic exchange on the FLOSS boards and I wanted to contribute a story but didn't want to disappoint someone if it didn't turn out right (My Aaron writing block and all).  However, I found the perfect outline of an idea and spent the better part of today handwriting the scenes out before transferring to Microsoft Word and then the board itself.  There were some grammar and spelling mistakes but I think the spirit of the piece was pretty much on Target.  The girls liked it and that's all that matters :)  Hopefully I can write something else as inspiration returns!

So let's see...Sunday...and on Sundays I provide you with another link to a 24 website.  I'll have to check my bookmarks to see what's next...ah here it is:   It's a small site but there a few good stories and a nice list of links for graphics and discussion boards.  Check it out especially if you like one of the popular pairings such as Michelle/Tony or Audrey/Jack.   Not updated too frequently but the layout is nice :)

Just go away...I've made enough decisions for ten lifetimes...

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Well, went to church this morning and FINALLY got my worship service in.  It was MARVEVLOUS like usual :)  What's really sad is that my parents might be leaving the church in the coming months so I and my brother would be the only ones going.  Well, since I'm 25, it is time I make my own decisions of where to go but it's sad when the family splits up like that.  Hopefully it won't be for awhile!! I am just starting to really get into the worship!!  Anyways, after church, we went for our usual Chinese lunch and then I rushed out to Target for a good deal I spied in the paper and ... get this!! I found the Tony Bennett Special of a few days ago on DVD!!!!!!!!! I couldn't find it the first time I went to Target but it was there today and I immediately snatched it up.  After all, Rob Marshall directed it and it's like going to a Broadway show every time I see it.  And man!! it's Tony Bennett so how can you go wrong? :D

Love for Saul/Holly Renewed and New Movie Called Keeping Up With The Steins! )
Ok, time to unveil another great 24 website. Many of you are already aware of this site if you're a diehard 24 fan but those of you who don't know about it, here's your chance to find out.  I discovered this site while a member of the 24 community and it is really a great place for all things 24.  Cute commentaries, great source for promo pictures and the like, regularly updated, and nice layout.  Just a great place to share your love for this show and find useful information such as spoilers!!

Great resource+Fun Blogsite=Perfect Place for 24 Fans To Gather!

Sometimes you just need to get away and have a smoke...

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Well after a glorious weekend it was time to head back to work and the usual drudgery. I hate banking and selling and anything to do with financial institutions. I really need to go back to school...doing something I like. Anyways, enough of that, this should be a cheerful posts...complaining is highly overrated...though it feels good *giggles* 

Reflections on the Fall Finale of Lost...and of course Brothers and Sisters! )
So that takes care of TV. I recently joined a community devoted to Ron Rifkin and Patricia Wettig. They are SUCH the hot couple no matter what anyone says and my good friend [ profile] whenidream     was sweet enough to go ahead and create the community so we can start recruiting potential members. If you like these two in Alias, Brothers & Sisters or even Broadway, please join! We'd love to have you!!! The community is called:

  [ profile] wettig_rifkin      [ profile] wettig_rifkin      [ profile] wettig_rifkin      [ profile] wettig_rifkin      [ profile] wettig_rifkin     

And since it's Monday, time for some fan fiction. I went through another dry spell for awhile before the last two chapters started coming to me more easily. Now I'm working on fan videos and graphic design projects as I wait to pen Chapter 16 and think of other fun ideas like a good death for Charles that actually MEANS something...not whimsical and stupid like Stephen Saunder's was. Here's crossing my fingers that they will do him justice and he'll be able to redeem himself with Martha! At any rate, the following piece of fiction was inspired by the idea that the whole airfield scene was just a masquerade to make Graham and his men think Charles was complying with his demands when in reality he had already turned himself in and was going undercover to bring the whole organization down. She and Charles would have to separate so it would look like they really had been torn asunder but not before having a few last words with each other... 

  The Last Goodbye (G)...What If Everything Was Just A Fabricated Lie... )

Tell my husband I'll call him when I'm good and ready...not a moment before.

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Well, I just got back from work and am in sort of a mixed mood. My yearly evaluation finally came up and I passed...but only barely and only because the manager went to bat for me. Selling is not my thing but I've grown accustomed to the job I'm in that I've stayed with it. However, I haven't improved at all because the truth is I hate it. If a person doesn't want a product, I won't force it on him. However, now that she's done this, I'm in a dilemna...I can't just leave because she put her own reputation on the line and I hate to stay because we're really slow now and I have to make a huge turnaround to make up for the previous losses. She's also the type who goes out on a limb for people and then holds it over their heads when things don't go right so it's really not that great that she did. On the other hand, I will get the Christmas bonus (Lord willing! If nothing else goes wrong) and keep my small raise such as it is. However, now I have a headache because I knew I had done bad but was still hoping I was wrong and am looking forward to a long couple months of hard selling which I detest. Oh, I should have left a long time ago...before this evaluation was done so I wouldn't have to worry about pressuring her and about staying. *kicks self for being lazy and not moving sooner*

Brothers and Sisters *squeeees*, Heroes *double squeee*, and CSI: Miami... )
Aaaah the sweetness of love in the Air.  Shakespeare is my favorite poem of all time so I was really excited when this poem came next on my list.  If you've had British literature, then you're VERY familiar with this poem.  I particularly love the line "but thy eternal summer shall not fade" because Martha most certainly shares many characteristics of a summer day...warm, inviting, and beautiful :)  Maybe if Charles had quoted more poetry,they would have had a stronger marriage *wink*

Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day...William Shakespeare )
And so dear friends, I leave you with this parting screencap of 24 Season Five in hopes Season Six will hurry its butt up and get here *grin*

I love you, Martha...and I didn't realize how much until I stand on the verge of losing you...

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[ profile] roselafleur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  The girl got those much wanted Season Five DVD's in today with all their wonderful content and what did she do?  She uploaded it to youtube so mere mortals like us could watch it.  *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee*  Thank you thank you thank you :)  Did I say how much I loved you? :)

My Reflections on The Deleted Scenes (Warning: Some Comments Might Upset M/A Shippers!) )
And now let's move on to a WONDERFUL movie I saw this weekend.  

Enter through these gates into The House of Sand And Fog... )
Now for my musings on TV...the only real show to report on is Brothers and Sisters :)

Brothers and Sisters Takes An Interesting Turn. )
Well that takes care of the personal news...eeep!  I forgot...musings on fan fiction.  Well, my inspiration is slowly returning.  I actually thought of a few good Aaron lines for Chapter 14 of "If I Should Lose You"  I was hoping to post it last night but I couldn't quite get it where I wanted it.  Martha was coming off a little too pushy and Aaron a little too wooden so needed to sit back and wait to see what I could do to change that.  The good news is that I had some time at work (where I get my best inspiration from) and hammered out some more lines of dialogue.  Martha asks Aaron what he would have done in Charles' shoes and after much prodding he tells her something she didn't expect to hear.  Of course it's different than the deleted scene but I see it as much more in line with his character.  He cares for her but the country comes first.  And this piece that I leave you with was written for a dear friend who wanted to see what would happen if Charles decided to give up the presidency to take care of Martha after she suffers serious injuries.  Very sentimental but has some good parts :)

You're All That Matters (G) )

I made a decision and I won't apoligize for it...let the chips fall where they may...

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