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I see I've converted at least one LJ friend to BSG :) *squeee* Someone else to discuss this show with.  Too bad there is only one season left *cries*  Oh well, we'll take what we can get :)

In other news...I watched "A Scandal in Bohemia" with Jeremy Britt playing Sherlock Holmes.  He is SO good at being mercurial, brilliant, and just diabolically clever.  I need to read some fan fiction on how he hooks up with Irene Adler :)
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1. They're the same age so can share the same life experiences.

2. They have opposing views on the same subject but opposites attract and they balance each other out.
3. Once past the initial disagreements, they establish an easy rapport as if they've been friends for years.
4. They're willing to do what's necessary to get a job done, even if it sacrifices lives.
5. They both feel the pressures of being thrust into such crucial leadership positions at this dark time.
6. He softens when she's around and a courteous gentleman in her presence.
7. He understood what she was going through when she assumed the presidency.
8. He did not try to usurp her rule though he disagreed with her decisions because of his respect for her.
9. Though he fought her on the fact the war was over, he listened to what she said about humanity's survival.
10. He told her the truth that he didn't know where Earth was but lied so she would get the hope she needed for the people.11. The real Laura comes out when they're alone and not the politician.
12. She understood that the best way was to work with him and not against him.
13. Though too late, she decides to go with his decision to meet up at the supply depot because she realizes he's right.14. When he gives his speech at the end, she's impressed by his ability to command.
15. She is the first to offer a hand in friendship because she admires who he is and recognizes someone she can work with. 


1. Both their first names start with "L" and love starts with "L"

2. Their first names are tied to nature...his means meadow or clearing...hers means laurel.
3. The god Apollo wore a wreath of laurel leaves around his head to symbolize his lost love for Daphne.
4. They worked well as a team without ever having met before.
5. They confide in each other without any preconceptions.
6. He was the first to defend her when she became President of the colonies
7. He saved her life twice at the start of the Cylon War.
8. He becomes the leader he's supposed to be in her presence.
9. He was there for her when she takes the oath of office.
10.He convinced Tigh to give her some medical supplies for the wounded.
11.She knew to address him as a person separate from his father (Captain Apollo, not Lee Adama)
12.She trusted him to support her decision to recover refugees and defend that decision against his father.
13.She knew he could lead before he did and put him in charge of the rescue operation.
14.She showed genuine concern for his welfare after he set off the magnetic pulse.
15.She shared a meaningful look with him after the closing speech given by his father. 

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