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Thank goodness for the weekend! We really accomplished a lot today and it all went by so fast! Let’s hope more weekends are like this :D One thing good about being shorthanded are all the stats that come my way J Hopefully I can keep this up and people won’t complain about my low sales. I still need to look for programs in paralegal or law. Not sure which I’ll pick yet :)  Well, Numb3rs was a rerun but I hadn’t seen this one. I usually pair the CSI episode from the previous day with it so I caught in at the CBS site and will now review both J

Baseball and math come together in Numb3rs for an episode that was old but I never saw it before J

Time to post another fun meme. I love the ones that have to do with fandoms and here is yet another J Guess who I hope you’ll list? *giggles*

So let’s turn to something more cheerful…like Jean Smart J 

You have got to be kidding me...

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Only a few more days till the weekend. I can’t wait because these last few days seem to be really dragging. We did get a few things done today like organizing signature cards and working on some backup work. Fortunately both Tally and I had already had our late days so we were as fully staffed as we could be and the new girl was at the desk. Two of us on the floor is manageable but one is impossible. Mom and Dad decided to eat dinner at China Wok and we had fun discussing all kinds of subjects. What was most frustrating was that I brought the DVD’s I needed to return to Blockbuster because it’s right next to the restaurant but I grabbed the wrong ones. Ran home to retrieve those and then took home an empty case. Had to run back to get the right one. THREE times to that store!! They should have given me a free rental for that much trouble!

CSI (Ep 7.19 Big Shots) )

When 24 and Law and Order come together, you get one amazing hour of TV.

Shark (Ep 1.18 Trial on Fire) )

Still no news on whether Jean or Greg will return this season but my money is on that it won’t happen. Meanwhile they’re busy with other events like the National Alzheimer’s Gala. Jean looked beautiful in a photo from the event and here’s is a brief news article on it. Enjoy!

A Night Out: Alzheimer's Gala by Lauren Masterson )

I’d love to attend a party with Jean! I’d bet she would be a lot of fun!

This is my scary face!

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