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So today was my late day and I had to do the dishes before going in. I was a procrastinator and waited till the last minute. I thought I wouldn’t get it done in time and recruited my brother to finish the job but unexpectedly it was all done before I left, pots and all. What’s sad is the fact that I’m retreating from Live Journal into the world of Second Life. It’s REALLY addictive!

Then Lost came on and it was Juliet centered *rubs hands gleefully*

Now do you have a favorite celebrity and want another good source for pictures? I found some for Jean Smart, Gregory Itzin, and a whole lot more. Some I never saw before. So check it out if you like to make icons of your favorite celebrities but need some really good pictures to choose from!

Last kiss together...last time together...last minute together...

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Found this in the journal of clicketyclick3 and had to use it.  I just love cute memes that reveal a little about the LJ user!

See!! I have other interests than 24 :)  Ok, a few TV shows to comment on...beginning with Heroes :)

So before I sign out, I'll leave you with another news story about our favorite couple :)  This was published before Season Five began but was a fortaste of what was to come.  The writer has good instincts.  *wink*

Oh, if only I had some pictures of Charles and Martha from Season Six.  Then again I think he's sporting the beard and he looks much better here.  Then again maybe Martha has updated her hairstyle and will look stunning for the new season.  It's a tricky situation...we shall see!

You just don't understand, Martha...there is more at stake than you realize.
How can I tell you without endangering you?  How can I be honest with you when I'm not even honest with myself?

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Well, I just got back from work and am in sort of a mixed mood. My yearly evaluation finally came up and I passed...but only barely and only because the manager went to bat for me. Selling is not my thing but I've grown accustomed to the job I'm in that I've stayed with it. However, I haven't improved at all because the truth is I hate it. If a person doesn't want a product, I won't force it on him. However, now that she's done this, I'm in a dilemna...I can't just leave because she put her own reputation on the line and I hate to stay because we're really slow now and I have to make a huge turnaround to make up for the previous losses. She's also the type who goes out on a limb for people and then holds it over their heads when things don't go right so it's really not that great that she did. On the other hand, I will get the Christmas bonus (Lord willing! If nothing else goes wrong) and keep my small raise such as it is. However, now I have a headache because I knew I had done bad but was still hoping I was wrong and am looking forward to a long couple months of hard selling which I detest. Oh, I should have left a long time ago...before this evaluation was done so I wouldn't have to worry about pressuring her and about staying. *kicks self for being lazy and not moving sooner*

Brothers and Sisters *squeeees*, Heroes *double squeee*, and CSI: Miami... )
Aaaah the sweetness of love in the Air.  Shakespeare is my favorite poem of all time so I was really excited when this poem came next on my list.  If you've had British literature, then you're VERY familiar with this poem.  I particularly love the line "but thy eternal summer shall not fade" because Martha most certainly shares many characteristics of a summer day...warm, inviting, and beautiful :)  Maybe if Charles had quoted more poetry,they would have had a stronger marriage *wink*

Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day...William Shakespeare )
And so dear friends, I leave you with this parting screencap of 24 Season Five in hopes Season Six will hurry its butt up and get here *grin*

I love you, Martha...and I didn't realize how much until I stand on the verge of losing you...

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Well, yesterday was a big day in American politics and me being the political scientist that I am, there must be some discussion of what went down last night *grin*

Thoughts on TV Shows next.  We have Heroes, CSI: Miami, Dancing With The Stars, and House to discuss :)  Oh and the best Jean Smart movie ever...Audrey's Rain!

Ok time for the lyrical showcase and this time I chose two songs by Christina Aguilera.  The first one is called Love Will Find A Way and I love how it shows how relationships go through ups and downs.  When reading these lyrics, I think of the love between Martha and Charles in its most idealistic form where they won't let politics, the press, or the presidency destroy the wonderful marriage they've built over the years.  In other words, no matter what happens hang on and I'll be there for you...just give me time to reach you :)


And this next song is called We're A Miracle.  The Logans certainly are a miracle considering their VERY different personalities.  I mean a woman like Martha would have married a guy like David Palmer.  I don't know how Charles was able to capture her heart but I'm glad he did because what they create on screen is magic :)  What I really like about the song is how it says how unlikely the match was by the world's standards but somehow it happened.  If only it could have stayed that way...

 And that's all folks!  I'm thinking these every other day posts aren't working out since I have so much to say on TV shows and movies hmmm.  Well I still like the small breaks in between so I can write stories, make icons, or just goof off so the plan stays...for now :)

I am now in a world where I have to hide my heart 
And what I believe in but somehow I will show the world
What's inside my heart and be loved for who I am..

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