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This one is from Laura's point of view...why she loves Lee so much...even if she doesn't tell him :)

Title: What You Leave Behind 
Author:  [personal profile] ladyofavalon77 
Word Count: 667
Rating: G
Pairing: Laura/Lee with mention of Roslin/Adama
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, it's all the property of Ron Moore and company :) 
Spoilers: Spoilers for Season 3
Summary: They've found Earth...They've found a home...but what has Laura given up to make it this far?

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Hi, everyone! I just started watching Battlestar Galatica and I am SO in love with Lee/Laura...even with the developments in Season 2 and 3.  I mean the best ships are the ones you have to fight for even when the fans and the writers are against you :)  So I'm in it for the long haul even if things turn out differently in the series!  Here's my first story.  It's kind of rough but it's a beginning.  More of a realistic take on their situation but still lots of Laura/Lee love :) Enjoy!

Title: Too Late 
Author:  [personal profile] ladyofavalon77 
Word Count: 804 
Rating: PG 
Pairing: Laura/Lee with mention of Roslin/Adama and Apollo/Starbuck 
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, it's all the property of Ron Moore and company :) Spoilers: Nothing specific, just general observations on relationships. 
Summary: Somewhere near the end of the series when Lee recognizes he really does love Laura and how complicated love can be. 

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It's BACK!! I'm writing again :D  If you check Tuesday's post you'll see a short story with Martha/Charles/Aaron in it :D And tonight I'll post my alternate Day Six where Martha helps Charles escape from house arrest!  If this kind of story interests you, read more!  I also backposted a meme request from [profile] _ila_ that was submitted oh so many moons ago!  I apoligize, [profile]'ve been so faithful to stick with me so I hope you like the answers :D  So You Think You Can Dance results were tonight but I taped it and haven't seen them yet.  I'll get back to you with that on Friday!!! It's almost here and I'm going to see Fantastic Four on Saturday as well as be off on Monday.  How cool is that!!  Now for some fanfic!

Disclaimer: Reality was not taken into account when writing this so please treat it as the fluff piece it was meant to be.  Thank you!

They don't end up together but they do end up happy :)  This leads into ANOTHER piece I'm considering where Charles' past comes to haunt him like Jack and Martha gets drawn into the whole mess once more :)  Got to love the angst :)

It just looks like water...don't let the color fool you :)

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So I had a little time on my hands while I was away and composed this short little story on the wonderful love triangle that is Martha, Aaron and Charles. I've decided I can stomach Aaron if he never unites with Martha but I added the last scene to make M/A shippers happy :D  Plus it's nice to see Martha have a happy ending! Enjoy this little trip to fantasy land!

This is the start of a brand new day...with no mistakes in it!

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It's over, Noah...

Those were the last words she had spoken to him. Short and straight to the point.  No fanfare, no long goodbyes, just a statement of fact and she was gone. And yet...he missed her. He missed the way she tossed her hair when they got into an argument, the way her eyes lit up when he whispered something naughty in her ear, or the way she laughed at one of the many tall tales he loved to relay over the dinner table.  But most of all he just missed her.  Maybe if they could have spent more time alone together, maybe if their jobs hadn't interfered, maybe...if he could just be satisfied with one woman...they could have made it.  Maybe...

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(1). They are at a dinner party and Noah is working the crowd, shaking the right hands and breaking the ice with one of his many anecdotes. Some believe he bears a striking resemblance to President Linden Johnson with his predilection for dirty jokes, his cocksure attitude that borders on arrogance, and his impressive size that gives him a commanding presence and important leverage against both friends and foes alike. Karen can definitely see the similarities and only hopes that Johnson's weakness for women will not be transferred over to Daniels as well.

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Well I spent another Saturday at home and it was quite relaxing. My love for Second Life has no bounds! I mean I keep going to yard sale after yard sale and finding all these old Dazzle outfits. My inventory is bursting! And my bank account is hurting L Darn you online game with such great custom content. I need to find some friends to shop with! I’ve started to hang out with some friends from Sims Online but they’re really not into fashion that much. Mostly they have a family they’re all involved with but I’m not looking for that. I want a hip, chic set to hang with and we can go shopping and hang out at jazz clubs. Something I can’t do in real life.

There was a movie I sort of heard while it was playing in the same room where I was with the computer. It starred Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon. It’s called The Good Shepherd. And it REALLY is the godfather of CIA movies. I mean the twists and turns…the betrayals…and the corruption of all you used to hold dear was amazing to watch. However, the real hook is if you’re a history buff. There are multiple references that are made and some crazy but rational explanations that were entertaining to consider. The saddest part…Matt Damon’s son falls in love with a KGB agent and plans on marrying her when she gets thrown out a plane halfway to her final destination. It was so sad to see her body fall to earth as her wedding dress fluttered slowly down. Creepy!

This is the end of what has already been written…time to start on some new stuff *rubs hands in anticipation*

I don't know...I think Greg is kind of cute...with his earring and his spiked hair...

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Except for a movie I didn’t leave the house today. I finally got caught up in all my entries and forum posts but unfortunately had no time to write stories or make icons. Maybe tomorrow :D I really need to clean my room, finish the income tax, and organize my music and movies. I’m so lazy!

Then I had one more movie with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers that came in from Blockbuster.

So the new schedule goes into effect today and here is the next chapter of “If I Should Lose You.” Here is Aaron’s point of view after he knows Martha is safe at the hospital they brought her to and he refuses to leave her side until they move her back to the ranch. What I like about this chapter is that when Martha asks him what he would do if faced with the same situation Charles was faced with and Aaron tells her that he would put the country first. I also like how Martha reaches for his hand and asks him to stay with her until she falls asleep. There’s a definite connection there but neither are willing to cross the line.

So I have icons for your tomorrow...just a few as I try tutorials out!  Hope you like them!

Now that Charles is gone...let's fine somewhere private to talk things over, Mike *wicked grin*

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He doesn't pick the easy ones...and for that I love him! The character is Max in "A Good Year" and though the film is very much French in theme and topic there are some good points. I'll divulge more later! is becoming unbearable. The push to disperse loans continues and we are just getting ZILCH! I must have called 50 or so people asking if they wanted to take a pre-approved offer and what did they say? “Sorry, we’re not interested.” “Thank you but no.” You can’t get blood from stone. I would take half my paycheck if we didn’t have to sell…it’s the worse part of my job.

I’ve given up on Jericho again. I have too many things to do. However, another episode of Lost was on and I must say I’m REALLY enjoying this show J

Well, I’ve come out with a final outline for the last nine chapters of “If I Should Lose You” and I plan to start writing tonight. All the depths, betrayals and awakenings to explore will make this a great series…I hope! I’ll be able to get everything I want into those last hours of Season Five that the writers cut out to concentrate on Jack. Then I’ll have to come up with a new series…or not. I have the 100_situations challenge to consider and I think I’ll stick with it. The back alley storyline REALLY has me inspired! The next chapter I bring you is from Martha’s point of view and just like in Season Five she decides to forgive Charles because he needs her to. I even used some of the same lines just a different context J

Just eleven more chapters till the end! I can’t wait to have completed a whole series! Wish me luck!

Oh Martha...could you really be the one to betray me?  Has my love for you blinded me to the truth?

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Work is really getting crazy. Being shorthanded is no joke. We have like sixty million things to do and no time to do them. The manager is demanding our attention, the members are demanding our attention, and our coworkers are demanding our attention. It’s enough to make you pull your hair out. The good news? I got to stay late tonight and organize what I had into some semblance of order. Tomorrow we tackle sending these apps out.

Jericho wasn’t on this week so it was just Lost…a VERY good episode. I love Benjamin Linus :D

So I have a late day tomorrow and decided to finally see The Holiday which I rented around Sunday and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!

So much happening with the Logans and I STILL haven’t wrote anything. At least the weekend is coming up so hopefully I’ll find time then. Lots of good ideas like Martha really helping Charles to escape, Martha receiving his memoirs after he dies where he apologizes for the pain he put her through, Martha stabbing Aaron by mistake when she goes for Charles, and so many others. Just need to write them down :D At any rate, another chapter of “If I Should Lose You” awaits…this time it’s from Charles’ point of view. He’s on the cusp of repentance when he learns that Martha is alive…and everything changes. Suddenly he sees a chance to save face and goes for it. If only he had chosen a different path…

So we’re getting close to the end I MUST write something this weekend. Wish me luck!

No matter what I matter where I'll always be in my thoughts...and dreams...

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As I prepare for Monday night’s 24 episode, I’m preparing myself for the worst case scenario. I will not be caught off guard again like I was with the Emmy’s. Then if the blow comes, it won’t be a surprise. We’ve had a good run and I’m thankful for what has happened. Now it’s time to get on something more important J However, before letting something go, check out this bit of news!

So last day at work until my mini vacation and I got nothing done! Idiot people crowded the desk five minutes before closing and we didn’t finish with them till way past the time we’re supposed to be off the clock. Oh well! I just grabbed what was most important and filed that. Hope I don’t get any call backs.

So Lost continues to amaze me. 

That's all for TV shows…on to fan fiction!J Now that I’m off a few days I hope to get some chapters written. Posting a chapter a week should motivate me because soon I’ll be out of chapters and HAVE to write something! Anyways this was an important turning point in my story because Aaron almost loses Martha to a gunshot wound and must struggle with how to handle her possible death. After doing everything right, he still might lose her forever. This chapter was also the most difficult to write since I couldn’t find the right attitude for Aaron in this situation. Did I want him to confess his feelings at this point or just be the tender, understanding guy he always is? Read on to see where I went with it!

I wish we could have something likes this in Season Six to show how much he cares for her instead of looking from afar…maybe next season J 

Mike, I need your help!  I've lost the keys to the liquor cabinet and I don't know what to do!

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First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] crashandburn!! I hope it’s a wonderful filled with special memories and you get every birthday wish imaginable. If I could, I would sent Tony right to your doorstep J

So I finally go to meet a celebrity!

Are you lost with me?

So now that leaves us with another chapter of fan fiction. I’ve been meaning to plan out the last nine chapters because I would like it to be 24 in honor of the show but getting the different threads together takes some time and forethoughts. Hopefully it will come to me soon and with disaster looming on the horizon it will inspire me more. This chapter is from Martha’s point of view where she is finally rescued by Aaron only to have things go from bad to much much worse in just a few minutes time.

Stay tuned to see what happens to Martha next week on your weekly 24 soap channel *giggles*

Sometimes going for a smoke can turn out to be quite useful...

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A lesson from the most recent episode of Lost.  But before we get into that, thank you so much for replying to my last entry guys!  You really are the BEST friends a girl could have.  It cheered me right up and I realized the error my ways hehe.  I need to stop getting so emotionally attached to things.  I was falling into a Morris self pity trap.  *gasps*  Thanks for your kind words and even kinder hearts!

I have been trying to keep up with the birthdays but have failed miserably so here is a belated, very much heartfelt birthday post for  [profile] alex_c_potter(2/14),  [profile] schusy(2/24), and  [profile] kools_pad(2/25) for February.  I apologize for missing the exact day but promise to be better if you forgive me *looks contrite*  Hope you have the best year yet!

So back on the Island...

So time for another chapter of "If I Should Lose You..." And I think this one is my favorite.  Charles thinks Martha is dead and he finally starts seeing the light because of the horrific impact of that revelation.  There is a little part where he imagines her into existence by his side but I think it's called for since he's grieving and believes he is the one responsible for her death.  I just love all the issues it tackles while also moving toward redemption.  Though usually if I like it, most people hate it *Giggles*  So read at your own peril :D

I would have loved to see Gregory Itzin act out a scene like this *blissful sigh*

You think you're so smart but what you don't realize is that I'm ten steps ahead of you...and everyone else...

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Favorite line of the night from Lost.  Not as good as the first episodes this season but still very very intriguing :)  And there was definite chemistry between Jack and Juliet...still don't trust her because she seems like someone who could play both sides.  Anyways, on to a brief summary of my day.  Nothing much to report except I'm swimming in visa apps and can't get them done in time because I'm being pulled in every direction but the one I want to go. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be slow and I can get things done!

Well, time for a little 24 fan fiction.  We have Chapter 8 of "If I Should Lose You" and I REALLY REALLY need to write more so by the time it's Wednesday again I post it :)  This one is Aaron's point of view and was difficult to right because a) it's Aaron and b) it's a lot of action.  Neither of which I'm great at.  Could use some improvement but over all not that bad :)

I love putting Aaron in such a conundrum...Martha or the country?  Who better than Henderson to pose that particular question :D

I should invite Morris over for a drink...I'm sure we'd have lots to talk about...

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Anyone who has seen Lost knows what I'm talking about.  The mystery just keeps getting deeper and deeper.  Sort of reminds me of the Twilight Zone.  Fortunately I like enough of the characters to stick with it :)  Well, this morning I devoted to finishing that Martha/Aaron fan fic for the Valentine's Day contest.  I was able to get pretty far too but unfortunately Aaron is sounding more like a Victorian gentleman than his stalwart, honorable self.  I had this idea of having them write letters to each other while he's away on Secret Service detail and post the letters as the main part of the story except for the end when he comes home in time for Valentine's Day. The problem with doing something unique is that you have to do it just right or it will come off much worse than a normal story would have.  Or it could come out so brilliant that everything else pales in comparison.  Unfortunately, it was the former and I'm still editing the story as we speak.  I think my friend from Floss said it best..."Your heart lies elsewhere."  How right she is.

Only one show on tonight again and I taped the wrong channel!  Ugh!  I need to watch Lost more.  Fortunately, it streams on and I was able to catch it online.  Not as great as last week's episode but still intriguing.  I'll be sticking around for episodes with Jack, Juliet, and Kate :)

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled soap opera of Martha and Charles.  I know I know...I complained about the Bauer Family soap opera and yet I have my own.  You can call me double minded...I just like the members of this soap opera so much more :)  In this chapter, we see how resourceful Martha is and what price she pays by enlisting the help of one of the young terrorists. 

Sometimes we rush straight into something without realizing what it might cost us.  Was it worth the price or should we have waited for a more opportune time?

I just need a few hours of sleep to make this all go away...

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Thank goodness the assistant manager likes me because I kind of messed up on a deceased account we had at work.

Tonight Lost returns!! Now I’ve never been a fan of this show…until this season J Reason? Ben and Juliet. The former because he can play helpless and innocent while turning into a menacing man of authority and the latter because she has so many layers to her and you don’t know if she’s playing you or helping you. Both are the most complex characters I’ve seen in a long while!

Lost  )

So that leaves me with the next chapter in “If I Should Lose You.” This one focuses on Charles and I really like how I explain how the decision making process makes him physically ill so therefore he has a small drinking problem. Helps to explain that one scene he had in Day Five with the bottle of scotch. He doesn’t need it when he has good counsel but if Martha and Mike aren’t there…he returns to the bottle out of necessity and not desire. Also interesting to see how his decision to take a stand ends up making things worse.

After seeing Lost, I might be able to write some Juliet/Ben stories or maybe Juliet/Jack stories...just have to find the time :)

I just want to understand you, Charles...I know I reacted terribly before but I'm asking you to now explain it to me...

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Want to know why?  I have too many shows that must be watched!!  And then Dancing With the Stars will begin in March on Mondays.  *cries*  Why can't they put something on at any other time of the week like Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday?  But nooooooooo they just HAVE to pick Mondays where all I watch is 24, Heroes, Prison Break, and CSI: Miami.  I say we strike and make them move these shows to another day of the week!!  So let it be let it be done!

*giggles*  Anyways, we were mad busy at work due to the fact that there are so few BSR's on the floor.  Only the three of us because so many people are coming in for our great CD rates of 6.25% APY.  Mostly old people who don't want to apply for credit cards but some are new members so that's one of the three we need!  On the other good side, we just need to get some checking accounts and we'll have made 3 of our 3 goals.  This will make Loleta soooooo happy so she won't get yelled at during the manager's meeting.  I hope we can do it!   Now on to the reviews!  This might take up some space :)

Ok, time for notes on my real love of all time...unfortunately I think it's fading fast *cries*

Then there was Heroes....just a lot of fluff really with no plot line but funny characters.

And finally...a rerun of CSI: Miami but I hadn't seen the full episode.

Ok, another chapter of "If I Should Lose You" and I'm outta here.  I still have two more entries to catch up on :D  This one is Aaron centered.  He finally makes his way into CTU and gets to interact with Bill, Chloe and the gang.  As he watches a satellite replay of the motorcade attack, he has a number of regrets that he was unable to save her and vows to not give up until she is safe again.  *dreamy sigh*

I knew it was going to be bad...just not this bad...

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This journal entry is really being written on Tuesday because I spent around 4 hours watching TV yesterday.  Yes there are that many things to see!  I go from complaining about the reruns to this virtual smorgasbord of choices.  It could be worse!  Let's see now...a quick rundown of work.  My boss was gone so no extra pressure.  I got halfway through my stack of signature cards, my fellow co worker made me laugh so hard when we talked about the endless loop we're caught in because we finish 50 but then 100 come back with corrections needing to be made,  and I had a terrible day at the desk where I actually had a headache for the last hour or so.  And I NEVER get a headache.  However, I just kept reassuring myself that 24 would set everything to rights!

Now on to Heroes and then 24 :)

And the man had the audacity to say this White House storyline would be better than the Logans...In his dreams!  One final review for the night...CSI: Miami.  The episode was actually pretty good and had political ramifications :)  

This post has gone for way too long but I still want to add another chapter of "If I Should Lose You" since it IS Fan Fiction Monday :)  This one is from Martha's point of view and you'll see how much Aaron means to her when she thinks he has died.  Even in grief, she hasn't lost her ability to charm those around her.  She's an amazing woman!


Is that good?  Or should I go on? Hehe I think that's more than enough for one day *winks*

Charles, please tell me you're lying...please tell me you weren't involved with Palmer's death...just tell me you knew nothing about it...

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I had to go to work today even though it's Martin Luther King's birthday and other places are closed *cries*  However, we were really slow so I could catch up on things like POA's, signature cards, and other miscellaneous paperwork.  Not that bad thought it was still a looooooong day and I wanted to get home to catch up on things here.  Oh well, can't have everything!  Soon as I got in, I popped in my tape of Grease Auditions and Brothers and Sisters so I could write the review for last night's entry.  In between, I ate dinner (beans, macaroni and cheese, and sausage with a some cinnamon applesauce and cornbread).  However, the real entertainment began at 8 PM when the final two hours of 24 started...and I had not yet seen them :D

And before I leave, another chapter of "If I Should Lose You." This chapter focuses on Logan's reaction to Martha's kidnapping and a brief interaction with Pierce.  It actually turned out the best because I seem to know him so well hehe.  Happy Reading!


You wanted to ask me something?  Can you come back later?  Like maybe a few days later when this crisis is over?

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Well, we got up early to head out to Holyland USA but Mom decided she wanted to wait till tomorrow because her legs were still hurting her and she wanted to rest.  Instead, we decided to just drive around and check on tickets.  Since we were waiting on doing an amusement park today, we decided to go to a dinner show...Arabian Nights.  We got the tickets for only $24 each...normally they cost at least $50 :)  We still had some time to kill so it was off to Downtown Disney.  I love this place because it has Virgin Records because it has a HUGE selection of music and movies plus a GIGANTIC Disney store as well as a huge movie theater :)  

So here is my little review of the Pursuit of Happyness.  

It's a great movie and I recommend it to anyone who's down and out and has a dream of making matter what!

So we went to the Arabian Nights dinner show and it was pretty good :)  Some of the lines were too cheesy and predictable but the outfits were stunning and I bought a program to remember the experience.  The horses were so beautiful...especially the stallions.  I liked their use of smoke machines and well known song writers like Enya.  Some of the tricks weren't that impressive but there were a few that took your breath away like jumping through a hoop of real fire while standing on a moving horse as well as having six people jump on two moving horses around a ring :)  My favorite moment was the drunken horse who kept getting the best of his trainer as he pulled the blanket off his back and hit him in the head.  It was hilarious!  Very entertaining indeed and my vegetable lasagna wasn't half bad either :)

And now for another chapter of "If I Should Lose You"  This chapter is from Aaron's point of view as he wakes up under a doctor's care and realizes Martha has been taken.  He also realizes that something else is at work because of how prepared the terrorists were...

Speak softly and wife is listening...

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