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Sound familiar? It should if you're an Alias fan!  I finally opened my Rambaldi box that contains ALL the episodes of this wonderful TV show.  Now that I've seen all seasons of 24 it was time to move on to Alias and I had really forgotten how much I loved it.  The box is so cute with mysterious symbols everywhere and cute little books that fold out and contain the DVD's.  There's even a secret compartment on the bottom of the box.  Best set I've ever bought.  More on my thoughts on seeing the first two episodes later :)

Dinner was great because we bought a bourbon chicken sandwich at Zaxby's.  BEST CHICKEN SANDWICH IN TOWN.  The traffic was horrible but the wait was well worth it.  I also was in the mood for Dunkin Doughnuts but my brother was driving so that urge will have to be satisfied tomorrow.  Then it was time to enjoy my new Behind the Scenes of Casino Royale book that I got.  There's a great picture in there of Daniel Craig hugging his girlfriend before meeting the press concerning the new movie that is so touching.  He REALLY is a great guy :)  Then I spent an hour working on entries for [profile] 24_stillness.  One came out pretty good because it's different than my usual style...the other two were just real quick entries.  We shall see what the results are but I've already won prizes from the last contest so I'm pretty content right now. 

That reminds are the banners from past icon contests that I have won :)

I'll be showing some more of these icons next week :)  Plus any other ones from previous contests that are done.  Now to tell the truth, only me and the mod submitted entries but I just like the idea that I won something hehe.  Helps my low self esteem *winks*

I know it's hard to take right now, Martha, but soon you'll understand...
you'll learn that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good...

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Well, we all got up early so we could depart on time for our long drive home.  Fortunately, I wasn't called on to drive...that responsibility rested completely on the capable shoulders of my Mom and Dad.  No guilt whatsoever! *giggles*  I was tired but glad to leave. The computer and all its wonders at home awaited me...the sooner we got back the better.  Before we completely left town, I begged Dad to stop at a gas station for some cranberry juice.  It was going to be a long drive and I needed a liquid that quenched the thirst...water just wasn't cutting it.  Then it was time to sleep the rest of the way to St Augustine.

Then it was back to the lonely highway and more sleeping. We ate dinner at McDonald's and after that my brother decided to watch Ocean's Eleven on my portable DVD player.  The problem was...the sound was too low and we had to rely on subtitles because ear phones would have cut it off for the other.  I hate watching movies with low sound.  Still as good as the first time I saw it.  George Clooney and Brad Pitt just go together like peanut butter and jelly.  After seeing this, you know what else I thought?  Julia Roberts would be great for Kiefer Sutherland...if she hadn't dumped him on his wedding day and now is married to someone else.  I could see why he fell in love with her.  Too bad it didn't work out.  Now I need to see Flatliners!

Here's to Bill and Karen in Season Six!

Are you questioning my orders, Mike?  Because if that's the case, I can have the Chinese come get you too!

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For one, I get to sleep in!! One more day and those 24 DVD's of Season Five are mine.   Muhahaha!!  At any rate, I caught up on all my LJ entries this morning and played around in Second Life again.  There are too many things to buy in that game.  I need to get a job just for that!!  I was helping my Mother string some calendars together for the prisoners she'll be visiting tonight.  My poor fingers!! But it's all for a good cause :)  I was then going to finally see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at 4 while shipping out some overseas packages but she needed help cleaning out the van so just one trip to the post office and back.  Since she still wasn't ready, I sat down and finished the last two hours of Season Four of 24.  And you know what?  Reiko did a REALLY good job in her scenes where she thought Tony might die and then that he actually did.  Her pain was so palpable I just wanted to reach out and tell her everything would be ok.  It made me like the Tony/Michelle relationship more than before.  Season 2 and 3 were just kind of "blah" but those last two hours really gave the couple some great depth.  I now have a better appreciation of the relationship.

Well, today had a new episode of Heroes so it must be discussed!

Ok, well today is fan fiction Monday and I've had a lot of ideas going through my head.  However, I've been taking a break from writing to work on some graphics.  I still have some stories to post so no worries.  The ideas I've had are as follows: Christmas story for Martha and Aaron for the gals at FLOSS where Martha is having a lonely Christmas till a special person makes an appearance :), possible Christmas Gift story involving Aaron and Martha, still have to finish Culinary Differences with Martha and Charles, and of course If I Should Lose You.  Hopefully, this break will stimulate some creativity and the writing will flow like water.  *crosses fingers*

Trying to set me up, are you?  Well, you won't get very far! I'm on to you!

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I've decided to take every other month off from posting so that I can become more active in my LJ communities.  What does this mean exactly?  Well, instead of posting every day I'll be posting every other day every other month.  So for November it will be every other day but for December it will be everyday and so on and so forth :)  Boy do I love schedules when everything lines up :)  Just call me crazy!

So first let's start off with the wonderful news!! My 24 calendar finally came in today and it was SOOOOOO worth it.  [personal profile] xandra73 already told me that there were lots of great pictures and I couldn't be happier.  A whole month devoted to Charles and a whole month to Martha.  I'm in fandom heaven!! And best of all, there are pictures on the calendar I haven't seen ANYWHERE ELSE.  For example, there's one picture with Charles and Walt Cummings where he puts his hand on Walt's shoulder and they're smiling.  Then there's one with Charles and Martha on the couch and he's holding her hand.  I also saw some candids of Martha and Charles with the Suvarovs.  What I'm most excited about is a picture of them filming Martha walking back to the retreat with Evelyn as well as a shot with Martha leaning over the dead body of Walt Cummings (there's a story here I'm sure and I hope the Season Five DVD's show what it is).  I can't believe that the 24 calendar ended up being better than the 24: Behind the Scenes Book LOL!

Now a short post on the TV shows I saw Tuesday and Wednesday.  Dancing With The Stars won out for both nights in my book.  Great little numbers by these stars who have really become professionals.  My prediction that Monique would go home turned out to be true and Emmit rocked the house like always.  He's the one I hope that wins though Mario has won by technique alone.  He's just not as entertaining to watch as Emmitt.  Wouldn't it be cool if Cheryl Burke won Dancing with the Stars TWO TIMES IN A ROW!! That would make her the best choreographer EVER :)  OK I'm calm...REALLY :)  I saw House on Tuesday as well and was quite amused by the main star's antics.  The Cuddy/House relationship is fascinating and I'm going to keep a close eye thanks to [personal profile] crashandburn for showing me the way :)  David Morse is the perfect foil for House and can't wait to see what he has in store for our good doctor next!  Then last night was Lost and The Nine.  Sad to say, I've only seen Lost because I taped The Nine and haven't seen it yet though I heard it was a great episode.  Lost was just too predictable and I was kind of confused by the whole thing.  Though Jack and Juliet as a couple are growing on me.  I DEFINITELY want to see more the Suns...I am SO shipping them :)

And that's enough of real life, time to post my weekly news piece.  I've been scouring Google news for recent articles on my favorite duo but no luck...or at least nothing of real interest so I have fell back on gleaning some gems from a few months back before and during filming of Season Five.  Plenty to mine from and many that have yet to be touched on.  Therefore I give you this lovely jewel that has a cute snippet on Martha.  I love the different ways they describe her as First Lady and especially love it when they predicted her part would be significant because of the actress she is.  That is SO true!! Hail to Jean Smart and her great acting partner Gregory Itzin :)

If you have a better plan, speak up now before I embarrass myself.

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