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Well, I wanted confirmation that Jean and Greg were REALLY doing a play and I got it! In this gem of an article!  If you wanted to know a little about what the play is about that they'll be starring in, the news article below contains all that!  I just love to see their names next to each other in the same PLAY!!!  I wonder if Jean will do a British accent and how it will sound?  I want to see how they play these parts where Greg is married already and they're just good friends!  So many things to dream about!


I hope I can attend and meet my fellow FLOSS friends.  If it happens, it will be a dream come true :D
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For all those fans of Jean Smart and Gregory Itzin, click below the cutline...I'm going to California!  *dances happily away*

I think I can die happy.  I mean the squeeing and the waiting and the anticipation for them to do a play is just too much to go into.  From all accounts it looks to be an excellent piece!  Oh wish me luck next April of 2008 :)
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I was scanning the news articles because he's still my favorite actor of all time and he's COMING TO MY HOME STATE :)  Now I already have my things autographed by him so if I went it wouldn't be for that.  Maybe just a chance to talk to him or watch him from afar.  Though I heard golf is pretty boring.  I loved it when I went and heard him joking with his fellow golfers.  It sounds like I'm a stalker hehe but I really like being a fly on the wall!  Here's the article with the details of the golf game he'll be participating in!!! *squee*

So should I go or stay? ^_^

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09I'm so upset I missed the deadline for the [profile] 24_stillness   contest. I should have worked on that this morning instead of other things. It was a really good competition...icons of your favorite couples! Darn putting up of the Christmas tree! I also discovered the limitations of Jasc Paintshop today as I tried to make an animated icon that ended up being 100kb in size. You will see my paltry efforts below. *giggles*

Well that's enough of my fangirl squealing. On to the graphics part of this post...after all, it IS Saturday :) I was hoping to have more to show you, especially of Greg and Jean but I finally finished those icons for FLOSS that have Aaron and Martha in them so there are those and there are...Jack Bauer icons from the contest I was in :) The one with the magnifying glass won the moderator's choice. Hip hip hooray :) So just check under the cut for a few things I was working on this week *winks* Greg/Jean icons are on the way after this...I promise :) 


Side note: The Greg icon is the 100KB so cannot be used on LJ.  Sorry, I'm still working on getting it sized down :)

If the sun should refuse to rise...And the moon doesn't hang in the night 
The tides won't change...Seasons rearrange
When the world is through...I will still love you

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You see I had more time to think about the line from the leaked page of script and it doesn't sound like Charles really cares for Martha. It appears that either a) he's forgotten about her, b) they've formed an uneasy truce, or c) he's up to no good and wants to draw her out into the open. However, the whole tone of the statement seemed cool and detached though it was Bill who spoke it. I just need to prepare myself for the worst...there's nothing there and I should stick to the Season Five DVD's. Ok, let's take a deep breath and move on :) 

A great news article has been making the rounds of my flist and now it's time to post here. Lots of little spoilers for 24 so if you want to remain spoiler free, don't click the link below. They don't reveal a lot but they hint and suggest so much more. Click at your own risk :)

Well, that's all for tonight...time to go on a hunt for some Casino Royale Icons.  Daniel Craig is so AMAZING.  He's stolen my heart as my favorite actor!! Now I need to go out and rent all his movies :D

I think you're underestimating my husband's ability to lead this country...

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Found this in the journal of clicketyclick3 and had to use it.  I just love cute memes that reveal a little about the LJ user!

See!! I have other interests than 24 :)  Ok, a few TV shows to comment on...beginning with Heroes :)

So before I sign out, I'll leave you with another news story about our favorite couple :)  This was published before Season Five began but was a fortaste of what was to come.  The writer has good instincts.  *wink*

Oh, if only I had some pictures of Charles and Martha from Season Six.  Then again I think he's sporting the beard and he looks much better here.  Then again maybe Martha has updated her hairstyle and will look stunning for the new season.  It's a tricky situation...we shall see!

You just don't understand, Martha...there is more at stake than you realize.
How can I tell you without endangering you?  How can I be honest with you when I'm not even honest with myself?

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After having a pretty bad couple days, something good was bound to turn up and I'm glad it presented itself in the writing department.  I tried to hammer out a few more paragraphs for Chapter 15 of If I Should Lose You and ended up finishing it altogether :)  So now just some proof reading and touch ups before publishing it at the yahoo group :)  I really like how I was able to capture the arguments on boths sides of what was wrong with the Logan marriage.  The scene is just rife with tension and pain that it's a great read if you love these two characters.  Oh it's so much fun to write when it comes easily like this!!

Now that it's Thursday I'm able to finally post one of the best interviews I've read about Jean and Greg in a long time.  First of all, it's a joint interview so they get to interact with each other.  But most importantly of all, they hint at working together in future a play.  Oh I would so go see them in NY!! Maybe I could get an autograph or two *winks*  Thanks to [profile] clementine_lime for pointing this out to me first!


Whatever happens...whatever you see...don't cry for me...this is not the end...

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I've decided to take every other month off from posting so that I can become more active in my LJ communities.  What does this mean exactly?  Well, instead of posting every day I'll be posting every other day every other month.  So for November it will be every other day but for December it will be everyday and so on and so forth :)  Boy do I love schedules when everything lines up :)  Just call me crazy!

So first let's start off with the wonderful news!! My 24 calendar finally came in today and it was SOOOOOO worth it.  [personal profile] xandra73 already told me that there were lots of great pictures and I couldn't be happier.  A whole month devoted to Charles and a whole month to Martha.  I'm in fandom heaven!! And best of all, there are pictures on the calendar I haven't seen ANYWHERE ELSE.  For example, there's one picture with Charles and Walt Cummings where he puts his hand on Walt's shoulder and they're smiling.  Then there's one with Charles and Martha on the couch and he's holding her hand.  I also saw some candids of Martha and Charles with the Suvarovs.  What I'm most excited about is a picture of them filming Martha walking back to the retreat with Evelyn as well as a shot with Martha leaning over the dead body of Walt Cummings (there's a story here I'm sure and I hope the Season Five DVD's show what it is).  I can't believe that the 24 calendar ended up being better than the 24: Behind the Scenes Book LOL!

Now a short post on the TV shows I saw Tuesday and Wednesday.  Dancing With The Stars won out for both nights in my book.  Great little numbers by these stars who have really become professionals.  My prediction that Monique would go home turned out to be true and Emmit rocked the house like always.  He's the one I hope that wins though Mario has won by technique alone.  He's just not as entertaining to watch as Emmitt.  Wouldn't it be cool if Cheryl Burke won Dancing with the Stars TWO TIMES IN A ROW!! That would make her the best choreographer EVER :)  OK I'm calm...REALLY :)  I saw House on Tuesday as well and was quite amused by the main star's antics.  The Cuddy/House relationship is fascinating and I'm going to keep a close eye thanks to [personal profile] crashandburn for showing me the way :)  David Morse is the perfect foil for House and can't wait to see what he has in store for our good doctor next!  Then last night was Lost and The Nine.  Sad to say, I've only seen Lost because I taped The Nine and haven't seen it yet though I heard it was a great episode.  Lost was just too predictable and I was kind of confused by the whole thing.  Though Jack and Juliet as a couple are growing on me.  I DEFINITELY want to see more the Suns...I am SO shipping them :)

And that's enough of real life, time to post my weekly news piece.  I've been scouring Google news for recent articles on my favorite duo but no luck...or at least nothing of real interest so I have fell back on gleaning some gems from a few months back before and during filming of Season Five.  Plenty to mine from and many that have yet to be touched on.  Therefore I give you this lovely jewel that has a cute snippet on Martha.  I love the different ways they describe her as First Lady and especially love it when they predicted her part would be significant because of the actress she is.  That is SO true!! Hail to Jean Smart and her great acting partner Gregory Itzin :)

If you have a better plan, speak up now before I embarrass myself.

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Well, I watched the second episode of Lost that I taped from yesterday night and it's even better than the premiere was.  I really like Sun and Kim as a couple.  My new favorite TV couple AFTER Martha/Charles :)  There are so many layers to their marriage and they show it all in the eyes :)  In many ways, they are the opposite of Martha/Charles in that there is more nonverbal communication and less fighting and arguing.  As the title of my post says...interesting :)

Ok back to my first love!  Well, second love since my first was Janeway and Chakotay from Star Trek: Voyager *giggle*  Whatever!  I'll take Martha/Charles over Kathryn/Chakotay for one simple reason: I'm in love with Logan :)  There I said it!  But if you've been keeping up with my entries you already know that.  I just wonder how long it will last :D

Don't lie for my husband...I'm too smart for that...

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All this time that I've been posting poetry, it's all been about romantic love and the relationship between a man and a woman. However, I completely forgot to post a poem by Gregory Itzin himself. Besides being one of the best actors that we have ever seen the man is a poet. Can you believe it? Now if only he could sing and dance, I would say he's a true Renaissance man. My love for this man has no bounds so without further ado here is the poem that appeared in Entertainment Weekly. It's both funny, serious, and so appropos.

An Ode to 24 by Gregory Itzin )

 Don't think you can fix this with a few words and an apology...

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I mean the TV stations really need to stop this. Yesterday was CRAZY with Dancing with the Stars, Jericho, Criminal Minds, Justice, Kidnapped, and CSI: NY.  I could only taped three and therefore lost out on the other three because a piece of fan fiction really inspired me so I had to keep writing.

Dancing with the Stars Recap )

Favorite show of the new season: Dancing with the Stars!

All other TV shows! )

Fan Fiction writing is the ultimate catharsis ESPECIALLY when your favorite characters are done with their story arc on the small screen.

Fan Fiction takes a different turn... )

And today is news day so let me direct your attention to this WONDERFUL article on Gregory Itzin.  Thanks to a friend (you know who you are *wink) for directing my attention this way.   She knows me so well :)


GREAT news story on Greg :) )

Ok now why do I get the feeling that Martha is playing Charles when she holds Evelyn's arms like this...


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Well the blues of yesterday have disappeared as I refocus on what I love to do most: writing, internet surfing and graphic design. Putting aside what someone said to me yesterday I am determined to focus on what I think is important. If they don't like it, fine! Let them deal with their own issues. As for me, I'm going to revel in this current obsession of mine till something better comes along :) For everyone who has been understanding of this fandom, I thank you. Your withholding of criticism has been GREATLY appreciated :) More than you know!

So today I will be promoting the 24 forums at the Television Without Pity website. There are four main subforums: 24 General Gabbery, Kiefer and Kompany, Terrorists, Targets and Kollateral Damage, and 24 Kreative Efforts. The first has a ton of threads on everything about the show from what the actors are doing now to spoilers for next season to reflections on all seasons. The second has threads devoted to key players in the 24 universe while the third covers everyone else. My favorite is the last forum because it has threads discussing fan fiction, forum games, and other creative ideas. Right now the boards are little quiet due to the show's hiatus but they pick up speed as soon as January begins. Check them out if you have time.


Television Without Pity: 24



When do the lies stop...and the truth shines through...

Some Emmy pics and an icon )

Pre-Emmy pics and a Jean/Greg Icon )

Pre-Emmy pics and a Jean/Greg Icon )

And that's all, folks!

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It's that time of year again! And boy was it a wonderful two hours. I thought I might be disappointed because there weren't any really big names out there but I was so more ways than one. First, they did a whole revamp of the set and it has honest to goodness chandelier and a balcony on both sides of the dance floor. They're getting snazzy!

Dancing With The Stars (Ep 3.1a The Cha Cha and The Foxtrot) )

Now back to Martha and Charles. I wonder if Greg or Jean would go on Dancing With The Stars...Nah! Too cheesy for them hehe. Though Greg's facial expressions would be HILARIOUS! And Jean would have so much fun cracking jokes in the holding room. Aaah they would be the life of the party. And before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEAN!! I would have forgotten if it wasn't for [profile] illusory_thrill and [profile] whenidream. Thanks guys :) I hope I age as gracefully. After seeing so many pictures of attractive women in their forties, I'm convinced it's the best age to be. I can't wait till I'm 40!!!!!!!

Today is normally reserved for song lyrics so let me see what I can rustle up for this post. *thinks real hard and lightbulb appears*


Song Lyrics for Martha/Charles )

How do I know you're not lying to me...

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I started out as a Martha/Aaron fan but have completely fallen in love with Martha and Charles.  Everything says you should embrace what is good and perfect but my heart yearns for something deeper...something that cannot be classified as either good nor evil...and I have found that in Martha and Charles Logan.  So against all odds...against all criticism...they are my favorite couple of all time :)  Enjoy this excerpt from Entertainment Weekly.

Must First Couple

AGES 58, 54 WHY THEM Not since those kooky Macbeths has there been a
married couple as deliciously dysfunctional as 24's President Charles
Logan and First Lady Martha Logan. From pill popping to acts of high
treason, Itzin's and Smart's Emmy-worthy performances instilled so
much humanity in their unhinged characters that we couldn't help
rooting for them both. FOUR MORE YEARS! Things didn't end well for
the prez, what with the whole impending impeachment thing — but the
door to the Oval Office isn't necessarily shut: ''The producers would
love to have us back, but story is king at 24,'' says Itzin. CRY
ANOTHER DAY ''There are some scenes that have been difficult,'' says
Smart of her weepy character. ''I think actually you're a nicer
person to live with when you're doing [those] scenes. If you have to
be Little Mary Sunshine at work all day, you probably go home and
scream at your family.'' POLITICAL FALLOUT Itzin wasn't entirely
prepared for Logan's transformation from a nervous coward to an
eeevil manipulator. ''It was quite upsetting,'' recalls the actor,
who was told of the twist by producers two episodes before it
happened. ''Oddly enough, people liked him better [after that].''
NEXT Itzin expects to be back for at least one hour of 24 next
season; no word yet on the First Lady. Either way, season 5 is
rerunning Fridays on Fox and will be released on DVD in December.
Smart can also be seen this fall in the Curtis Hanson drama Lucky

I know I've said some terrible things...but let's see if we can make this work...

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This is the final blog entry for August.  The addiction with LJ is over and I will only post when I have time or feel like it.  Posting every day is too tiring :P  I'll end this entry with a great news story from TV Guide on Jean Smart as Martha Logan.  If the writers followed some of her...interesting...ideas, 24 would get a complete facelift *giggle* And I'm not sure for the better.  Anyways here you go.  Happy reading!

Inside 24's Very Smart Move )

How do I know you're not lying to me...

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  Ok so my favorite couple didn't win on Sunday night so I have decided to have my revenge with my OWN news article. Yes there are probably grammatical errors and yes it's not a perfect news piece written in that no nonsense style that displays the facts so well but it's fun and it's witty and it's CUTE!  Most importantly, it allows me to lay this issue to rest once and for all.  So for anyone reading this piece, REMEMBER IT'S NOT A REAL ARTICLE, IT'S JUST FICTION :) Thank you!

A Little Bit of Foolishness On My Part :) )

I love writing fiction *rubs hands gleefully*

 What's an Emmy between friends...

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Well, after seeing all the other posts about what went down tonight and having all these REALLY REALLY strong feelings about the results I felt it was time to release all this pent up frustration and disappointment in one nice long post.  To begin with, I had been looking forward to this night all month long, counting down the days and checking the date to see how long till it happened.  Dreaming of seeing Jean and Greg at the Emmy's and hearing their acceptance speeches.  And that's where I went wrong.  Usually I try to distance myself when I really like something but this time I allowed myself to be completely swept away in the moment and I shall learn not to do this again if it is the last thing I do.  It's too painful when what you are hoping for doesn't come true and you have to live with the reality :(

For now I leave you with this latest Icon and Banner I made.  Feel free to use and no need for credit :)


"The greatest test of courage on the earth is to bear defeat without losing heart."

"The only thing better than winning is losing knowing you gave your best."

“That's what learning is, after all; not whether we lose the game, but how we lose and how we've changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other games. Losing, in a curious way, is winning.”

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I snagged a news article predicting what I would like to see happen tomorrow night.  I can't believe it's less than 24 hours away.  Giddy with anticipation and hopeful it turns out the way we want with a solid night for 24.  Oh please please PLEASE!!!  Article in Boston Globe below!


An Article That Predicts All The Right Winners For Emmy Night )

Should win: ``The Sopranos." The season, in which Vito was outed and Tony was shot, wasn't bloody enough for some fans. But there's still more script wit and acting depth in every inch of this show than in a mile of ``24."

 Will win: Fox has been pushing ``24" to voters, and it did have a strong year. But I'm thinking the lighter ``Grey's Anatomy" will take the prize in a wave of love for Seattle Grace. It's a respectable choice, and ``24" will probably get its due in the acting categories.

Missing in action: Where is ``Lost"? ``Rescue Me"? ``Rome"? The omissions here are stunning.


Lead actor, drama

Should win: Some think Denis Leary (at right, top) just plays himself on TV and in movies. But if he plays himself in ``Rescue Me," he must be a man on fire. As fireman Tommy Gavin, he's a walking time bomb of 9/11 post-trauma. Leary is too controversial for an institution like the Emmys, especially after this season's rape episodes, and he'll probably be overlooked.

 Will win: It'll be Bauer's hour. Kiefer Sutherland's ``24" performance is repetitive and grunt-heavy, but voters will likely want to honor the by-any-means-necessary American hero he has created.

Missing in action: As a grieving brother, Michael C. Hall deserved praise for the final season of ``Six Feet Under." Hugh Laurie is the only reason to watch ``House"; the show's nomination for best drama but not best actor is among this year's biggest gaffes. And leaving out James Gandolfini of ``The Sopranos" symbolizes the Emmys' almost willful resistance to honor greatness.


Lead actress, drama

Should win: My girl Kyra Sedgwick (at right, bottom) deserves to say ``Thank you, thank you very much" tomorrow night. On ``The Closer," she's created a unique and fierce detective who uses charm to lure her prey.

 Will win: Sedgwick may well win, although Mariska Hargitay of ``Law & Order: SVU" is so beloved in Hollywood that she could steal the gold. She has been nominated three times already, and (cynicism alert) voters may not want to hurt her feelings, especially since she just had a baby.

Missing in action: Edie Falco. Seriously, Edie Falco. Her performance on ``The Sopranos" after Tony was shot should have guaranteed her a nomination, if not a win. What were Emmy voters thinking? Oh, wait, they weren't thinking.


Supporting actor and actress, drama

Should win: Oddly enough, I find myself rooting for Alan Alda. He was critical in making the final season of ``The West Wing" work as well as it did. And Jean Smart brought needed emotional believability to ``24" as the first lady.

 Will win: Voters will probably honor both Smart and Gregory Itzin, who played a weak, duplicitous president. They were the reason to watch ``24" last season.

Missing in action: Anyone who saw ``Rome" knows it's an embarrassment of supporting-actor riches, including Lindsay Duncan, Polly Walker, Kevin McKidd, Ray Stevenson, and Ciaran Hinds. But I doubt many voters watched the great HBO series. Also overlooked: Chloe Sevigny from ``Big Love" and John Scurti, Andrea Roth, Diane Farr, and Callie Thorne from ``Rescue Me."


Comedy series

Should win: ``Scrubs" had a great season. This hyper-imaginative comedy captures the craziness of hospital life, the challenges of relationships, and the joys and sorrows of growing up, and it features one of TV's best acting ensembles.

 Will win: In what may be a token nod to younger viewers, the Emmys may reward ``The Office." And ``The Office" deserves big props for its offbeat subtleties and its distinctive comic rhythm. Still, I think ``Scrubs" is more crafted and has more range.

Missing in action: Paging ``Entourage," ``My Name Is Earl," and ``The Comeback." Please come to the voters' attention immediately.


Lead actor, comedy

Should win: On ``The Office," Steve Carell has turned his Michael Scott into one of TV's most memorable bosses. And he has successfully distinguished Michael from Ricky Gervais's British version of the same character.

 Will win: What? A moment of Emmy sense? Carell will win and should win. And his movie popularity will only help his chances.

Missing in action: Zach Braff is part of the ``Scrubs" ensemble, but he also pulls the show together with his boyish vulnerability. And Jason Lee has turned the karma-seeking hero of ``My Name Is Earl" into an Everyman who's easy to root for.


Lead actress, comedy

Should win: Lisa Kudrow was underappreciated as Valerie Cherish on ``The Comeback." It's not easy to make audiences cringe while they're laughing. And Kudrow gave Valerie a character arc that made her more empowered with each episode. Alas, her nomination is her prize.

 Will win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the only reason to watch ``The New Adventures of Old Christine," and she is a good reason to watch. She'll win, for this show and for voters' fond memories of ``Seinfeld."

Missing in action: Marcia Cross is the defining star of ``Desperate Housewives," and she shone in an otherwise uneven season of the series.


Supporting actor and actress, comedy

Should win: As the epitome of Hollywood wheeling and dealing, Jeremy Piven walks off with every episode of ``Entourage." And Jaime Pressly turns ``My Name Is Earl" into a wonderful spectacle of sleaziness. A Joy episode is always a joy.

 Will win: Piven's going to win, and Pressly may, too. Although Megan Mullally stands a good chance; voters may want to both salute ``Will & Grace" as it leaves the air and give Mullally a push in her new talk-show career.

Missing in action: Where to begin? How about with Rainn Wilson from ``The Office," Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke from ``Scrubs," Ethan Suplee from ``My Name Is Earl," and David Cross from ``Arrested Development."

just walk away...leave me alone...just as you always have...

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hehe Catching up on my journal posts :)  I've been busy writing entries for "If I Should Lose You..." and it took up a whole night for one chapter!! It was really a good scene with Charles but so difficult to decide who would call who and what the conversations would be.  I ended the piece with a really big cliffhanger but it worries me because Martha might get hurt and I don't know if I like that.  I want suspense but the threat of suspense instead of the actual fulfillment of the threat.  Oh well, something to puzzle over later :)  

The following news article is great because it comes from Itzin's hometown newspaper so the reporter asks alot of personal questions that are both amusing and insightful.  So without further ado, I present the following:


GREAT news article on Greg from his hometown! )


Do I really look that stupid...or are you just stupid enough to think so?

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Well, time to post another wonderful article about my favorite couple.  Today's is a nice one on Jean Smart.  I love her answers in this interview.  They are SO unscripted.  And now she's up for an Emmy.  Sunday night cannot get here fast enough!  So here is the article from USA Today :)

Fox's '24' Makes Smart Move )


I dare you to say I look bad...I DARE YOU!!

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