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I could NOT believe who came back on the results show of Dancing With The Stars. I’ll give you one hint…Season Two…Celebrity who made it to the final three. As if the title isn’t enough to give it away *giggles* Thankfully I don’t think many on my flist watch so I’m not spoiling them. If you haven’t seen the results show, go home and watch! You won’t be disappointed!

Anyone a doctor on board this doomed flight to…well, let’s just say the US.

And then there was dancing….

Ok this week’s poem is kind of strange because it talks of someone going through love three times but it’s on the list. So here goes. What’s really ironic is that I think that Charles and Martha gave each other times of laughter, times of tears, and times of silence so in a funny why they are the first, second and third loves all at one time J

So if you see a different interpretation of the poem, please share!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Everything is going exactly to plan...Operation: Meltdown has begun...

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Once again being short staffed at work is no fun!! Why can’t people just stay put! You don’t get any breaks, you’re doing the work of five people without the reward, I need another vacation! Maybe I can use my sick days…I have a ton saved up *giggles* Well at least I have a half day tomorrow. Thank goodness for small favors :D

So it looks like Cuddy is pretty good in her own right!

So for poetry today we have “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns. Quite fitting for my favorite pair. It tells of a man who will love a woman despite all obstacles. I do believe that fits Charles this season. I still can’t believe the writers made him into such a 
romantic figure. I’m certainly not looking a gift horse in the mouth! Best part of the poem: “And fare thee well, my only luve!”

I wish I could write poetry and post them here each week J 

You should have listened to me, nothing but a long life in prison awaits you...

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Ok with all these changes in my favorite shows it's great to know I can rely on one to make me happy hour after hour! Dancing with the Stars has returned and it's better than ever!! Oh I love this show so much it's crazy!! I just finished watching the second half of the two week competition before they kick someone off and they are all so good. Where can I start taking ballroom dance classes?

Now back to what I really want to talk about...Ballroom Dancing!

Then there was a soldier, a disease, and a House/Cuddy showdown.

Why is it so hard to find good poetry nowadays? It seems everyone prefers this post modernist crap that is not elegantly worded and beautifully expressed like the words of Byron and Shelley.  I mean check out the poem below and it could not have been more beautifully written.  I know I's just an art :) However, falling in love makes so much more sense when the person you love pens lines like these...I wonder if Charles is a good writer...

"Nothing in the world is single"...I like that...I also love the author's use of metaphors.  *happy sigh*  It's a wonderful day!

You're not supposed to be here...You're supposed to be in China!!

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Found this in the journal of clicketyclick3 and had to use it.  I just love cute memes that reveal a little about the LJ user!

See!! I have other interests than 24 :)  Ok, a few TV shows to comment on...beginning with Heroes :)

So before I sign out, I'll leave you with another news story about our favorite couple :)  This was published before Season Five began but was a fortaste of what was to come.  The writer has good instincts.  *wink*

Oh, if only I had some pictures of Charles and Martha from Season Six.  Then again I think he's sporting the beard and he looks much better here.  Then again maybe Martha has updated her hairstyle and will look stunning for the new season.  It's a tricky situation...we shall see!

You just don't understand, Martha...there is more at stake than you realize.
How can I tell you without endangering you?  How can I be honest with you when I'm not even honest with myself?

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Well, yesterday was a big day in American politics and me being the political scientist that I am, there must be some discussion of what went down last night *grin*

Thoughts on TV Shows next.  We have Heroes, CSI: Miami, Dancing With The Stars, and House to discuss :)  Oh and the best Jean Smart movie ever...Audrey's Rain!

Ok time for the lyrical showcase and this time I chose two songs by Christina Aguilera.  The first one is called Love Will Find A Way and I love how it shows how relationships go through ups and downs.  When reading these lyrics, I think of the love between Martha and Charles in its most idealistic form where they won't let politics, the press, or the presidency destroy the wonderful marriage they've built over the years.  In other words, no matter what happens hang on and I'll be there for you...just give me time to reach you :)


And this next song is called We're A Miracle.  The Logans certainly are a miracle considering their VERY different personalities.  I mean a woman like Martha would have married a guy like David Palmer.  I don't know how Charles was able to capture her heart but I'm glad he did because what they create on screen is magic :)  What I really like about the song is how it says how unlikely the match was by the world's standards but somehow it happened.  If only it could have stayed that way...

 And that's all folks!  I'm thinking these every other day posts aren't working out since I have so much to say on TV shows and movies hmmm.  Well I still like the small breaks in between so I can write stories, make icons, or just goof off so the plan stays...for now :)

I am now in a world where I have to hide my heart 
And what I believe in but somehow I will show the world
What's inside my heart and be loved for who I am..

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I've decided to take every other month off from posting so that I can become more active in my LJ communities.  What does this mean exactly?  Well, instead of posting every day I'll be posting every other day every other month.  So for November it will be every other day but for December it will be everyday and so on and so forth :)  Boy do I love schedules when everything lines up :)  Just call me crazy!

So first let's start off with the wonderful news!! My 24 calendar finally came in today and it was SOOOOOO worth it.  [personal profile] xandra73 already told me that there were lots of great pictures and I couldn't be happier.  A whole month devoted to Charles and a whole month to Martha.  I'm in fandom heaven!! And best of all, there are pictures on the calendar I haven't seen ANYWHERE ELSE.  For example, there's one picture with Charles and Walt Cummings where he puts his hand on Walt's shoulder and they're smiling.  Then there's one with Charles and Martha on the couch and he's holding her hand.  I also saw some candids of Martha and Charles with the Suvarovs.  What I'm most excited about is a picture of them filming Martha walking back to the retreat with Evelyn as well as a shot with Martha leaning over the dead body of Walt Cummings (there's a story here I'm sure and I hope the Season Five DVD's show what it is).  I can't believe that the 24 calendar ended up being better than the 24: Behind the Scenes Book LOL!

Now a short post on the TV shows I saw Tuesday and Wednesday.  Dancing With The Stars won out for both nights in my book.  Great little numbers by these stars who have really become professionals.  My prediction that Monique would go home turned out to be true and Emmit rocked the house like always.  He's the one I hope that wins though Mario has won by technique alone.  He's just not as entertaining to watch as Emmitt.  Wouldn't it be cool if Cheryl Burke won Dancing with the Stars TWO TIMES IN A ROW!! That would make her the best choreographer EVER :)  OK I'm calm...REALLY :)  I saw House on Tuesday as well and was quite amused by the main star's antics.  The Cuddy/House relationship is fascinating and I'm going to keep a close eye thanks to [personal profile] crashandburn for showing me the way :)  David Morse is the perfect foil for House and can't wait to see what he has in store for our good doctor next!  Then last night was Lost and The Nine.  Sad to say, I've only seen Lost because I taped The Nine and haven't seen it yet though I heard it was a great episode.  Lost was just too predictable and I was kind of confused by the whole thing.  Though Jack and Juliet as a couple are growing on me.  I DEFINITELY want to see more the Suns...I am SO shipping them :)

And that's enough of real life, time to post my weekly news piece.  I've been scouring Google news for recent articles on my favorite duo but no luck...or at least nothing of real interest so I have fell back on gleaning some gems from a few months back before and during filming of Season Five.  Plenty to mine from and many that have yet to be touched on.  Therefore I give you this lovely jewel that has a cute snippet on Martha.  I love the different ways they describe her as First Lady and especially love it when they predicted her part would be significant because of the actress she is.  That is SO true!! Hail to Jean Smart and her great acting partner Gregory Itzin :)

If you have a better plan, speak up now before I embarrass myself.

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