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It's Law and Order night.  When I first heard Law and Order: Criminal Intent was going to move to USA network, I was sad. I liked Chris Noth as one of the four detectives on the case.  Fortunately, the Writer's Strike happened and now I can enjoy the latest episodes on Wednesday nights.  This was a good one!

In other shooting news...

I want to see more on my favorite Assistant District Attorney :)
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 So some new episodes until the networks exhaust their supply of episodes now that the writer's strike is still on.  *shakes fist at striking writers*  They need to end it...NOW!!  Just give in already, it's a losing battle!!

As for the second episode of Cashmere Mafia, still a guilty pleasure.  I LOVED Miranda Otto's makeover...she is SO amazing :)  Lucy Liu was styling as well :) Can't wait for new episodes!
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And I'm already behind *bites nails*  Well, in keeping with my resolution to post daily, here's a quick update.  LAW AND ORDER HAS A NEW DETECTIVE AND D.A. AND BOY ARE THEY GREAT!!  The show never got to me because it's boring but these two will spice it up.  

Jeremy Sisto (Hostage finder from Kidnapped) The brooding, thinking role is perfect for him.  He's the complete opposite of Jesse Martin's character.  They work so well as a team! I'm in heaven!

Linus Roache (Batman's father in the new movie and the Inquisitor from The Chronicles of Riddick!) The man had soul AND presence.  So handsome and commanding when he walks in a room. I'm in love!!

So if you haven't seen Law and Order in awhile now is the time to check it out!

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