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Fate is a funny thing. You can run from it all you like but it has a funny way of catching up with you. At least in Lost it does J Quick recap on work. Our head teller had someone pass away in her family so we were really short handed today. I dressed up a little for the visitors from our main office and they never came. My boss asked me to work a Friday at another branch and I said yes. The assistant manager didn’t feel well at all and kept making mistakes. I stayed late and helped a coworker put the summary online. Not that eventful!

Now I just finished the most marvelous Noah/Karen fic at im_a_yogi’s journal and she has a fan fiction archive website. Lots of great stories including ones with Karen and Bill. So today’s website spotlight is on her amazing writing talent. Check it out in the coming weeks when you need to fuel your 24 addiction J

Maria’s 24 Fan Fic Maria’s 24 Fan Fic Maria’s 24 Fan Fic Maria’s 24 Fan Fic 

Would you like me to take your picture?
This is the kind of work former presidents do once they're ousted out of office.

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So today was my late day and I had to do the dishes before going in. I was a procrastinator and waited till the last minute. I thought I wouldn’t get it done in time and recruited my brother to finish the job but unexpectedly it was all done before I left, pots and all. What’s sad is the fact that I’m retreating from Live Journal into the world of Second Life. It’s REALLY addictive!

Then Lost came on and it was Juliet centered *rubs hands gleefully*

Now do you have a favorite celebrity and want another good source for pictures? I found some for Jean Smart, Gregory Itzin, and a whole lot more. Some I never saw before. So check it out if you like to make icons of your favorite celebrities but need some really good pictures to choose from!

Last kiss together...last time together...last minute together...

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Finally!! My late day came!! It’s just been so stressful at work…no time to get anything done. I can’t WAIT till these other BSR’s are trained and ready to go! Only two more days till the weekend *squeee* I backdated yesterday’s entry on Dancing With The Stars and caught up on LJ entries I needed to read. I’ll say one thing…my flist is a diverse group AND we have some talented writers and artists out there J

And then there were two…

Ok usually I post fan fic on this day but I’ve changed tracks and will instead be putting my website recommendations on Wednesday’s, graphics on Sunday, and stories on Saturday’s. With my busy schedule, it works out better that way for me. I have more time to write something on Saturday and then share it in that night’s post. Therefore here’s a recap of Sunday’s and I’ll be posting the next chapter of “If I Should Lose You” on Saturday :D

Smile and wave, Charles...just smile and wave...

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Well after a glorious weekend it was time to head back to work and the usual drudgery. I hate banking and selling and anything to do with financial institutions. I really need to go back to school...doing something I like. Anyways, enough of that, this should be a cheerful posts...complaining is highly overrated...though it feels good *giggles* 

Reflections on the Fall Finale of Lost...and of course Brothers and Sisters! )
So that takes care of TV. I recently joined a community devoted to Ron Rifkin and Patricia Wettig. They are SUCH the hot couple no matter what anyone says and my good friend [ profile] whenidream     was sweet enough to go ahead and create the community so we can start recruiting potential members. If you like these two in Alias, Brothers & Sisters or even Broadway, please join! We'd love to have you!!! The community is called:

  [ profile] wettig_rifkin      [ profile] wettig_rifkin      [ profile] wettig_rifkin      [ profile] wettig_rifkin      [ profile] wettig_rifkin     

And since it's Monday, time for some fan fiction. I went through another dry spell for awhile before the last two chapters started coming to me more easily. Now I'm working on fan videos and graphic design projects as I wait to pen Chapter 16 and think of other fun ideas like a good death for Charles that actually MEANS something...not whimsical and stupid like Stephen Saunder's was. Here's crossing my fingers that they will do him justice and he'll be able to redeem himself with Martha! At any rate, the following piece of fiction was inspired by the idea that the whole airfield scene was just a masquerade to make Graham and his men think Charles was complying with his demands when in reality he had already turned himself in and was going undercover to bring the whole organization down. She and Charles would have to separate so it would look like they really had been torn asunder but not before having a few last words with each other... 

  The Last Goodbye (G)...What If Everything Was Just A Fabricated Lie... )

Tell my husband I'll call him when I'm good and ready...not a moment before.

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I've decided to take every other month off from posting so that I can become more active in my LJ communities.  What does this mean exactly?  Well, instead of posting every day I'll be posting every other day every other month.  So for November it will be every other day but for December it will be everyday and so on and so forth :)  Boy do I love schedules when everything lines up :)  Just call me crazy!

So first let's start off with the wonderful news!! My 24 calendar finally came in today and it was SOOOOOO worth it.  [personal profile] xandra73 already told me that there were lots of great pictures and I couldn't be happier.  A whole month devoted to Charles and a whole month to Martha.  I'm in fandom heaven!! And best of all, there are pictures on the calendar I haven't seen ANYWHERE ELSE.  For example, there's one picture with Charles and Walt Cummings where he puts his hand on Walt's shoulder and they're smiling.  Then there's one with Charles and Martha on the couch and he's holding her hand.  I also saw some candids of Martha and Charles with the Suvarovs.  What I'm most excited about is a picture of them filming Martha walking back to the retreat with Evelyn as well as a shot with Martha leaning over the dead body of Walt Cummings (there's a story here I'm sure and I hope the Season Five DVD's show what it is).  I can't believe that the 24 calendar ended up being better than the 24: Behind the Scenes Book LOL!

Now a short post on the TV shows I saw Tuesday and Wednesday.  Dancing With The Stars won out for both nights in my book.  Great little numbers by these stars who have really become professionals.  My prediction that Monique would go home turned out to be true and Emmit rocked the house like always.  He's the one I hope that wins though Mario has won by technique alone.  He's just not as entertaining to watch as Emmitt.  Wouldn't it be cool if Cheryl Burke won Dancing with the Stars TWO TIMES IN A ROW!! That would make her the best choreographer EVER :)  OK I'm calm...REALLY :)  I saw House on Tuesday as well and was quite amused by the main star's antics.  The Cuddy/House relationship is fascinating and I'm going to keep a close eye thanks to [personal profile] crashandburn for showing me the way :)  David Morse is the perfect foil for House and can't wait to see what he has in store for our good doctor next!  Then last night was Lost and The Nine.  Sad to say, I've only seen Lost because I taped The Nine and haven't seen it yet though I heard it was a great episode.  Lost was just too predictable and I was kind of confused by the whole thing.  Though Jack and Juliet as a couple are growing on me.  I DEFINITELY want to see more the Suns...I am SO shipping them :)

And that's enough of real life, time to post my weekly news piece.  I've been scouring Google news for recent articles on my favorite duo but no luck...or at least nothing of real interest so I have fell back on gleaning some gems from a few months back before and during filming of Season Five.  Plenty to mine from and many that have yet to be touched on.  Therefore I give you this lovely jewel that has a cute snippet on Martha.  I love the different ways they describe her as First Lady and especially love it when they predicted her part would be significant because of the actress she is.  That is SO true!! Hail to Jean Smart and her great acting partner Gregory Itzin :)

If you have a better plan, speak up now before I embarrass myself.

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Well, I watched the second episode of Lost that I taped from yesterday night and it's even better than the premiere was.  I really like Sun and Kim as a couple.  My new favorite TV couple AFTER Martha/Charles :)  There are so many layers to their marriage and they show it all in the eyes :)  In many ways, they are the opposite of Martha/Charles in that there is more nonverbal communication and less fighting and arguing.  As the title of my post says...interesting :)

Ok back to my first love!  Well, second love since my first was Janeway and Chakotay from Star Trek: Voyager *giggle*  Whatever!  I'll take Martha/Charles over Kathryn/Chakotay for one simple reason: I'm in love with Logan :)  There I said it!  But if you've been keeping up with my entries you already know that.  I just wonder how long it will last :D

Don't lie for my husband...I'm too smart for that...

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