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I mean the TV stations really need to stop this. Yesterday was CRAZY with Dancing with the Stars, Jericho, Criminal Minds, Justice, Kidnapped, and CSI: NY.  I could only taped three and therefore lost out on the other three because a piece of fan fiction really inspired me so I had to keep writing.

Dancing with the Stars Recap )

Favorite show of the new season: Dancing with the Stars!

All other TV shows! )

Fan Fiction writing is the ultimate catharsis ESPECIALLY when your favorite characters are done with their story arc on the small screen.

Fan Fiction takes a different turn... )

And today is news day so let me direct your attention to this WONDERFUL article on Gregory Itzin.  Thanks to a friend (you know who you are *wink) for directing my attention this way.   She knows me so well :)


GREAT news story on Greg :) )

Ok now why do I get the feeling that Martha is playing Charles when she holds Evelyn's arms like this...


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It's that time of year again! And boy was it a wonderful two hours. I thought I might be disappointed because there weren't any really big names out there but I was so more ways than one. First, they did a whole revamp of the set and it has honest to goodness chandelier and a balcony on both sides of the dance floor. They're getting snazzy!

Dancing With The Stars (Ep 3.1a The Cha Cha and The Foxtrot) )

Now back to Martha and Charles. I wonder if Greg or Jean would go on Dancing With The Stars...Nah! Too cheesy for them hehe. Though Greg's facial expressions would be HILARIOUS! And Jean would have so much fun cracking jokes in the holding room. Aaah they would be the life of the party. And before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEAN!! I would have forgotten if it wasn't for [profile] illusory_thrill and [profile] whenidream. Thanks guys :) I hope I age as gracefully. After seeing so many pictures of attractive women in their forties, I'm convinced it's the best age to be. I can't wait till I'm 40!!!!!!!

Today is normally reserved for song lyrics so let me see what I can rustle up for this post. *thinks real hard and lightbulb appears*


Song Lyrics for Martha/Charles )

How do I know you're not lying to me...

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