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That was so sad!! I was expecting a wedding, nearly cried over Burke's vows and she didn't get married!!! What the heck is going on!! The only thing I can think of is that they're doing this so they can bring them back together…stronger and even more close than before. Next year at the hospital should be QUITE interesting. I wonder what George is going to do?

Anyways today was my late day and what did I do? Spent all my time in Second Life again. So many new things to buy and try on. I just wish I could try on dresses and jewelry like you do in real life. Then I wouldn’t purchase so much. Eventually I’m going to hit an inventory cap I know it!! For now, just let me continue to collect all these wonderful goodies J Today we had visitors at work so I dressed in one of my cute little outfits to look nice while they were in town. Always good to impress the bosses. Everyone complimented me on the outfit and that made me happy J

Then there was the wedding…or lack there of.

Ok time for some news articles…I think I’ll pick this one where the creators of a comic book asked Greg to write the introduction since he was a president on 24. How cute is that!

Have a great day! Talk to you later!

Never undestimate the power of the Hotness!

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Well, nothing special at work today. It is funny how fast this week is going by. Closer to the weekend! Yay!! I find my time strangely tied to Second Life. Before I would log in and out as I saw fit but now I’ve become completely obsessed with a designer label called Last Call. I mean the gowns and outfits are to DIE FOR J And then there’s her discontinued Dazzle line which I love. I find myself going to a number of yard sales to pick those up. Therefore, my entries in Live Journal have been delayed and I apologize.

James Woods kicked serious butt!

So what news do I have for you today? Well, I found a gem of an article about the Make A Wish Foundation holding a special event that includes wine tasting and....*drumroll*...silent auctions!  Now why is that so significant?  Well, ladies and gents, the focus of my obsession is offering a lunch date as well a set visit to 24.  I mean how much better than that can you get?  Why can I NOT live in California.  *sighs*  Read below on some of the other items up for bid.

Ok, back to sulking my corner :(

THIS is what I'm missing out on :(

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Only a few more days till the weekend. I can’t wait because these last few days seem to be really dragging. We did get a few things done today like organizing signature cards and working on some backup work. Fortunately both Tally and I had already had our late days so we were as fully staffed as we could be and the new girl was at the desk. Two of us on the floor is manageable but one is impossible. Mom and Dad decided to eat dinner at China Wok and we had fun discussing all kinds of subjects. What was most frustrating was that I brought the DVD’s I needed to return to Blockbuster because it’s right next to the restaurant but I grabbed the wrong ones. Ran home to retrieve those and then took home an empty case. Had to run back to get the right one. THREE times to that store!! They should have given me a free rental for that much trouble!

CSI (Ep 7.19 Big Shots) )

When 24 and Law and Order come together, you get one amazing hour of TV.

Shark (Ep 1.18 Trial on Fire) )

Still no news on whether Jean or Greg will return this season but my money is on that it won’t happen. Meanwhile they’re busy with other events like the National Alzheimer’s Gala. Jean looked beautiful in a photo from the event and here’s is a brief news article on it. Enjoy!

A Night Out: Alzheimer's Gala by Lauren Masterson )

I’d love to attend a party with Jean! I’d bet she would be a lot of fun!

This is my scary face!

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We’re still behind in loan dollars and I had to make pre approval phone calls for five freaking hours. I had a headache then and I have a headache now. I need a job where selling is not an option. I just love to research and explain things. I need to be a college professor! I just want to get some real world experience before I lock myself away in a university with students, conferences and office hours.

So today didn’t have any new shows but some were new to me!

I had seen Grey’s Anatomy before but it made me appreciate Sandra Oh all over again and Derek/Meredith were KIND of cute when they weren’t having sex. I loved when he said “I’m leaving now but when I get back there better be some sex.” Though I’m not a fan of those kind of lines but he made it cute!

And for today’s news story I bring you one on why it’s just absurd to tell us what happened to Logan in the last episode! Click to read how his disappearance figures into this guy’s absurd-o-meter for 24.

So ends my little spiel for this Thursday…check in on Friday for a cute fandom meme I found!

Despite my role in David's death, I want this speech to come off right...I want to give the man a proper send off and put this day behind me...

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No matter how much you try to recapture what you had in the past you just cannot return to what you once had. That seemed to be the theme of tonight’s TV show and a good them for the Logans too. Season Five is over and now it’s time to realize that we probably won’t see either Martha and Charles ever again. At least they’re both in pilots for the fall but it won’t ever be as good as what they had on 24. For now I’ll console myself with Bill/Karen and Tom/Karen.

Ok here’s a little bit about Clark Kent and the rest of the gang.

Awkward for George and Izzie at Seattle Grace…

So news…news…news. Well, I found this blog piece about the parallels between the MacBeths and the Logans. I just love how he ties it in to the episode last week. I would DIE to have Greg and Jean playing these roles on stage *head desk* At any rate, I do believe their story is one of tragedy if one could have been more understanding, stronger than the situation that presented itself, or just listened to the other the marriage could have survived. However, like so many real life marriages, things happen and the two are torn asunder…making their union all that more precious J 

I have plenty more pieces but will save them for the coming weeks!  Talk to you later, folks!

Just calling to check on the status of my husband...Did he die or do I need to stab him again?

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That was the theme of tonight’s tragic Smallville. And it worked! I really like this air of tragedy they’re putting into each episode. Great material for the actors and entertaining for the viewers. Today was a special day! We went to Raleigh to celebrate my upcoming birthday and had dinner at Macaroni Grill with a divine chocolate cake! They really know how to do desserts! Then it was off to Barnes and Noble and CareyTowne Center. I picked up some magazines, some cd’s, and a new shirt. I really liked this travel book with great places all over the world inside, a love letters book with great lines of poetry inside, two new Mirror Universe books for Star Trek, and the complete Astaire and Rogers Collection. However, I’m on a budget and must save! I’m trying to reach a specific target amount! J

Then there was a visit to Seattle Grace.  However, this week’s episode…not so hot.

There have been some interesting news articles popping about Greg. He’s been connected with a few new projects and I hope I get to see him at work again in case he should ever leave 24. Here’s a gem of an article I found where it describes his latest projects and his role in shaping Logan this season :D

Now I just wonder if he’s sincere or it’s all part of his master plan to take over the world. Hmmmm…

Martha...tell me where the keys are or I'll have to call in Aaron...

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Well, I thought I would be looking forward to this date but after meeting with the other girl who will be on it, I don’t think I’ll like it that much. First of all, it seems quite shallow…I’ll just be going out for a dinner and movie which is fine. But right now I want someone I can discuss ideas with and talk about the deeper things in life. I want companionship and long conversations on philosophy, religion, and politics. This guy is a Marine and I’m sure he just wants to have a good time. Hopefully we’ll find something to talk about and this will finally cure me of wanting to go on a date with a guy I don’t plan to marry.

So what news do I have for you today? Well, I stumbled onto a gem of a website. Evidently Gregory Itzin is part of the 2007 South by Southwest Film Festival called Forfeit and he plays a television preacher with a dark side who convinces a man to commit a robber and other heinous acts. The website had some good pictures of Itzin in a suit but what impressed me most about the film was this interview I found with the director.

My favorite part of course is his agreement that Gregory Itzin is headed for the big time because of his outstanding acting. Now if someone will just find the perfect role for him J

Don't I look sexy with my arms crossed like this..

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And you don’t see any way out. Right now we are pretty short staffed at work and our manager is always yelling at us to leave on time. How the heck are we supposed to get anything done? I think I’ll just start doing things on my lunch hour. It’s the only time I’m actually free and not being called to take members. When the one girl leaves because she’s due in a couple weeks, we’re really going to be screwed and expected to do twice the work. Stupid stupid stupid!! *blows out calming breath of air*

Well a lot of shows are in reruns but I haven’t seen this episode of Grey’s Anatomy!

So one last show to review…more episodes of Magnum P.I.

So time for some 24 news…this article was from Entertainment Weekly and I love how it ties one theme for the whole night…faith J Read on if you don’t mind Season Six spoilers! 

Well, that's all for tonight! I'm sooooooooooooo looking forward to the weekend :D

You ask a question that seems simple on the surface but presents such a challenge to plausible deniability...

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It is these five words that seals my love for Grey's Anatomy.  Instead of just sticking to a basic medical story line they are willing to explore the relationships between people and all the complex issues they face day in and day out.  So no matter who you are, you will find something that will touch your heart.  That's why I like Grey's Anatomy right confronts topics that I want to discuss while having characters that intrigue me.  Definitely better than ER!

Well, back to real life and there is nothing to report.  It was my half day and I just goofed around on the computer till I had to go in.  I did get a haircut!  Now my hair is shoulder length and definitely more full which takes away from my flat forehead :)  I also had to do some cleaning (yuck!) Uncle is coming over next week and the house has to be tidied up. I'd rather go to work than's just not something I enjoy at all.  Though I'm sure no one generally enjoys it...just something that must be done *sigh*

Now on to the main attraction of the night!  Part III of the soap opera known as Grey's Anatomy!!!

So what else was there to watch? The Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special of course :D

Now to close with a news story...Something funny I found on another blog.  With Pictures!  And Spoilers :P

I find that 24 characters get a lot more done when unemployed while also having more freedom to do the right thing :)

You're not going to forgive me...I can see it in your eyes...and I just don't know what to do...

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How crazy IS that!!  Well today I went to the mall for my lunch break to see what stuffed animals were on sale at Hallmark.  The ones I wanted were there but I just wasn't feeling it.  Since I spend waaaaaaay too much money anyway, I decided to let my better judgment rule out in this case.  EXCEPT I went and spent money at Lerner's.  They were having a sale and there was a cute white/gray/black stripe sweater, white blouse with a pearl front, and black pants for $10 and $15 dollars each.  I needed some new outfits and scooped them right up.  Tomorrow I go to work in style!

After all these years, Smallville still manages to entertain me :)  Now for my newest love...Grey's Anatomy and boy was it exciting :)

Ok, on to the less interesting Shark...I really should stop watching but I don't want to miss something if it suddenly turns around.

So just a small news article to tide us over till the return of the Logans :)  If you like 24 and don't want to hear anything negative, stop reading.  If you don't mind critiques of the show, press on.  I only included this article because it shows how much we miss Martha and Charles!

Three more days till his return and I can't wait *rubs hands together gleefully*

What do you do when the bottom has dropped out from under you and your whole world has come crashing down around you?
Do you give up and just watch it fade away?  Or do you stand up and fight for what's right?

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Awww I am SO loving Grey's Anatomy right now...the interactions between all the characters is just *blissful sigh* a beauty to behold.  Such idealistic happiness...such wedded bliss...such wonderful lines :)  A show made in heaven.  I'm still not ready to go all fangirl on it due to the fact that there is no action or conspiracy theories but when you're lonely in real life it's nice to see relationships in other lives (no matter how fake they are) work out well.  Quick side bar: I went out to Red Lobster with my boss and I must tell you...they have the BEST Lobster Bisque soup. I mean ordered two more cups to take with me just for my Mom and Dad.  It was that good :D  If you have a Red Lobster near you, be sure to check it out!

Now to my favorite show of the night! (Again!)

Finally we end with Shark which was ok but not the needs more snark :)

Shark ( )

Ok all thanks goes to clementine_lime for the following!  She posted it on FLOSS and I had to include it here.  Jean Smart is doing Love Letters with her real life husband and they did an interview asking how it related to them so here's the darling article :)

And it's true...there IS nothing like real chemistry...hence my love for Charles and Martha Logan no matter if they are now divorced :)

I should be thinking of how to shoot down this plane but all I can think of is Marty...and how I left her after our disagreement...

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I was like three days behind but now I can post something on the same day I'm writing.  If you guys think you've missed my journal entries,  it's because I was backdating.  Feel free to take a look and comment if you like :)  We had SNOW but it didn't stick so we were slow at work and that was good because we got a lot done.  Tally worked on signature cards, I worked...on other things, and we came up with a beautiful system of handling them for the future.  Loleta even gave me props for writing a great email...I love it when she's in a great mood.  I had a wonderful chat with Tally who's single and idealistic like me so she understands when I want to talk about relationships and friendships without sex and making out involved.  She also understands how hard it is to find people the of the trendy, chic set who JUST want to talk and discuss things :)  Glad I have someone to talk to!

And now for the show that makes me cry...not once but two times!!

Here's a small shout out to an episode of Shark (not as good as GA hehe)

And finally I have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL news story that a dear friend at FLOSS found for me on Jean and Greg.  I had never seen this before so it had to go up as this week's news though it's dated last year :)

My favorite part about their quick love scene: "But yeah, it was a concern. I said, you know, they've been married for 20 years, they know exactly what they're doing. When you're married that long, you know, it's possible! It isn't probable, but it's possible."  I love Jean Smart so much now!!  She REALLY does like Greg and tried to make the marriage work despite what the writers threw at them.  Bless her heart!

I really don't want to be talking to you right now...I'd much rather be arguing with Marty!

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Lately, I've been a little depressed over 24.  They seemed to have forgotten everything they learned in Season Five about great character development, focusing on strong actors over weak ones, and most of all keeping it real.  That all went away with Episode Five and I'm left missing the show that I grew to love last year.  So suddenly I'm looking for something new to fulfill that longing...a show that explores the relationships between a man and a that focuses on relationships and friendships but not in a soap opera way.  I found it tonight in Gray's Anatomy.

Concerning the TV, I enjoyed Smallville and Grey's Anatomy (I keep forgetting that CSI goes right against Grey's Anatomy...pity too because Liev Schrieber is on right now *cries*)

And now for the surprising treat of the evening...

Now just a small news article on Greg's extracurricular activities which happen to include two movies :)


This is me signing off for the night and hoping tomorrow goes by quick so I can enjoy the weekend :)

How could you lie to me all these years?  How could you say you loved me but keep this from me?  I don't know you anymore...

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You realize you don't.  Well, I've been thinking of staying with my job for the five years so I can get my pension when I'm old and gray (a check coming in each month no matter how small is very nice indeed).  My stats have been pretty good recently, getting along great with my coworkers and I'm beginning to tolerate my job.  However, that all changed this afternoon, reminding me once more I need to leave and find something I REALLY love to do.  You see...for the last few months, we have been trying to get the signature card filing cabinet straightened up and every time I think I'm getting ahead I fall behind.  It's really no one else's fault but my own...I kept procrastinating because a) I didn't manage my time, b) I don't like my job, and c) there are just too dang many of those darn cards.  Everything has to be checked in triplicate and I'm not the one making the mistakes (most of the time).  At any rate, my manager blew a gasket when she saw the unfinished stacks which really weren't that bad because they just needed a second person to check them off.  She ranted and raved about lying to her (it was just miscommunication because her idea of "done" was different than mine) as well as putting me out on the street and finding someone to replace me.  It was harsh and unnecessary...however, I would have taken the writeup without a word of protest because it should have been done.  Her attitude should have been better but it should have been done.  Therefore, I think it's a sign I need to start making my plans to leave.

Well, there have been some interesting developments since Day Six of 24 has debuted...and one of those developments is a more definite time frame of when the Logans will return.  In fact, according to this news article it could be as early as Hour Ten which makes it around the end of February.  Now I have something to look forward to again.  I'm not liking the idea of his fall from of my favorite things that had me enthralled with the man was the power he wielded.  Now he's anything but powerful.  However! I was watching a biography of Nixon and I swear the writers modeled Charles after him because the guy was one way with one person and another way with someone else.  He was a loner, a political genius, a hard worker, and devoted to his wife...sound familiar?  When he fell from grace, he would give reporters a few minutes of his time in exchange for insider scoop about things in DC.  Most importantly, he was an avid conspiracy theorist.  I swear if he was still alive he would love 24 because that's why I love this show...all the backstabbing, double crossing, and don't forget the admitting of feelings at the oddest times because of the pressure.  Anyways, let's get back to the article.  I posted it below :D

Anyone have any aspirin?  I'd give anything for some about some plutonium or nerve gas in return?

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Now I've always loved Epcot but I really liked it this time around.  Why is that you ask? Well for one thing...we actually were able to see almost everything unlike last time when we missed at least two attractions because they closed early and for another thing the whole family was here this time.  I took some medicine in the morning because my ankle was bothering me but I was determined to not waste a $65 ticket even if it killed me.  At any rate, that's what we were here for :) Mom and I decided to do Spaceship Earth while Dad and David went to Test Track so they could beat the line.  I loved that ride because it's very relaxing but fun at the same time as your seat rotates during this journey through time :)  Great way to start your visit!

Well, from there it was on to the French restaurant where I ordered some pate, a lobster bisque and the best creme bruele I've ever tasted. Must come back here for dessert next year. We then decided to take in the rest of the world showcase.  There are too many shows to name so I'll list my favorites.  The Voices of Liberty singing in harmony and acappella some old American Favorites, a lady from China playing a harp/piano type instrument with skill and grace, Chinese acrobats performing feats of flexibility and daring that make you go wow, and a mariachi band in Mexico singing old romantic ballads that make your heart flutter.  As for food, we had strawberry shortcake, strawberry waffles, Italian pastries, and countless other things I can't remember but know were delicious.  

We got back too late to watch another two hours of 24 so nothing to report on that front but I will leave you with another news story :D


So with that I leave you to a wonderful evening anticipating the return of 24!

What does Heller want Charles? You can't tell me that you called you this late at night to exchange coffee recipes?

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Just when you think there is nothing good to watch you're overloaded with TOO many things to see. Today was a normal work day...sort of. For some reason, my boss thought I had too much overtime and decided to let me leave early. That was good because my whole day was shorter but it was also bad because I had things to do before I went on vacation in Florida for a week. Never mind...better not to look a gift horse in the mouth and lose your gift! Therefore, I headed out to Booksamillion to pick up one of their seven layer homemade cakes with frosting that melts in your mouth as well as pick up the TV guide for a preview of 24 since the season premiere is almost a week a away. No luck on the TV Guide but did pick up the TV Guide Magazine with some shots of Jean and Greg...I'm sorry but Greg looked downright scary with his full beard. *shudders* I also picked up lunch for my boss since I knew we would be busy and she wouldn't get a lunch as well as my brother.

Anyways, I was talking about feast and famine. Remember when there was nothing to watch for the last few days...except hours of Day Five of Twenty Four. Well, I decided to turn on the TV while I cleaned out the desk in my room and what did I find but Grey's Anatomy.

Then it was time to watch Shark because they were finally airing a new episode.

And of course, I had to end the night with another two episodes of 24 Season Five (5.9 and 5.10).

Besides these shows, there were also episodes of Smallville and CSI to catch up on but no time. I would rather have too many choices than too little :)  I bring you a news article on the play Jean will be doing with her real life husband.  If only I lived in California!  Despite the steep prices, the chance to see Jean would be wonderful *swoons*


And that's all for now! I leave for Orlando, Florida in two days!! A nice week at the theme parks and warm weather :)

You're everything I've dreamed of and so much more...

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So after looking at the title of my entry, can you guess what I saw today? Well, this movie is so complex that I'm still sitting here, trying to understand everything. For those who haven't seen it, let me do a little cut line so I can talk about the movie and its counterpart, The Illusionist.

Ok, enough of the new on to the news. I stumbled across this last week when I was googling the name of Judi Itzin (Am I a stalker if I use her name on google?) and came across this gem. Evidently, the guy who has this blog is a news reporter who met and became friends with Greg. I'm posting this because of the Christmas Card message Greg sent him. They are such a nice down to earth couple :)

Just a little something to tide you over until January when the real news stories should start pouring in!

Tell me you love me, Charles...I want to hear you say it...I want to believe you mean it...

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Sort of!  Only a few more days until the second deadline for [profile] 24_stillness and I wanted to make my contribution.  After all, the challenge is make 4 icons of your favorite pairing...all the more incentive to practice my paltry skills.  However, there were some AMAZING icon tutorials I found and a little tweak here and a little tweak there, some icons actually turned out pretty well.  I'd post some now but I must submit them for the contest. You'll see them later :)

I want to thank [personal profile] crashandburn for the lovely Christmas card!  It finally arrived today and was SO adorable.  I loved the little note inside.  A few years ago I used to write a lot of letters to pen pals overseas...I should start that again :D  It's fun getting mail from other countries...I'm always interested in the postage stamps hehe.  And I'm going to show my German friend at work the inscription to get it translated.  Thanks again!

In other news, I watched an old episode of CSI about a murder at the theater for Cirque du Soleil.  The show at the beginning was beautiful and strange to watch while the behind the scenes investigation was even better. I still see a connection between Grissom and Catherine.  They just seem right for each other...however, I haven't seen Warwick and Catherine so maybe their scenes are better.  My question is...who date raped Catherine?  It said to be continued but obviously it won't be since this is a rerun.  Anyone who has been watching the show faithfully able to enlighten me?  And on a closing note...I looked up Shadows of P'Jem to see Gregory Itzin in it (first season Star Trek: Enterprise episode) and all I can say is...the guy needs his natural hairline.  He just looked funny with the Vulcan hair.  I liked how he held himself together better than Logan did and there was a real good air of authority about him that was QUITE attractive, proving he could play Logan strong if he had to.  The funniest part of the episode was this quote from his character: "It is not Vulcan policy to negotiate with terrorists."  There's my President :)

And since the news article came with its own picture, I won't be posting one!  However I have one little itty bitty request...

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You see I had more time to think about the line from the leaked page of script and it doesn't sound like Charles really cares for Martha. It appears that either a) he's forgotten about her, b) they've formed an uneasy truce, or c) he's up to no good and wants to draw her out into the open. However, the whole tone of the statement seemed cool and detached though it was Bill who spoke it. I just need to prepare myself for the worst...there's nothing there and I should stick to the Season Five DVD's. Ok, let's take a deep breath and move on :) 

A great news article has been making the rounds of my flist and now it's time to post here. Lots of little spoilers for 24 so if you want to remain spoiler free, don't click the link below. They don't reveal a lot but they hint and suggest so much more. Click at your own risk :)

Well, that's all for tonight...time to go on a hunt for some Casino Royale Icons.  Daniel Craig is so AMAZING.  He's stolen my heart as my favorite actor!! Now I need to go out and rent all his movies :D

I think you're underestimating my husband's ability to lead this country...

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Found this in the journal of clicketyclick3 and had to use it.  I just love cute memes that reveal a little about the LJ user!

See!! I have other interests than 24 :)  Ok, a few TV shows to comment on...beginning with Heroes :)

So before I sign out, I'll leave you with another news story about our favorite couple :)  This was published before Season Five began but was a fortaste of what was to come.  The writer has good instincts.  *wink*

Oh, if only I had some pictures of Charles and Martha from Season Six.  Then again I think he's sporting the beard and he looks much better here.  Then again maybe Martha has updated her hairstyle and will look stunning for the new season.  It's a tricky situation...we shall see!

You just don't understand, Martha...there is more at stake than you realize.
How can I tell you without endangering you?  How can I be honest with you when I'm not even honest with myself?

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