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Thank goodness for the weekend! We really accomplished a lot today and it all went by so fast! Let’s hope more weekends are like this :D One thing good about being shorthanded are all the stats that come my way J Hopefully I can keep this up and people won’t complain about my low sales. I still need to look for programs in paralegal or law. Not sure which I’ll pick yet :)  Well, Numb3rs was a rerun but I hadn’t seen this one. I usually pair the CSI episode from the previous day with it so I caught in at the CBS site and will now review both J

Baseball and math come together in Numb3rs for an episode that was old but I never saw it before J

Time to post another fun meme. I love the ones that have to do with fandoms and here is yet another J Guess who I hope you’ll list? *giggles*

So let’s turn to something more cheerful…like Jean Smart J 

You have got to be kidding me...

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So today is Good Friday and a wonderful time to remember why you go to church, why you read your Bible and why you pray J We’re currently still looking for a church so we went to a Christian coffeehouse on base and saw a clip from The Passion and listened to a moving song in Gaelic. The chaplain was quite real with his audience about Christ’s love when he came to earth and died for everyone one. However, what I really liked was how he explained how much it must have hurt him to hurt his mother because he had to go through all these things and she had to watch the child she loved experience it all, adding heartbreak on top of heartbreak L 

How far would you go if you loved someone… 

So I ran across this awesome blogthing where you put in two random names and it tells you about the love between the two characters. There was also one for putting in the name of the person you love and what your relationship is like J Have fun with your own names or the names of your fandom ships!

I like the results for both of these memes..."last for all eternity"...I could definitely go for that!


We are all gathered here honor a friend...
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A long day at work and a long day updating LJ BECAUSE I'm going to be away for a week with no laptop and probably no internet access. Having fun in Orlando, Florida and getting back just in time for the 24 Season Six premiere! At any rate, today was rough at work. Manager was out sick, only a few BSR's on the floor, and so many things to get done before I leave. I didn't end up leaving until 7:45 PM and I was supposed to be out by 6. Oh, I'm off for a week :D

Finally, how lucky are Charles and Martha Logan?  The first answer is for him and the second is for her :)

So that leaves me to my farewells! I'll miss you all and will hopefully find an internet cafe so I can keep track of new posts! Wish me well and I CAN'T WAIT to be back for the premiere! 

So this is love...a few kisses stolen in rare moments trumpets, no fanfare...just us...
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Sleeping in is a wonderful thing :) Especially when it's cold and the covers are so comfy!  This is the start of a FOUR day weekend and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.  So last night I watched Numbers and it was REALLY good about a painting the Nazi's had stolen from a Jewish family and then the patriarch of that family then make a copy so the original would be preserved for generations to come.  Quark from Deep Space Nine was on there and did a VERY good job...he should be on 24.  What I liked best was the idea of family and how the oldest son wanted to know why they didn't have any religious traditions.  It was a very moving episode :)

Most of the day I just sat around being lazy.  I caught up on LJ that I'm a member of fandom icons there are TONS of posts to reply to.  Kept me busy for an hour or two.  Then I got sucked back into Second Life.  There was a sale at one of the shops as the designer is discontinuing some of her clothing lines and hair styles.  Therefore I spent a ton of money snagging all the ones I liked...and still have loads more to get.  Boy, if I'm not running up a hefty bill over there *sigh*  However, the clothes and hair styles are SO nice and I hate to think that they would be gone forever if I don't.  Later I went out with my Mom to pick up dry cleaning and...Smallville season 2 & 3 for $15.99 each!!!  Normally they are $50 each so this was a bargain that could not be passed up.  I also bought some holiday baking goods for December at Aldi's. Boy do I love their prices :)  Then Mom and I jived at home to the tunes of Tony Bennet's CD: Duets.  Man, they don't make music like that anymore!

Too bad the icons on the left and right are too large to use here :(

I've lost her...and I don't know if I can win her back...

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Well the start of this week had me down but now I'm back to my usually cheerful self thanks to two reasons: AWESOME AWESOME worship service at church and *drumroll please* the new Mr. Bond!  Oh is he hot and charismatic and warm and funny and just totally real and human!!  Pierce Brosnan might have the looks but you, Mr. Daniel Craig, have stolen my heart.  I look forward to your next turn as Mr. Bond indeed.

Ok, first a little commentary on spiritual matters.  I adore our praise and worship on Friday Nights.  It's a chance to kick back and just have fun.  I've never danced at a club but I have just as much fun dancing in church.  It's so refreshing to really feel what the songs are saying and just let it all go.  Anyways, first we did the fast songs and it was fun doing alot of spins and leaps.  Normal stuff really but then our worship team did the slow songs and oh my gosh it was wonderful.  I just wanted to stay all night in that wonderful presence.  Awesome awesome stuff. And my brother drove me there and was nice enough to wait on me.  Sole thing I need to focus on is getting back on track with God by developing that personal relationship but events like all night worship and ladies prayer meeting help in a BIG way.  Can't wait for tomorrow's worship!

Now on to less serious but nonetheless fun TV shows *giggles*  

And now...the moment we've all been waiting for...ok, I've been waiting for :) Discussion of the AMAZING new Bond film!

Well, today is Saturday so time to put some graphics on display and I have the perfect piece by [profile] cnnjunky.  

Ask me for a direct link to her post by commenting here if you want to use this wallpaper!  And can't end an entry without adding the usual screenshot from Season Five of either Martha or Charles.  Let's just hope he looks this good when Season Six swings around *sends up prayers to TPTB*

Would you give me a second chance if I realized the mistakes I made today?
Would you forgive me for being weak and just remember I'm only a man?

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Well, it's another wonderful weekend and I'm so glad the holidays are coming. Yesterday was marvelous for two reasons: my good friend clementine_lime posted a great news article on Martha and Charles that I will share next Thursday and so many great things are coming in about Season Six of 24.  I can't believe I doubted for a minute that this season would not be as good as last season.  It appears that they're diving into White House politics more than ever now that West Wing is gone.  Woot woot!! If they can balance that with the action, I will be a happy camper.  That and the fact that maybe just maybe Bill and Karen have gotten married *crosses fingers* 

And now time for some lovely graphics I found on the 24 Community Board.  The first signature was on display by username Virginie and I really like the coloring and how she merged all the images of Season Five into the sharp but slim siggy.  The last one is by The24UmKing and he always does great work.  I showed some of the siggies he made for me earlier.  This one he put together from the promo images and though he thought it didn't come out that great, I disagree.  There is my new favorite couple: Bill and Karen :)

And now I leave you with a classic Martha screenshot.  I love it when she's in First Lady mode.  The 24 Calendar I have shows how she really knows how to carry herself.  Now with Karen's new hairstyle I might be switching allegiances :)

Tell me, you ever tire of just playing a role instead of really making a difference? 

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