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Third time changing this entry :)  

This WAS a drama filled post about why this journal became friends only but after talking to person in question I realized that I might have jumped the gun so changed it just in case I did.  I will stick to my plan to keep journal friends only just in case my open journal entries were adding fuel to a fire.  And that's all I'll say on the matter :)

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 Today was a good day. My uncle from my dad's side is visiting, the Sunday talk shows were on, and I had a great time at church.  Uncle will be here a few days to find a job and apartment.  He's moving down here.  I'm not too happy about this because it's nice to keep family at arms length...otherwise they drive you crazy.  However, he pretty much keeps to himself so it's not that bad.  As for the talk shows, Obama Obama Obama.  I can't wait till I go to work tomorrow and check with my boss.  We can discuss all the gory details and then some.  Everyone likes Obama...but can he win?  I say no.  Clinton is the establisment candidate and though the people (like me!) love Obama, the powers that be won't let him win.  They don't like change and they'll do everything to stop him.  Such a pity.  Church was wonderful because of an awesome worship service and a sermon to match.  A good shot in the arm to start the week off right.
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It only snows every five years in the South where I live but today it did! Not enough to make a snowman but enough to dust the ground with powder sugar :)  I stayed indoors all day and watched Alias episodes as well as played in Second Life.  There were treasure hunts to track down and blog entries to catch up on :)

In other news, Singin' In The Rain has come to my town :) The broadway version of my all time favorite musical.  The guy who I thought would be in it is directing it so I'm not too sure how great it will be.  Some of the pictures weren't promising though the set looks great :) Maybe it's time to break out the old tape and watch it again.  I love Donald O'Connor.

*starts singing "Make them laugh, make them laugh"*

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Until I looked in the mirror.  This is why I hate putting makeup or fixing up my hair. I'll run a brush through it.  I'll put it up in a clip or pony tail but hate to put any more effort because I don't like how my face is shaped.  My eyes are great, nose too, mouth ok but I have these darn chubby cheeks.  And now it's worse.  I was at work trying to make sure the ponytail was still neat when I finally noticed that my chin is dropping. I'm not that chubby (only 140 pounds) but my dad's side of the family has dropping chins so it's genetics. I could go on a weight loss plan but I hate having to limit myself.  I can handle weight everywhere but on my face.  A dropping chin is hard to ignore.  I should check into a chin tuck!

*depressed until I can find a solution to solve this* 
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If you've seen the trailer, then you know what my title heading means :) Well, Second Life stil has my full attention though I pop in the for the occasional BSG post and I did make a wallpaper of Laura/Lee I'm quite proud of. I apoligize again for not posting so often and will keep on trying to get back here. I want to practice my graphic design skills AND I owe tallulah2 so many stories it's quite sad. Maybe I can finish "If I Should Lose You" too. I REALLY need to put it to rest. Also must find new fandom to ship! In real life news, I'm applying for the paralegal program at my local community college to see if I like law and want to become a lawyer and also to have a trade where I can always get hired. Let's hope it will be a step toward better things!

Spoilers for The Other Boleyn Girl Movie )

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Hey guys! Just checking in to say all is well :) I've just become REALLY absorbed in Second Life :) Modeling duties and all.  Putting out press releases to the SL bloggers and finding sales in game.  I even created a second avatar who will live solely on freebies.  Should be interesting.  With TV in reruns, I just haven't gotten into any fandoms to steal my interest away from the game.  Hopefully there will be some good 24 spoilers to get me back here again.  Until then, I'll try to catch up where I can.

I miss you all and send lots of hugs!! 
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Seriously :) Just busy at the moment :) Expect some posts this weekend because...I GOT MY MAGAZINE BACK FROM GREGORY ITZIN!!!!!!!11

Who wants to party?
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I love fortuitous timing. A meme on my favorite songs and the day I post some favorite lyrics. Just perfect! Unfortunately, my vacation ended yesterday so it was back to work for me. I was the only person with combinations to the vault since the other two are on vacation so I had to travel back and forth to and from the vault the whole day while taking members in my cubicle and then members on the teller line. Fun fun fun! Fortunately, I could log into the 24 Community site and catch some awesome spoilers to hold me out till I got home. Time for a LJ cut so others won't be spoiled by my post :)

Unfortunately, nothing good to see on TV tonight but hopefully that means I can get some graphic design projects done. Something Martha/Aaron related since I promised the FLOSS girls some icons for awhile now, especially [profile] clementine_lime . Good time to fulfill my promise! Now let's get to the music meme that [personal profile] xandra73 tagged me with. Thanks, Xandra!

Well, one of my favorite groups put out a new CD recently but I'm saving it for Christmas so I'll highlight some of their older songs. The group in question is Il Divo and the songs are "Everytime I Look At You" and "The Man You Love".  VERY romantic songs and here is how they apply to the Logans.  The first one talks about how love changes a man and I think that was true of Charles.  He was a better man when Martha was there and he knew it.  I love how the singers says "let love be blind" and "I used to think that I was strong...I realize now I was wrong"  Falls right into line with how I see his character :)

This last song is so beautiful instrumental wise that I could hear the music alone without any singing.  However, the words are lovely as well as they describe a man who just wants to be there for the woman he's in love with.  Now we know Charles was not this kind of guy from the start...however, people could change and maybe after he's lost everything he suddenly realizes what he DID have and this changes him into this type of man.  One can only hope!

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Well, went to church this morning and FINALLY got my worship service in.  It was MARVEVLOUS like usual :)  What's really sad is that my parents might be leaving the church in the coming months so I and my brother would be the only ones going.  Well, since I'm 25, it is time I make my own decisions of where to go but it's sad when the family splits up like that.  Hopefully it won't be for awhile!! I am just starting to really get into the worship!!  Anyways, after church, we went for our usual Chinese lunch and then I rushed out to Target for a good deal I spied in the paper and ... get this!! I found the Tony Bennett Special of a few days ago on DVD!!!!!!!!! I couldn't find it the first time I went to Target but it was there today and I immediately snatched it up.  After all, Rob Marshall directed it and it's like going to a Broadway show every time I see it.  And man!! it's Tony Bennett so how can you go wrong? :D

Love for Saul/Holly Renewed and New Movie Called Keeping Up With The Steins! )
Ok, time to unveil another great 24 website. Many of you are already aware of this site if you're a diehard 24 fan but those of you who don't know about it, here's your chance to find out.  I discovered this site while a member of the 24 community and it is really a great place for all things 24.  Cute commentaries, great source for promo pictures and the like, regularly updated, and nice layout.  Just a great place to share your love for this show and find useful information such as spoilers!!

Great resource+Fun Blogsite=Perfect Place for 24 Fans To Gather!

Sometimes you just need to get away and have a smoke...

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Sleeping in is a wonderful thing :) Especially when it's cold and the covers are so comfy!  This is the start of a FOUR day weekend and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.  So last night I watched Numbers and it was REALLY good about a painting the Nazi's had stolen from a Jewish family and then the patriarch of that family then make a copy so the original would be preserved for generations to come.  Quark from Deep Space Nine was on there and did a VERY good job...he should be on 24.  What I liked best was the idea of family and how the oldest son wanted to know why they didn't have any religious traditions.  It was a very moving episode :)

Most of the day I just sat around being lazy.  I caught up on LJ that I'm a member of fandom icons there are TONS of posts to reply to.  Kept me busy for an hour or two.  Then I got sucked back into Second Life.  There was a sale at one of the shops as the designer is discontinuing some of her clothing lines and hair styles.  Therefore I spent a ton of money snagging all the ones I liked...and still have loads more to get.  Boy, if I'm not running up a hefty bill over there *sigh*  However, the clothes and hair styles are SO nice and I hate to think that they would be gone forever if I don't.  Later I went out with my Mom to pick up dry cleaning and...Smallville season 2 & 3 for $15.99 each!!!  Normally they are $50 each so this was a bargain that could not be passed up.  I also bought some holiday baking goods for December at Aldi's. Boy do I love their prices :)  Then Mom and I jived at home to the tunes of Tony Bennet's CD: Duets.  Man, they don't make music like that anymore!

Too bad the icons on the left and right are too large to use here :(

I've lost her...and I don't know if I can win her back...

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Work was crazy today because EVERYONE and his mother got paid!! Didn't leave until 7 pm!! However, I'm off Monday and Tuesday so it wasn't so bad as I kept concentrating on that piece of good fortune :)  I was really looking forward to going to church tonight for the praise and worship but family decided to stay home and I hate to drive all that way in the dark so stayed home too.  We had a small family prayer meeting but not the same as when we're in church.  I don't know why that is because I should be able to get more into it when it's just the family but I find it easier when there is a large group at church.  *shrugs*  Just one of my many eccentricities I guess :)

If I had to choose what kind of candy I would be, then I would say I was an Oreo cookie: Creamy inside but tough cookie outside :)

I want to thank you, Aaron...for being the man my husband couldn't be...for being the man I wanted him to be.
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A Brain Likes To Wander Down Some Fun Bunny Trails :) )

Eeeeek!! I forgot the most important thing!!! Some sweet sweet SWEET person was nice enough to anonymously pay for my account time here on LJ and whoever you are I just want to acknowledge the wonderful gesture for what it was: an unexpected ray of sunshine! You didn't have to!! But the fact that you took the time (and money) to do this brought a smile to my face and added a little bit of magic to an otherwise perfectly normal day. Thank you once again, secret Santa! I have my eye out for you *wink*

Prison Break and Heroes (Not particularly interesting to read but maybe I'm wrong :)) )

Ok, I'm breaking the schedule again *hears a collective gasp* Yep, something in another journal caught my eye and I must follow suit. This was found in the journal of the lovely 

[profile] _ila_and she assigned me with the letter N. Now I must find songs that begin with said letter and of course you know how I will choose these songs. *evil cackle* Unfortunately, I'm not very good with any of the upload sites (just at downloading :P) so the names of the songs will be displayed with the artist next to it if you want to find these songs. Sorry about that :)


Just Lots of Lyrics That Fit The Logans (Scroll on if it's not for you hehe) )

Well that's it for now, stay tuned for the next episode of "A Day In The Life"  *giggles*

It's not the fact that you were willing to let me's the fact that you didn't stand up to them.
How can I love a man who will not stand up for what's right?

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Whatever you feel like giving me :) I've seen this in a few other journals so thought I'd post it here too. Maybe I'll get a little surprise! And also breaking my usual routine hehe.

If you wanna get me anything listed above and you need to contact me about it, write an e-mail to and I'll forward my address :) You can also comment here and I'll screen my response to you! But only if you feel like it!

Quick little snippet about things happening right now.  I got up at 4 AM.  Yes FOUR!! It wasn't even light out to go shopping on this wonderful day of days.  So many things to buy so little time before work.  I don't know how I got through the day with only 5 hours sleep.   The lines were amazingly long for this time of year, especially at Best Buy where it snaked around the middle of the store all the way around in a circle.  Target wasn't that great either.  Circuit City better because more registers open and scattered throughout the store.  Word of advice if you decide to shop Black Friday: go to the department that sees the least action that day and you'll find shorter lines (for example, the car radio section at Circuit City).  In the end, I came home with a bucketload of games, DVD's and a PSP.  Is this a great country or what?  And my Amazon package came in with the COMPLETE collection of Alias DVD's.  All shiny and new in its cute box!  I love the holidays!

Why can't you love me like that?  Why am I not the most important person in your life?

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Well the start of this week had me down but now I'm back to my usually cheerful self thanks to two reasons: AWESOME AWESOME worship service at church and *drumroll please* the new Mr. Bond!  Oh is he hot and charismatic and warm and funny and just totally real and human!!  Pierce Brosnan might have the looks but you, Mr. Daniel Craig, have stolen my heart.  I look forward to your next turn as Mr. Bond indeed.

Ok, first a little commentary on spiritual matters.  I adore our praise and worship on Friday Nights.  It's a chance to kick back and just have fun.  I've never danced at a club but I have just as much fun dancing in church.  It's so refreshing to really feel what the songs are saying and just let it all go.  Anyways, first we did the fast songs and it was fun doing alot of spins and leaps.  Normal stuff really but then our worship team did the slow songs and oh my gosh it was wonderful.  I just wanted to stay all night in that wonderful presence.  Awesome awesome stuff. And my brother drove me there and was nice enough to wait on me.  Sole thing I need to focus on is getting back on track with God by developing that personal relationship but events like all night worship and ladies prayer meeting help in a BIG way.  Can't wait for tomorrow's worship!

Now on to less serious but nonetheless fun TV shows *giggles*  

And now...the moment we've all been waiting for...ok, I've been waiting for :) Discussion of the AMAZING new Bond film!

Well, today is Saturday so time to put some graphics on display and I have the perfect piece by [profile] cnnjunky.  

Ask me for a direct link to her post by commenting here if you want to use this wallpaper!  And can't end an entry without adding the usual screenshot from Season Five of either Martha or Charles.  Let's just hope he looks this good when Season Six swings around *sends up prayers to TPTB*

Would you give me a second chance if I realized the mistakes I made today?
Would you forgive me for being weak and just remember I'm only a man?

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Well, I just got back from work and am in sort of a mixed mood. My yearly evaluation finally came up and I passed...but only barely and only because the manager went to bat for me. Selling is not my thing but I've grown accustomed to the job I'm in that I've stayed with it. However, I haven't improved at all because the truth is I hate it. If a person doesn't want a product, I won't force it on him. However, now that she's done this, I'm in a dilemna...I can't just leave because she put her own reputation on the line and I hate to stay because we're really slow now and I have to make a huge turnaround to make up for the previous losses. She's also the type who goes out on a limb for people and then holds it over their heads when things don't go right so it's really not that great that she did. On the other hand, I will get the Christmas bonus (Lord willing! If nothing else goes wrong) and keep my small raise such as it is. However, now I have a headache because I knew I had done bad but was still hoping I was wrong and am looking forward to a long couple months of hard selling which I detest. Oh, I should have left a long time ago...before this evaluation was done so I wouldn't have to worry about pressuring her and about staying. *kicks self for being lazy and not moving sooner*

Brothers and Sisters *squeeees*, Heroes *double squeee*, and CSI: Miami... )
Aaaah the sweetness of love in the Air.  Shakespeare is my favorite poem of all time so I was really excited when this poem came next on my list.  If you've had British literature, then you're VERY familiar with this poem.  I particularly love the line "but thy eternal summer shall not fade" because Martha most certainly shares many characteristics of a summer day...warm, inviting, and beautiful :)  Maybe if Charles had quoted more poetry,they would have had a stronger marriage *wink*

Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day...William Shakespeare )
And so dear friends, I leave you with this parting screencap of 24 Season Five in hopes Season Six will hurry its butt up and get here *grin*

I love you, Martha...and I didn't realize how much until I stand on the verge of losing you...

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I'm in a cheerful mood.  We were absolutely CRAZY at work but I stayed longer and now my boss loves me.  Always good to build up some points with the boss in case you need vacation time or run into problems later (and with me they're always HUGE problems so this is good).  

My Take on Justice, Kidnapped, and Shark! )
And since it's Saturday, time to reveal some Martha/Charles graphics.  I'm still experimenting with Paintshop and Photoshop so I'll display three banners a wonderful person named The24UmKing at the 24 Insider board made on request.  I really like the different shots used in each one :)



And that's all for today. Will be back with more musings on Monday *wink*
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Well the blues of yesterday have disappeared as I refocus on what I love to do most: writing, internet surfing and graphic design. Putting aside what someone said to me yesterday I am determined to focus on what I think is important. If they don't like it, fine! Let them deal with their own issues. As for me, I'm going to revel in this current obsession of mine till something better comes along :) For everyone who has been understanding of this fandom, I thank you. Your withholding of criticism has been GREATLY appreciated :) More than you know!

So today I will be promoting the 24 forums at the Television Without Pity website. There are four main subforums: 24 General Gabbery, Kiefer and Kompany, Terrorists, Targets and Kollateral Damage, and 24 Kreative Efforts. The first has a ton of threads on everything about the show from what the actors are doing now to spoilers for next season to reflections on all seasons. The second has threads devoted to key players in the 24 universe while the third covers everyone else. My favorite is the last forum because it has threads discussing fan fiction, forum games, and other creative ideas. Right now the boards are little quiet due to the show's hiatus but they pick up speed as soon as January begins. Check them out if you have time.


Television Without Pity: 24



When do the lies stop...and the truth shines through...

Some Emmy pics and an icon )

Pre-Emmy pics and a Jean/Greg Icon )

Pre-Emmy pics and a Jean/Greg Icon )

And that's all, folks!

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Well, I was excited about getting out of work early and working on another Martha/Charles piece with a cute scene in the kitchen. However, a conversation with someone just soured my whole evening and I haven't quite recovered. Have you ever had that happen? You're blissfully going along, happy with life and everything in it when BAM! Out of nowhere something happens and everything falls apart. Nothing is quite as enjoyable as it was before. Nothing is as great as it seems. The rose colored glasses are off and the sun has disappeared behind some very grey clouds. All I want right now is a friend who shares the same interests and passions that I do so we can scream, cry, yell, groan, complain, and brainstorm together. I just wish I was more like everyone else so it wouldn't be so hard to find someone like me :)

Well enough about me and more about Charles and Martha. I did it again. Filled out a blog quiz for our couple. Enjoy the results!

Your Love Life Secrets Are... )


Your Love Life Secrets Are

Looking back on your life, you will only have one true love.

You've been deeply wounded in the past, and you're still recovering from that hurt.

You prefer a quirky, unique person to be your lover. You're easy going about who you're with, as long as they love you back.

In fights, you speak your mind and don't hold back. You know you're right, and you can get quite angry about it.

A break-up usually comes as a shock to you. You always think things are going well.

If you want the results that came up for me, you'll just have to keep waiting because that's private *wink*

What is going on!  Someone please tell me!

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