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Or so they say…but too many choices can drive you crazy. DOES EVERY NETWORK WANT TO DRIVE US OUT OF OUR MIND WHILE WE PICK WHICH SHOW TO WATCH? Mondays are pure heck! Anyways, let the reviews begin! Let’s go alphabetical by network J

First up, let’s dance with ABC.

Dancing With The Stars (Ep 5.1 Ladies Foxtrot and Cha Cha) )

Then CBS had this one show to offer.

CSI Miami Ep 6.1 Dangerous Son )

Fox wasn’t far behind with some good old drama.

Prison Break Ep 3.2 FireWater )

NBC had the most to offer with these three.

Chuck Pilot, Heroes Premiere, and Journeyman Pilot )

Phew! That was a long post but Mondays always are. I’m so glad I have something to write about now *squeee* I hope I find a new fandom among all these choices. See you tomorrow for Cane and Dancing with the Stars!

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I REALLY REALLY hate Mondays. There are just too many darn shows to watch…and one of them isn’t even on yet. Fortunately the season finale of Prison Break was today so one less thing to keep track of. More on that later. If you haven’t seen it, please do! Work was heck on earth…don’t want to talk about it…don’t want to discuss it. I have a headache and that should more than explain how bad it was.

So on to the reviews!

Now on to 24 which I actually enjoyed tonight and lots of little shipper bits to follow.

Dang if this isn't going to be the length of a novel but I must stick to the schedule. It brings me great satisfaction

So I have no more to say and deep down you’re saying “Thank God!” Come on…you know you’re thinking it after I posted it :D

I'm not worried...that's a fake can tell by the "Made In China" etching on the side
You going to shoot me with water, Jack?

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So another action packed Monday. There was 24...there was Prison Break…there was Dancing with the Stars. How does a girl choose? And Heroes wasn’t even up! I don’t know what I’ll do when it returns. All I know is that all through work today I was looking forward to turning on the TV and watching my favorite shows. And I still have to see Dancing With The Stars which I taped!

Ok on to the reviews for there are some good parts!

Now for some quality time with Jack Bauer J

So time to share some new lyrics. I bought this collection of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs and there is this one from his musical “Song and Dance” that I have fallen completely in love with. It’s entitled “The Last Man In My Life” and basically it says everything I would want Martha to think after her reunion for Charles. As a bonus, you can also use it for her new life with Aaron. Whichever is your preferred ship J 

So if you have time today, check out the song if you like music from these big sweeping operatic epics :)

How much you want to bet that I can beat you in poker, Jack?

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A Brain Likes To Wander Down Some Fun Bunny Trails :) )

Eeeeek!! I forgot the most important thing!!! Some sweet sweet SWEET person was nice enough to anonymously pay for my account time here on LJ and whoever you are I just want to acknowledge the wonderful gesture for what it was: an unexpected ray of sunshine! You didn't have to!! But the fact that you took the time (and money) to do this brought a smile to my face and added a little bit of magic to an otherwise perfectly normal day. Thank you once again, secret Santa! I have my eye out for you *wink*

Prison Break and Heroes (Not particularly interesting to read but maybe I'm wrong :)) )

Ok, I'm breaking the schedule again *hears a collective gasp* Yep, something in another journal caught my eye and I must follow suit. This was found in the journal of the lovely 

[profile] _ila_and she assigned me with the letter N. Now I must find songs that begin with said letter and of course you know how I will choose these songs. *evil cackle* Unfortunately, I'm not very good with any of the upload sites (just at downloading :P) so the names of the songs will be displayed with the artist next to it if you want to find these songs. Sorry about that :)


Just Lots of Lyrics That Fit The Logans (Scroll on if it's not for you hehe) )

Well that's it for now, stay tuned for the next episode of "A Day In The Life"  *giggles*

It's not the fact that you were willing to let me's the fact that you didn't stand up to them.
How can I love a man who will not stand up for what's right?

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