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So today was quite interesting.  First a limited edition dress in Second Life with only 20 copies available in a game of thousands.  Five released during four times: 3 AM, 9 AM, 3 PM and 9 PM.  Well 3 AM was out of the question since I had to go to work today and 9 AM wouldn't work either unless I wanted to call in sick.  Therefore I was left with 3 and 9.  I really didn't care for 9 because so many people would be off from work so to be one of the five to get a dress in that crowd...almost impossible.  3 pm had a lot of advantages, first of all it was late for Europeans and second of all too early for West Coasters.  The trouble was getting a lunch at work that late.  I needed to be at home at least by 2:30 to get a good place in the store.  Fortunately, there weren't that many BSR's working so I got my request.  When I got home, the game wouldn't run.  Had to restart a few times and then it was ten minutes till the release. I waited patiently and even had a chance to grab one early when I saw where the designer was pricing the five gowns  but I held off.  Patience was rewarded and she lowered the display, by mistake hiding some of it in the ground which I figured out quickly and got my copy :)  Now I'm one of only twenty lucky girls on the grid with THIS particular dress.

The confessions of a Second Life fashionista :) 
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For one, I get to sleep in!! One more day and those 24 DVD's of Season Five are mine.   Muhahaha!!  At any rate, I caught up on all my LJ entries this morning and played around in Second Life again.  There are too many things to buy in that game.  I need to get a job just for that!!  I was helping my Mother string some calendars together for the prisoners she'll be visiting tonight.  My poor fingers!! But it's all for a good cause :)  I was then going to finally see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at 4 while shipping out some overseas packages but she needed help cleaning out the van so just one trip to the post office and back.  Since she still wasn't ready, I sat down and finished the last two hours of Season Four of 24.  And you know what?  Reiko did a REALLY good job in her scenes where she thought Tony might die and then that he actually did.  Her pain was so palpable I just wanted to reach out and tell her everything would be ok.  It made me like the Tony/Michelle relationship more than before.  Season 2 and 3 were just kind of "blah" but those last two hours really gave the couple some great depth.  I now have a better appreciation of the relationship.

Well, today had a new episode of Heroes so it must be discussed!

Ok, well today is fan fiction Monday and I've had a lot of ideas going through my head.  However, I've been taking a break from writing to work on some graphics.  I still have some stories to post so no worries.  The ideas I've had are as follows: Christmas story for Martha and Aaron for the gals at FLOSS where Martha is having a lonely Christmas till a special person makes an appearance :), possible Christmas Gift story involving Aaron and Martha, still have to finish Culinary Differences with Martha and Charles, and of course If I Should Lose You.  Hopefully, this break will stimulate some creativity and the writing will flow like water.  *crosses fingers*

Trying to set me up, are you?  Well, you won't get very far! I'm on to you!

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Sleeping in is a wonderful thing :) Especially when it's cold and the covers are so comfy!  This is the start of a FOUR day weekend and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.  So last night I watched Numbers and it was REALLY good about a painting the Nazi's had stolen from a Jewish family and then the patriarch of that family then make a copy so the original would be preserved for generations to come.  Quark from Deep Space Nine was on there and did a VERY good job...he should be on 24.  What I liked best was the idea of family and how the oldest son wanted to know why they didn't have any religious traditions.  It was a very moving episode :)

Most of the day I just sat around being lazy.  I caught up on LJ that I'm a member of fandom icons there are TONS of posts to reply to.  Kept me busy for an hour or two.  Then I got sucked back into Second Life.  There was a sale at one of the shops as the designer is discontinuing some of her clothing lines and hair styles.  Therefore I spent a ton of money snagging all the ones I liked...and still have loads more to get.  Boy, if I'm not running up a hefty bill over there *sigh*  However, the clothes and hair styles are SO nice and I hate to think that they would be gone forever if I don't.  Later I went out with my Mom to pick up dry cleaning and...Smallville season 2 & 3 for $15.99 each!!!  Normally they are $50 each so this was a bargain that could not be passed up.  I also bought some holiday baking goods for December at Aldi's. Boy do I love their prices :)  Then Mom and I jived at home to the tunes of Tony Bennet's CD: Duets.  Man, they don't make music like that anymore!

Too bad the icons on the left and right are too large to use here :(

I've lost her...and I don't know if I can win her back...

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