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Well, the new TV season is starting so it’s time to get back into the good old journal. If Second Life doesn’t steal me away…AGAIN! Someone help me now J I’m addicted. All other games pale in comparison. But I’m sure you don’t want to hear me go on and on about my new love affair. On to the shows! First up was Shark (I taped Brothers and Sisters to see later J )

So it wasn’t a new episode but recaps are always good AND we got to hear cast commentary.

And that’s it, folks! Tomorrow is Prison Break, Heroes, CSI: Miami, Chuck and Journeyman. I’ve seen the latter two so can comment on those and of course my favorite of all favorites: DANCING WITH THE STARS! Which I just taped and will see tonight because this post is backdated from Monday J

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I'm in a cheerful mood.  We were absolutely CRAZY at work but I stayed longer and now my boss loves me.  Always good to build up some points with the boss in case you need vacation time or run into problems later (and with me they're always HUGE problems so this is good).  

My Take on Justice, Kidnapped, and Shark! )
And since it's Saturday, time to reveal some Martha/Charles graphics.  I'm still experimenting with Paintshop and Photoshop so I'll display three banners a wonderful person named The24UmKing at the 24 Insider board made on request.  I really like the different shots used in each one :)



And that's all for today. Will be back with more musings on Monday *wink*

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