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Well, nothing special at work today. It is funny how fast this week is going by. Closer to the weekend! Yay!! I find my time strangely tied to Second Life. Before I would log in and out as I saw fit but now I’ve become completely obsessed with a designer label called Last Call. I mean the gowns and outfits are to DIE FOR J And then there’s her discontinued Dazzle line which I love. I find myself going to a number of yard sales to pick those up. Therefore, my entries in Live Journal have been delayed and I apologize.

James Woods kicked serious butt!

So what news do I have for you today? Well, I found a gem of an article about the Make A Wish Foundation holding a special event that includes wine tasting and....*drumroll*...silent auctions!  Now why is that so significant?  Well, ladies and gents, the focus of my obsession is offering a lunch date as well a set visit to 24.  I mean how much better than that can you get?  Why can I NOT live in California.  *sighs*  Read below on some of the other items up for bid.

Ok, back to sulking my corner :(

THIS is what I'm missing out on :(

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Only a few more days till the weekend. I can’t wait because these last few days seem to be really dragging. We did get a few things done today like organizing signature cards and working on some backup work. Fortunately both Tally and I had already had our late days so we were as fully staffed as we could be and the new girl was at the desk. Two of us on the floor is manageable but one is impossible. Mom and Dad decided to eat dinner at China Wok and we had fun discussing all kinds of subjects. What was most frustrating was that I brought the DVD’s I needed to return to Blockbuster because it’s right next to the restaurant but I grabbed the wrong ones. Ran home to retrieve those and then took home an empty case. Had to run back to get the right one. THREE times to that store!! They should have given me a free rental for that much trouble!

CSI (Ep 7.19 Big Shots) )

When 24 and Law and Order come together, you get one amazing hour of TV.

Shark (Ep 1.18 Trial on Fire) )

Still no news on whether Jean or Greg will return this season but my money is on that it won’t happen. Meanwhile they’re busy with other events like the National Alzheimer’s Gala. Jean looked beautiful in a photo from the event and here’s is a brief news article on it. Enjoy!

A Night Out: Alzheimer's Gala by Lauren Masterson )

I’d love to attend a party with Jean! I’d bet she would be a lot of fun!

This is my scary face!

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Just when you think there is nothing good to watch you're overloaded with TOO many things to see. Today was a normal work day...sort of. For some reason, my boss thought I had too much overtime and decided to let me leave early. That was good because my whole day was shorter but it was also bad because I had things to do before I went on vacation in Florida for a week. Never mind...better not to look a gift horse in the mouth and lose your gift! Therefore, I headed out to Booksamillion to pick up one of their seven layer homemade cakes with frosting that melts in your mouth as well as pick up the TV guide for a preview of 24 since the season premiere is almost a week a away. No luck on the TV Guide but did pick up the TV Guide Magazine with some shots of Jean and Greg...I'm sorry but Greg looked downright scary with his full beard. *shudders* I also picked up lunch for my boss since I knew we would be busy and she wouldn't get a lunch as well as my brother.

Anyways, I was talking about feast and famine. Remember when there was nothing to watch for the last few days...except hours of Day Five of Twenty Four. Well, I decided to turn on the TV while I cleaned out the desk in my room and what did I find but Grey's Anatomy.

Then it was time to watch Shark because they were finally airing a new episode.

And of course, I had to end the night with another two episodes of 24 Season Five (5.9 and 5.10).

Besides these shows, there were also episodes of Smallville and CSI to catch up on but no time. I would rather have too many choices than too little :)  I bring you a news article on the play Jean will be doing with her real life husband.  If only I lived in California!  Despite the steep prices, the chance to see Jean would be wonderful *swoons*


And that's all for now! I leave for Orlando, Florida in two days!! A nice week at the theme parks and warm weather :)

You're everything I've dreamed of and so much more...

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Well the start of this week had me down but now I'm back to my usually cheerful self thanks to two reasons: AWESOME AWESOME worship service at church and *drumroll please* the new Mr. Bond!  Oh is he hot and charismatic and warm and funny and just totally real and human!!  Pierce Brosnan might have the looks but you, Mr. Daniel Craig, have stolen my heart.  I look forward to your next turn as Mr. Bond indeed.

Ok, first a little commentary on spiritual matters.  I adore our praise and worship on Friday Nights.  It's a chance to kick back and just have fun.  I've never danced at a club but I have just as much fun dancing in church.  It's so refreshing to really feel what the songs are saying and just let it all go.  Anyways, first we did the fast songs and it was fun doing alot of spins and leaps.  Normal stuff really but then our worship team did the slow songs and oh my gosh it was wonderful.  I just wanted to stay all night in that wonderful presence.  Awesome awesome stuff. And my brother drove me there and was nice enough to wait on me.  Sole thing I need to focus on is getting back on track with God by developing that personal relationship but events like all night worship and ladies prayer meeting help in a BIG way.  Can't wait for tomorrow's worship!

Now on to less serious but nonetheless fun TV shows *giggles*  

And now...the moment we've all been waiting for...ok, I've been waiting for :) Discussion of the AMAZING new Bond film!

Well, today is Saturday so time to put some graphics on display and I have the perfect piece by [profile] cnnjunky.  

Ask me for a direct link to her post by commenting here if you want to use this wallpaper!  And can't end an entry without adding the usual screenshot from Season Five of either Martha or Charles.  Let's just hope he looks this good when Season Six swings around *sends up prayers to TPTB*

Would you give me a second chance if I realized the mistakes I made today?
Would you forgive me for being weak and just remember I'm only a man?

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We have been unusually busy at work and I think it's because they thought we would be closed for Veteran's Day.  Now I'm just glad I finally got to the weekend *three cheers*  For the good news: I finally finished Chapter 14 of If I Should Lose You.  Not the best but satisfactory enough to post and edit later.   Also *drumroll please* Jean Smart and Gregory Itzin are OFFICIALLY back for Season Six.  In fact they might be filming their episodes right now.  A dozen or so news sources confirm this *squeals*  Meantime I will be shipping Karen/Bill.  They would make such a CUTE couple despite what other people say.  *glares at certain posters at the 24 community boards*

So now that I have that out of the way, let's go back to talking about more fun topics like...TV shows :)

And finally it's time to get to the blogthing.  This time I chose How You Live Your Life.  Again results for Martha and Charles.  I like how it says Charles is tactful and diplomatic while it says Martha tends to dream big.  Awww!  

I'm coming back for Season Six and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

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