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It's Sunday and no church since our local one is miles away from here.  I was able to sleep in to a nice decent hour and then check out the cable channels we have.  Nothing real exciting on TV that I hadn't seen before but it's fun to channel surf!  I also was on the prowl for a computer room at this resort.  The front desk said there was one and by gosh I was going to find it.  Too many journal posts I needed to keep up with!

Once again brother and father decided to be couch potatoes while Mom and I went to scout out the lay of the land.  I was also on the lookout for the latest issue of the Entertainment Weekly. Supposedly there was a 24 insert that was too good to pass up.  Profiles on Bill and Karen! *squees*  Last night we went to Wal-Mart and they didn't even have the magazine.  Today we went to Super Target and I was sure they would.  Wrong again!  All they had was last week's I doomed forever to never get this issue until I come home later this week?  At any rate, last night I bought a case for my portable DVD player so I don't have to carry it around in a shopping bag, a starter kit for my PSP that includes a memory chip (Boy are the graphics good on that baby! We need to get a LCD TV so all movies will show up that way :)), and the TV Guide magazine so we'll know what's on this week but more importantly it has an article on 24.  Anything about my favorite series I'm buying these days :)  At Target, I gave in and bought these cute Valentine bears that had on outfits from the Victorian period.  They were so cute with little pink envelopes in their hands that I had to buy them.  I love matching sets.  We almost stopped at Gamestop but Mom wanted to get back for dinner.  No word on the computer room yet (I'm typing this entry after the fact when we actually found it hehe).

Since it's Sunday, we also watched a new episode of Brothers and Sisters: Family Day (1.11).

Recap of Brothers and Sisters (1.11): Family Day )
More time for TV and 24 of course :) 

24: Episodes 5.13 and 5.14: Tensions Run High, Sacrifices Must Be Made, Betrayal of True Love, & Turf Wars )
Now if you were interested in a website that lists all the 24 promos that have aired since the first one appeared on TV, check out the site below to either download a hard copy or just view them one at a time.  They update pretty regularly and have a nice layout that is easy to navigate!  Click me to find this treasure trove of 24 promos!

How could this all fall apart?  I was so careful to plan each and every move?  How could it fail?

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Well, it was a long trip to Orlando, Florida but it was nice to be off for a weak from work.  No mind numbing tasks to forced cross selling to worry about...just smooth sailing till the end of next week!  I brought plenty of things to do because I knew we had a long drive ahead but found myself sleeping and talking with my family most of the way.  I did find time to squeeze in another two episodes of 24 Season Five.  I HAD to bring my discs with me so I could finish them off before the Day Six premiere!

I had a turkey sub sandwich at Quizno's and then we had a small disaster in the car when the window cleaner spilled all over the backseat.  We had to actually pull over to dump the bag out which had an inch of that liquid inside.  What a mess!  But at least the car smelled fresh and clean!  By the time, we got to the room, my Dad was tired from driving and he and my brother decided to crash in front of the TV.  However, I was hungry and wanting to go out and explore this new place we found ourselves in. Fortunately I found a ready companion in Mom and we headed out to see what restaurants we could find.  First stop: Cracker Barrel.  I love breakfast food late at night so we had some pancakes, hashbrown casserole, and eggs with cheese.  

And finally, I'll leave you with some icons I made of Bill and Karen.  No, I'm not leaving my love for the Logans just yet...however, with the new season almost here I have to start shipping a new couple until my favorite couple comes on the scene.  Feel free to use as you see fit!

Thought it's fun here in Florida, I can't wait to get home :)

I see a see a traitor...we both see the same man...

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Just when you think there is nothing good to watch you're overloaded with TOO many things to see. Today was a normal work day...sort of. For some reason, my boss thought I had too much overtime and decided to let me leave early. That was good because my whole day was shorter but it was also bad because I had things to do before I went on vacation in Florida for a week. Never mind...better not to look a gift horse in the mouth and lose your gift! Therefore, I headed out to Booksamillion to pick up one of their seven layer homemade cakes with frosting that melts in your mouth as well as pick up the TV guide for a preview of 24 since the season premiere is almost a week a away. No luck on the TV Guide but did pick up the TV Guide Magazine with some shots of Jean and Greg...I'm sorry but Greg looked downright scary with his full beard. *shudders* I also picked up lunch for my boss since I knew we would be busy and she wouldn't get a lunch as well as my brother.

Anyways, I was talking about feast and famine. Remember when there was nothing to watch for the last few days...except hours of Day Five of Twenty Four. Well, I decided to turn on the TV while I cleaned out the desk in my room and what did I find but Grey's Anatomy.

Then it was time to watch Shark because they were finally airing a new episode.

And of course, I had to end the night with another two episodes of 24 Season Five (5.9 and 5.10).

Besides these shows, there were also episodes of Smallville and CSI to catch up on but no time. I would rather have too many choices than too little :)  I bring you a news article on the play Jean will be doing with her real life husband.  If only I lived in California!  Despite the steep prices, the chance to see Jean would be wonderful *swoons*


And that's all for now! I leave for Orlando, Florida in two days!! A nice week at the theme parks and warm weather :)

You're everything I've dreamed of and so much more...

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Instead of going in at 12 PM, I was told to report at 1:30 PM.  Yay!! More sleep!  Yay!! More time on the computer!!  The best part of all...I finally was able to talk to [personal profile] crashandburnon AOL Instant Messenger and she was able to put up this wonderful layout with my favorite header that she made me as a Christmas Gift.  I owe her so much for doing this...I just don't know what I'll do to repay her :D  Thank you once again!

Too busy with things on LJ to see any new TV shows so nothing to report on that front.  My Dad finally saw the movie I rented for him called Invincible.  He likes football and it was based on a true story of how an everyday guy was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles.  Too much testosterone for my liking and too much focus on the sport so I only half listened and didn't pay attention really.  Though from the comments afterwards, the ending was very satisfying so if you like sports movies, check it out if you get a chance :)

I opened my new CD's for Christmas and the first one I listened to was Awake by Josh Groban.  My Mom saw an interview with him when it played on PBS and he said he likes the darker songs but finds it ironic that he's most famous for "You Life Me Up."  Another guy who enjoys angst and how two people love each other but can't be together.  No wonder why I love his songs!  Well, here is one from his new album that fits Martha and Charles so perfectly it's frightening.  I also think he would be great with Charlotte Church in a musical version of Romeo and Juliet.  Talk about dark and romantic!

They had a moment where they could have fixed everything that happened that day but it came and went, leaving them both painfully alone.  Though Martha has hope for the future with Aaron.  However, that aside, I like how the song says "There's no black and white" because that was what I liked about their think you had it figured out and then something different would happen and you would sit back in amazement that you didn't have it quite pegged after all :)

Charles...I love you very much but I feel I should tell you that you have a piece of spinach right between your two front teeth....

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I think everyone and his mother want to come and open accounts with us....I mean we were swamped.  Never enough BSR's to help them...I was at the desk and made so many mistakes.  I never get headaches but I got one and have so much sympathy for those who suffer through migraines...I don't know how they continue to work.  At any rate, we close at 4 PM so I was able to get home relatively early :)

Now for Law and Order: SVU...GREAT GREAT episode with Brian Dennehy...let's hope this guy finally gets his Emmy award!

And of course, I couldn't end the night without watching my two hours of 24...this time Season Five.  It's even better the second time around...I'm especially watching the Bill Buchanan scenes because I'm hoping to make him my hero in Six until Charles comes on the scene.  And if he IS with Karen, I might switch over...It would be nice to like a couple that more people are fans of than just me :)

Well, today I will post another love poem.  This one is by Kahlil Gabran and it's on marriage...particularly fitting for my favorite couple!

I love the contrasts in this poem and how it seems to caution about getting too close...not very romantic but a practical lesson to be learned to maintain a long term marriage.   In a strange way, Martha and Charles were together and yet not close so the poem is quite relevant.

I want you to know how proud I am of you today...

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09I'm so upset I missed the deadline for the [profile] 24_stillness   contest. I should have worked on that this morning instead of other things. It was a really good competition...icons of your favorite couples! Darn putting up of the Christmas tree! I also discovered the limitations of Jasc Paintshop today as I tried to make an animated icon that ended up being 100kb in size. You will see my paltry efforts below. *giggles*

Well that's enough of my fangirl squealing. On to the graphics part of this post...after all, it IS Saturday :) I was hoping to have more to show you, especially of Greg and Jean but I finally finished those icons for FLOSS that have Aaron and Martha in them so there are those and there are...Jack Bauer icons from the contest I was in :) The one with the magnifying glass won the moderator's choice. Hip hip hooray :) So just check under the cut for a few things I was working on this week *winks* Greg/Jean icons are on the way after this...I promise :) 


Side note: The Greg icon is the 100KB so cannot be used on LJ.  Sorry, I'm still working on getting it sized down :)

If the sun should refuse to rise...And the moon doesn't hang in the night 
The tides won't change...Seasons rearrange
When the world is through...I will still love you

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FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!  I woke up at 9:30 and rushed out to Target to get my Season Five of 24 DVD's. No waiting for Christmas, no waiting for Amazon to ship it out, just all that 24 goodness in less than five minutes :)  I was so anxious to check out that small little box of wonderful delights that I opened it in the car on the way home while getting breakfast at McDonald's.  And much to my surprise, Greg AND Jean were on each cover of the little DVD cases inside the box.  Audrey and Jack were on the other two.  *squeals* However the best of all best best parts were the extras and the commentaries.  First I watched the bonus DVD that came with Target's package and it had an old interview with Greg, Jean, and Kiefer as well as elected government officials at some sort of town meeting.  Kiefer was so funny as he said a lady was looking at him on the plane the whole time until he leaned over and assured her "it's just a TV show".  Then she just sat back and smiled as if a big weight had been taken off her shoulders *giggles*  Another classic moment happened after Kiefer said how he could relate to the show because he has a daughter and then Jean talked about her own son.  When it was Greg's time to speak, he said he agreed with what Kiefer said and Jean turned and asked "And not what I said?" He smiled and said "Of course, what you said too, dear."  And she just gave him this wounded look while rolling her eyes.  Greg smiles and says "thats my wife." They are so good together!!

Today I also watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.  The graphics were very good...the story not as good as the last one BUT I did like the romantic tension between Jack and Elizabeth.  There's definitely something there.  And her betrayal of him at the end shows that she does have a pirate's soul and I think Jack loved her even more for that.  This really is a romantic triangle brewing!!  The guy who played Will's father should get an Academy Award nomination...the emotions playing through his eyes was SIMPLY amazing.  The way he changed his voice during various scenes and showed all sides of his personality at just the right times was brilliant!  The Kraken was VERY satisfying to watch and Davey Jones was an admirable opponent but I really liked how the bad guy from the last movie showed up at the end to captain their next voyage to find Jack. It's going to be one heck of an adventure!

And that's all for now...I wish I could have had time to scan the covers of the DVD but that will have to wait till another time.  Here's my parting screenshot for the night!

Stay away, Mike, if you know what's good for you...I'm not in the mood tonight to play games.

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