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Hi :) My main journal is on LiveJournal but I have this one for graphics offered here and also if LJ ever disappears completely. Please feel free to comment and friend me and I'll try to friend back. I love discussing computer games, movies, and television shows. See you around the community :)
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♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ Friends Only. Comment To Be Added ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

Friends Only Banner by [ profile] brutal

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ Friends Only. Comment To Be Added ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠
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Another great graphics maker returns. If you like cute blinkies and siggies, click the link below and mention I sent you :) She has the cutest blinkies, you won't regret it :)

Join and then comment here so we know who sent you! :)
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A new graphics community has opened by another great graphics maker. Italic now known as [ profile] here is back.  Check out the cute promo blinkie below and join :) She will post a new offer once she gets enough members :) Have a great day. I really need to post on here more often :)

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Hello :) Daynavon was the second graphic designer I encountered on LJ and I stil remember buying my first graphics bundle from her, All of her graphics were adorable and unique. I still love that bundle, it had a St Patrick's Day theme. The icon I'm using was made by her. Click the buttons below to join her community and say that I sent you if you like :) Have a great day :)
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Hello again :) Another dear friend has started making graphics again. :) She is one of the sweetest persons I know and is so talented. She is the person who first introduced me to the world of Livejournal graphics and I've been a devoted fan ever since. Please check out her community below :) The icon I'm using and the adorable blinkie below were all made by her :)

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I really need to update my layout and make a proper post but have been busy with my new obsession, Funko Pops, and playing SWTOR for the Dark v Light event.  Please forgive my absence. Here is a cool community if you love graphics :) Enjoy :)

boxes by zeus
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The lovely hyacinthos is promoting her community with wonderful beautiful graphics. Please click below if you'd like to join. I've also included a link to the promo post where you can say I sent you :) Have a great day :)

♥ Link to the promo post itself ♥
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[ profile] allthingsfandom is accepting new members for Round Two! Every form of fandom is represented from TV shows, movies, books, video games, etc. You may join one of the four teams: Dragons, Fairies, Mermaids, Unicorns, or even go Solo! It's completely up to you. It is first come, first served in order to keep the teams even. Come join the fun! If you join, comment on this link with the form filled out and tell them that I sent you!
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Do you like cute blinkies and graphics? If so, check out Love Bug Doodles. It's a fun place with lots of cute items like the promo blinkie below.
If this sounds fun to you, please join and you can say [ profile] ladyofavalon77 sent you :) Have a great day :)

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[ profile] allthingsfandom is now accepting members! Every form of fandom is represented from TV shows, movies, books, video games, etc. You may join one of the four teams or even go solo! It's completely up to you. It is first come, first served in order to keep the teams even. Come join the fun! If you join, comment on this link with the form filled out and tell them that I sent you!
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Laurahonest over at starlitgrace is having a promotion. If you like siggies, blinkies and icons, please join and say I sent you :) If you're already a member, hope you're enjoying the lovely graphics she and the other makers create :) The icon I'm posting with is an example of her lovely artwork. Have a great Sunday!

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Well you know I love to post with all these cutie blinkies and siggies :) Here is another very talented artist who creates both those and icons with so many different themes and tubes :) She is quite wonderful at creating those little scenes that make you go wow while coming up with fun games and combining colors and themes with care and creativity.  I've posted some of my favorite creations of hers below :) Her name is [ profile] yueshi and her community is [ profile] mondlichtung

If you would like to join her community, please follow the link below. You can mention me if you like :) Most of all, just have fun :)

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One of my favorite graphic designers, [ profile] iffier, is having a promo at her community and is opening up membership at her community if you would like to receive wonderful siggies and beautiful blinkies :) Here is the link and info. I've also included examples of what she's made that I've requested :) She puts alot of time and thought into her creations :D Please join and mention me if you can. Thank you!!

[ profile] bb_blinkies

Here are some of my favorites :D


Pretty Graphics by [ profile] iffier @ [ profile] bb_blinkies
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Hey everyone :) If you love cute siggies, blinkies, or icons, then you want to join the community below :) boo is so talented with putting pixels together and has a great community as well as a wonderful website. Check it out below and say I sent you if you decide to join. If not, no worries :) She makes lots of cute things and I'm sure you'll find something you'll love :D

Hi sweets,
I wanted to let you know about [ profile] lepetitstar, a great pixel site with blinkies, sigtags, icons, and now, calendars and layouts. And now, it's been completely revamped!! That's right, the improved-site is and no Livejournal is needed for ordering. Freebies are still offered at [ profile] lepetitstar though, so go join today ♥

For me to get a prize for the promotion contest, you need to help me out by
1. Requesting to join [ profile] lepetitstar and
2. After acceptance, go to this post and comment saying I sent you.

Thanks for your time, ♥!

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Just a round up post of the icons I made for [ profile] ic0nfest. They're all shareable if you like any of them :)

Hunger Games: Cinna


Magnificent Seven: Chris


See you at the next one!! I can't wait ;)
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If you like great graphics including blinkies, icons, and layouts, please check out the site below :)
Scraps of Love

Thanks so much for stopping by :)
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1st Calendar by [ profile] laurahonest & 2nd Calendar by [ profile] daynavon
3rd Calendar by [ profile] blame & 4th Calendar by [ profile] tsukisagi

5th Calendar by [ profile] lilmama_hippie & 6th Calendar by [ profile] cranes
7th by [ profile] r_sambora_luvr & 8th by [ profile] pixie_ecstasy
9th by [ profile] lightpinklily 10th by [ profile] hisescape & 11th by [ profile] yueshi

12th and 13th Calendars by Fancy Cricket
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1st by [ profile] hisescape  2nd by [ profile] cranes 3rd by [info]adorablexi

4th Calendar by [ profile] laurahonest  5th Calendar by Fancy Cricket


6th 7th 8th & 9th Calendars by [ profile] lightpinklily

10th Calendar by [ profile] pixie_ecstasy 11th Calendar by [ profile] flippant

12th Calendar by [ profile] yueshi 13th Calendar by [ profile] tsukisagi

14th Calendar by [ profile] hisescape  15th Calendar by [ profile] lilmama_hippie

16th Calendar by [ profile] krisp @ [ profile] pocketfulofpixl
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Calendars by [ profile] lightpinklily

Left by [ profile] r_sambora_luvr Right by [ profile] laurahonest

Calendar by fairycatpixels

Calendar by [ profile] hisescape        Calendar by [ profile] blame

Calendar by [ profile] tsukisagi      Calendar by [ profile] iffier

Calendar by [ profile] amorably   Calendar by [ profile] daynavon

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