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This is one of the best days of the year because on this day Jesus rose from the grave. The sacrifice at the Cross would have been for nothing if he had remained in the tomb but once he transcended death itself we were able to finally enter into a full relationship with God and not worry about keeping the law with sacrifices and priests. Jesus became our ambassador and we could finally enjoy everything God had to offer! Isn’t it great? 

Small Easter Celebration )
We did manage to have a little fun like watch an animated film I rented earlier in the week. 

Open Season Review )
And then there was that great little show that comes on Sunday Nights at 10 PM… 

Brothers and Sisters (Ep 1.18 Three Parties) )
I found another wonderful tutorial that’s great with bases that have a character standing to the side. You can then put this tiny text layer and a shape of your choice to the side to produce the following results. Tell me what you think. They’re all of Charles because those were my best bases J Planning to use this tutorial in other great shots!

You're looking fine, Mr. President (Icons of Charles) )

And that's that.  Nothing more to say or post :)

You are SO busted!
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A new month...a new layout J The header is by [profile] clementine_lime   for pointing me in the right direction. A tweak here and there and voila! A masterpiece!! Almost J *giggles*


So I had to wait awhile for Brothers and Sisters and what did I see? The Nativity Story!

And then there was the glory that was Sally Field!!

The first two are for the 24_stillness contest and the other two were the result of some fooling around in paintshop.  I'm not really happy with the last two because the coloring didn't come out great but maybe someone else will like it!  Comments, critiques, it's all welcome!

So Jack...what's your favorite basketball team?  Did you catch the latest Laker game?

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I was actually planning to go out today but that didn't work out. Eragon was at the $2 movie and Jeremy Irons looks really hot in it J I love him from Man in the Iron Mask! I guess I’ll have to wait till later *wink* At any rate I caught up on the two entries that I was behind in but this one is backdated too because I got caught up in making icons for the contest at[profile] 24_stillness

Well that’s all on the entertainment front…on the graphic design front, I have some icons for your perusal J I found this excellent tutorial at [community profile] icon_tutorialand had to use it on some casual pics of Jean and Greg. Tell me if you like it with the text or without :D

So next week I should have some icons from the contest I just did and you can tell me what you think of those :)  Bye for now!

I should be worried about my welfare but all I can think of is whether Marty was part of this all along...

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Family decided to clear out the garage today but I managed to skirt those duties. I despise house cleaning of any sort...EXCEPT if it’s my’ room. I like to organize the things I have but I have to be in the right mood for that. Today I was not in the mood hehe. For lunch, my brother and I went to Zaxby’s and I had the Wings N Things which was pretty good. I LOVE their Texas toast J

So TV wise I just watched a tape of the Dancing With The Stars Dance off between John O’Hurley and Kelly Monaco. John is the reason I fell in love with the show in the first place. He’s charming, amusing, and elegant. The closest thing to a modern day Fred Astaire. His chemistry with Charlotte is from the old days of Hollywood musicals. However, after seeing Kelly dance again, I can see why she won. She’s just a little more gutsy than John and she learns REALLY fast. I’m not so bitter anymore. I loved John’s waltz and rumba…the freestyle…not so much J 

So in closing I still need to write some fan fiction and work on the Martha/Charles mood theme.  I just keep getting distracted :P

This is everything I've known...everything I've been...everyone I've loved...

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I was supposed to get my taxes done but that just didn’t end up happening. Curse of having too much spare time :P The internet connection was lousy earlier in the day but after running some errands it was back to normal. Thank goodness! How would I live without Live Journal? I’d manage somehow I’m sure J 

Well, guys, I’ve been having A LOT of fun with tutorials. So the results came out in the four icons below. The top two won third place as a set J I’m really proud of the watercolor effect in the first one! Need to perfect it some more before I get it just right and the other two Martha ones came out pretty good if I do say so myself. Please comment with anything I should change or adjust!

Looking forward to experiment with these styles a little more in the coming weeks!

I'm here to forgive you, much as it pains me to say those words...

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Well, first things first. Today was supposed to be my big date and guess what? He hurt his knee and we’ll have to reschedule. Dang, if I’m not happy. You see I was thinking about it over the last couple days and he’s not really my type. I want someone who I can talk to about deep subjects and is just as much a geek as I am. Somehow I don’t think this handsome, fit Marine is that kind of man. At any rate, this meant I was able to enjoy the rest of my weekend in peace! 

Then I saw the conclusion which aired on Simon and Simon and was entitled “Emeralds Are Not A Girl’s Best Friend.” What I liked about this episode was how it was how to con a con man…or con woman in this case. The Simon brothers and Higgins are in South America where Morgan Fairchild is best friends with the President and Americans are not that popular. I loved Rick’s plan to have AJ come on to Catherine and talk about a non existent emerald mine. Then have Higgins make an appearance at the bank so she wouldn’t return the money but take it with her. When Rick ran into trouble with the guerillas I thought he was in trouble for sure but they ended up having a drinking party right on the spot . Got to love those guys! 

However, I actually DID go out today and finally saw HAPPY FEET!! 

Well, I got a hold of a new icon tutorial and took full advantage of it for the following icons. The subjects of these icons are Martha, Charles, Assad, and The Buchanans J Enjoy!

Now time to sign off.  Until tomorrow!

You mean to tell me...after all the angry threats you threw at me, you're ready to forgive me?  Somehow I don't believe you...
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That seemed to be the theme of The Cider House Rules. I really didn’t agree with the message it was sending. Without rules, you have anarchy. There IS a right and wrong and you have to respect that. Cross the line and you pay the consequences. But more on that later.

So I had some more of Alias to watch.

Then The Cider House Rules came on.

Well, time to unveil some more icons before I leave you. Found a REALLY great tutorial on how to turn your icons into watercolor type paintings. Gave it a whirl with two of my favorite characters and here are the results!

The last two Bill icons I had made earlier in the year but figured I'd show them off now :) Comments and criticisms welcome!

You're not going to make this easy are you?  Why can't you just follow orders!!

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I never really was into kids but there is this one girl at work who’s been pregnant for the last few months and she is the cutest thing. She might have a large swollen tummy but there is a nice aura around her that makes you smile and an extra spring in her step that you notice. Anyways her baby shower was today and she was SO surprised. The baby kit I got had a cute little blanket that she said she had never seen before and was the cutest she had received so far. Then to top it all off, some one paid for my lunch! How sweet is that! 

One last thing to mention…I recently saw a visually stunning movie!! 

Time to reveal a few more icons I was working on. This time centering on Martha, Charles and even Aaron :D

And that's all I have...until tomorrow :D  Hopefully I can get some writing done and more icons!!

It's just a phone and yet...there is comfort in knowing that it belongs to a man who would stand for what's matter the cost to himself...

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I didn't feel really well after work yesterday so stayed home to get better for today's street meeting. Then I woke up this morning and had a sore throat and a slight ache all over. Definitely fighting a cold because I'm sneezing like crazy and my nose feels as big as a grape fruit. So I couldn't go to the outreach. My Mom asked me to drop something off anyway and after going out I think it made me feel worse...I'm certainly not better. Hopefully, I'll feel better by Monday or it's a trip to the doctor's :P

Now for some graphics :) A few more I entered in a 24 icon contest at [profile] 24_stillness! Though none placed, I'm particularly proud of the David/Martha one because it shows the phone call scene they had on Day least in my imagination :)

Feel free to use any of them, don't worry about credit, and please don't hotlink :) Thanks!

Don't take that one of voice with me, Mike...I can have you fired and out of here with a single word...

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If there's one thing in the world that makes me completely happy, it's sleeping in. When I'm depressed or just having a bad day, I find instant comfort and escape in the welcoming arms of my pillow and soft bed. Everything else could be stripped from me but I could survive as long as I had a comfy bed *giggles*

Now it's time to show you some AMAZING graphics. First up are a few icons I made for 24_stillness. Feel free to use and no hotlinking! 

And finally...the tour de force...a Bill/Karen wallpaper by cnnjunky!! Isn't she the best? I just love how she blended their images together :)

Hope you enjoy the icons and be sure credit cnnjunky if you use the wallpaper :)

Don't question my judgement, Mike...I don't have time for this...

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Almost two whole days to myself without the parents in the house :) How marvelous! Unfortunately they want the room cleaned by the time they get back but still...being able to do what I like while they're away. It's such a nice feeling of freedom :) Mind you, I like when they're here so I can talk to them but I like it when they go away so I don't get nagged by them. At any rate I'm enjoying my time alone here in our house.

So how was the rest of my time spent? Fiddling around in Paintshop and Photoshop making icons for [profile] 24_stillness. Of course I can't show them to you till the voting is done but I CAN show you my past ones :D I even got an award too! For a Charles/Martha one if you can believe it! Also I have to show this AMAZING banner that [profile] clementine_lime made me for Bill/Karen. Seriously!! It needs to be hung up in an art gallery it's THAT GOOD!!

And that's all I have for now.  Next Saturday I'll have more icons to post :)  So keep a look out if you like to see my work!

Tell my husband that if he won't release my pills I promise to do something he will clearly regret before this night is through...

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Well, it was a long trip to Orlando, Florida but it was nice to be off for a weak from work.  No mind numbing tasks to forced cross selling to worry about...just smooth sailing till the end of next week!  I brought plenty of things to do because I knew we had a long drive ahead but found myself sleeping and talking with my family most of the way.  I did find time to squeeze in another two episodes of 24 Season Five.  I HAD to bring my discs with me so I could finish them off before the Day Six premiere!

I had a turkey sub sandwich at Quizno's and then we had a small disaster in the car when the window cleaner spilled all over the backseat.  We had to actually pull over to dump the bag out which had an inch of that liquid inside.  What a mess!  But at least the car smelled fresh and clean!  By the time, we got to the room, my Dad was tired from driving and he and my brother decided to crash in front of the TV.  However, I was hungry and wanting to go out and explore this new place we found ourselves in. Fortunately I found a ready companion in Mom and we headed out to see what restaurants we could find.  First stop: Cracker Barrel.  I love breakfast food late at night so we had some pancakes, hashbrown casserole, and eggs with cheese.  

And finally, I'll leave you with some icons I made of Bill and Karen.  No, I'm not leaving my love for the Logans just yet...however, with the new season almost here I have to start shipping a new couple until my favorite couple comes on the scene.  Feel free to use as you see fit!

Thought it's fun here in Florida, I can't wait to get home :)

I see a see a traitor...we both see the same man...

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Today I just stayed home the entire pj's...and watched movies.  Sometimes it's just nice to stay in and laze around the house.  Not very productive but still nice.  Fortunately I didn't have anything that needed to be done today so I could lay back and relax!

Well, then it was time to watch another movie that came in the mail...Undue Influence...Based on a novel by Steve Martini.  

Well, I've been participating in icon contests at [profile] 24_stillness and a few weeks ago we had a challenge where we could make icons of our favorite 24 pairing so you know which pairing I chose :)  The first four I entered and the rest were just for fun.  Of course none of them won but that's ok.  I think that was due to a) the pairing is unpopular and b) my graphic design skills still need some work.  Hopefully the Tony Icons I entered yesterday will fare better!  Wish Me Luck! 

I'll be uploading some of them to my journal :)  I also have to add the icons [profile] clementine_lime made me and others I found :)

Charles, you need to realize I can help you...the sooner you do, the sooner we can work things out...

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My parents had parties to go to today so it was fun having the house to myself.  I slept in until 11 AM and then started watching all the extras on the Season Five DVD (the last disc!!).  My brother decided to use the computer to play Guild Wars.  Oh how I heart the feature called "Supporting Players."  Greg is so cute as he cradles the picture of him and Jean in one hand and shows the audience what the Logans used to look like.  I love how Jean talks about Greg and how he is a different person from the character he plays.  I also LOVE he talked about the Logan character as taking out his frustrations on others because he realizes how incompetent he is.  That puts his character in a better light form and now I sympathesize with his plight even more.  Watching the deleted scenes again was so much fun...I especially was delighted to discover a longer scene of Logan's rescue.  The Secret Service agent starts to congratulate him on how brave he was during the interrogation by Jack and Charles just immediately puffs up with pride and tells the man calmly that it's just part of holding the office.  The man can be such a good liar it's scarey...and so amusing.  You wouldn't get something like that from David Palmer...well, you would but it would be earnest and it would be true.  Never mind, I'll take Logan over Palmer any day :)

And now for the last Christmas gifts...I've really had a lot of fun working on all these presents.  Finding something you like was challenging and then finding the right effect for each icon while experimenting was very fulfilling. I hope it was a nice little unexpected surprise :)  So without further ado, here are the icons for [profile] schusy, [personal profile] sheepfairy, [profile] whenidream, and [personal profile] xandra73.  Thanks for being great friends!

Usually I display graphics on Saturdays but I think these icons gifts meet that requirement.  I'm now completely done with my list and will try doing icon batches with themes...we shall see how things work out :) Hope you guys have a great weekend!

I'm so proud of myself right now I could do a little jig...but I won't...might sprain an ankle...

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Well, today you get to learn a little bit more about me...the LJ user...instead of Martha/Charles *Giggles* I stole borrowed this meme from crashandburn because 'tis the season...and she always has the best stuff :D


Now enough about are some more Christmas gifts.  I am REALLY happy with how the Martha/Aaron icon turned out.  The soft glow on Martha's face almost makes me want to ship her and Aaron instead of her and Charles.  There's just something so beautiful in that moment captured by one little icon.  Thanks, Tess, for the assistance!  These icons are for [profile] lostonbroadway, [profile] mrsaaronpierce, and [profile] padfootlover!  Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday!

And so that concludes my LJ entry today...hope you had fun reading up on me the person.  I don't usually do these things but I figured some people like to know more about the person than the things they like *giggles*

I'm not a fool, Charles...either come clean or I'm leaving...

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Hopefully I won't get behind again.  Today was my late day at work so I spent the time posting yesterday's entry with its icon gifts.  Also logged into Second Life and spent way too much money.  New Year's Resolution: Only $20 a month on that game...PERIOD!  At any rate, work went by pretty fast and I'm dreading tomorrow as everyone and their mother will come to get out all their money to go Christmas shopping.  I tried looking for some shoes for Mom but none of the stores had just the right size.  Though I hate how impersonal it will be, I think I should give her the cash since she really needs a particular shoe and I can't find one.

And now for our weekly news update...I was skimming Google News like I do each day for articles on Greg and Jean when I ran across this cute little piece about The Fab Five.  This guy realizes who were the real stars of last season :)

I just am so impatient for the new season to start...Then I can start writing in my own Greg/Jean scenes *rubs hands gleefully*

No one knows the weight that I carry...not even Marty...

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I think it's the holiday season but I just don't want to's like I go in and it's like blah!  Let's hope the weekend gets here fast so I'll be more productive next week.  I've spent way too much this Christmas but I can't wait to enjoy it all on Monday.  Still need to get my Mom some shoes as her surprise gift.  It's so hard finding the type she no one makes them.  Oh well, still a few days till Christmas :)

Time for more Christmas Presents...Just finished these this morning...I'm REALLY REALLY enjoying my new batch of textures.  They just blend so nicely with the pictures I've found.  The following icons belong to: [profile] illusory_thrill, [profile] italyfilez, [profile] jacklemmon, and [profile] janaine.  Enjoy!

Oh and I finally found a song to represent what Martha should have done during Day Five...or what I hoped she would have done...I know it probably would have been out of character but it would have shown that when you love someone you are willing to be with them no matter what.  You hate what they have done but you love the person.  Unfortunately the writers were more interested in destroying something than repairing it.  I'll have to confine my thoughts to fan fic *cries*  Here it is...I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders.

It would also have been nice if Charles had done this for Martha when she was going through her breakdown.  Maybe in another lifetime :(

And so it begins...

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Everyone seems to be off...except me!! It's not that I want to be at home with nothing to do, it's just that I want to be doing something more excting than work!!  Research for a government project, practiving for a play, touring another country.  Something than what I'm doing now.  *sighs*  Oh well, that's life!

Also what's sad about this time is nothing new to watch on TV...just when you need something to lift your spirits...I still have Batman DVD's to watch...though I'm finding the 24 commentary infinitely more interesting.  Stayed up late finishing up my last two episodes with commentary.  Jude (Mike Novick) is so funny in his...talking about wearing fishnet stockings and how he tried to get every type of nonverbal communication into one take that Greg was laughing at him when it was time to cut.  Great guys, those two!  And of course the final commentary with Greg about the scene with Jean...It's so fun to hear him tell it.  I like how he can make fun of himself while at the same time showing what is noble about the character.  HE'S the reason I liked Charles Logan so other actor could have played it better!

Yay, it's time for some poetry...I'm so glad I found this site with the world's greatest love poems.  They can put what I'm thinking into words so much better than any story could convey.  I wish someone would share some Martha/Charles poetry!


Oh this is a wonderful piece of poetry!! All the layers it conveys and I would have to say this is what Martha brings out in Charles.  She was able to show his warm and charismatic side when others could only see his bumbling, indecisive ways.  She made him strong and he knew that.  If only he had cherished her more, things could have turned out quite differently :)

I'm sorry, Martha...If I could go back and correct the mistakes I made...I would...

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It was about time I finished one of my stories that had just been collecting dust on the shelf and yesterday was the day.  After talking with a good friend from FLOSS and helping her with story ideas for Charles' demise (don't ask *giggles*), I finished my first light fluffy fic of Charles and Martha after the Presidency.  Of course, in this timeline, Day Five never took place and Charles retired from office without incident.  Now he has the time to devote his attention to Martha and he wants to prove how far he is willing to go to repair the damage to their marriage over the years by cooking her a dinner.  Now I know people will say that they don't think Charles is the type to be an experienced chef and I would agree that creatively he wouldn't be but when it comes to the methodical execution of preparing a meal he could do this with ease.  He strikes me as a very organized, logical person who would enjoy doing something that guarantees the same result each time and requires precise measurements and instructions.  Just my take on the issue :)

Another thing about this story that I tried to incorporate but I think a second rewrite will be needed before it comes out the way I wanted is the idea that cooking and marriage have many parallels.  And as the two of them prepare the meal together, they discover what they loved about each other in the first place.  There's something about coming together to help each other perform a common task that helps in putting the past behind you and makes you grow closer together.  Unfortunately, I think I could have done a better job on showing those parallels in their conversations and actions but I hope you get a little bit of that idea as you read the story itself!

However before I unveil this little piece of fun let me hand out the next set of Christmas presents for [profile] clementine_lime, [profile] clicketyclick3, and  [personal profile] crashandburn.  The icon for each person goes from left to right in the order I just gave :) Merry Christmas!

And finally here's the story I was babbling about for the last few paragraphs.  I hope you enjoy it!


I know you want me to be supportive of you during this hour of need but I can't help but think of how unsupportive you've been of me...

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It was quite good! I was going to drive myself because my mother was leaving early but she decided to wait for me. At first the production started a little slow but as time went out it got better and my side of the church was the only side jumping around in excitement.  It was so funny...we had the dead side and we had the happy side. *giggles* Anyways, they're going to do it Friday but I think I'll stay home...more Christmas gifts to make :D For lunch we had some really good gyros at a new place to eat in town. The prices weren't so bad and I think we'll be back. Mom and I were going to see Handel's Messiah performed by a choir at a local Baptist church but she ended up being tired and we decided to stay home. I went to the bookstore and bought some cake....oh they had the BEST red velvet cake. Simply melts in your mouth as the homemade icing evaporates in a cloud of sugar euphoria. It was THAT good. They also had a guidebook to Second Life that I'm thinking about buying but not a guide to another game I play. That's fine...I'll order online and get it 30% off :) Gotta love online shopping! 

More 24 Commentary and Christmas Presents for audreyheller, avalon_ski_69, and baerkueh! )

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