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 I mean nobody I know wants to talk both sides.  The strengths and weaknesses of the Democrats AND Republicans.  They either like one or the other and cannot see the advantages of both sides.  If I have to choose, I'm a Republican because of the social issues but on economic issus, I'm a Democrat.  I like big government, solving problems by diplomacy, and amnesty for illegal immigrants.  However, I'm willing to debate the pros and cons of any issue, including abortion and gay rights which I have VERY strong views on.  Just finding someone who will see both sides is least I can talk about it at work with my manager and today we did.  It was so fun getting to the nitty gritty and making our predictions.  Here is my current view on the candidates involved!

Yeah there are some more Republican candidates but I'll wait till I see more to comment on them.  Meanwhile if you love politics as much as I do, check out the article in Time magazine entitled "The Voters Revenge."  Part prose, part poetry.  It's a great read :)  And no it doesn't lean only presents a nice visual picture of the results in New Hampshire :)  Here is the link!
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First of all, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO [profile] agent00!!!  Here's a nice animated graphic for you :)

Hope it was a fun day!!

In other news...OMG!! Hillary WON!?!?!?  Amazing!! I checked out her speech, her new commercial and an interview with an MTV reporter and must say she certainly did find herself in New Hampshire.  The real her is coming out and it's not half bad.  She did revert to her old, irritating ways when talking about policy in the middle of the speech but her thanks was heartfelt and when she's not trying to be in charge she seems like a down to earth lady...not the cold, heartless machine some try to paint her as :) Makes me feel better if she wins the election :)
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So Clinton is not invincible.  We might just get someone else in the White House!!! *squeee*

I talked with my Dad who is a history buff and asked if JFK had any prior experience before he was elected president. You know what?  He was a senator just like Obama so it CAN HAPPEN.  Experience is highly over rated if it will bog you down and you won't bring about change.  Yes, Obama might be about talk but he speaks for this generation who wants to see a turnaround in how politics are run.  A government of ideas and accountability that speaks for the people.  His inexperience means he hasn't been tainted by the DC political machine and might just have an opportunity to turn things for the good. Just as long as he has good advisors. I'm a Republican but if the election was held now, I'd vote for him :)  At last report, Obama was a good ten points ahead of Hillary.  We shall see if this holds out in the states to come :)

*waves a little Obama flag* 

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