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That was so sad!! I was expecting a wedding, nearly cried over Burke's vows and she didn't get married!!! What the heck is going on!! The only thing I can think of is that they're doing this so they can bring them back together…stronger and even more close than before. Next year at the hospital should be QUITE interesting. I wonder what George is going to do?

Anyways today was my late day and what did I do? Spent all my time in Second Life again. So many new things to buy and try on. I just wish I could try on dresses and jewelry like you do in real life. Then I wouldn’t purchase so much. Eventually I’m going to hit an inventory cap I know it!! For now, just let me continue to collect all these wonderful goodies J Today we had visitors at work so I dressed in one of my cute little outfits to look nice while they were in town. Always good to impress the bosses. Everyone complimented me on the outfit and that made me happy J

Then there was the wedding…or lack there of.

Ok time for some news articles…I think I’ll pick this one where the creators of a comic book asked Greg to write the introduction since he was a president on 24. How cute is that!

Have a great day! Talk to you later!

Never undestimate the power of the Hotness!

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Well, it's another wonderful weekend and I'm so glad the holidays are coming. Yesterday was marvelous for two reasons: my good friend clementine_lime posted a great news article on Martha and Charles that I will share next Thursday and so many great things are coming in about Season Six of 24.  I can't believe I doubted for a minute that this season would not be as good as last season.  It appears that they're diving into White House politics more than ever now that West Wing is gone.  Woot woot!! If they can balance that with the action, I will be a happy camper.  That and the fact that maybe just maybe Bill and Karen have gotten married *crosses fingers* 

And now time for some lovely graphics I found on the 24 Community Board.  The first signature was on display by username Virginie and I really like the coloring and how she merged all the images of Season Five into the sharp but slim siggy.  The last one is by The24UmKing and he always does great work.  I showed some of the siggies he made for me earlier.  This one he put together from the promo images and though he thought it didn't come out that great, I disagree.  There is my new favorite couple: Bill and Karen :)

And now I leave you with a classic Martha screenshot.  I love it when she's in First Lady mode.  The 24 Calendar I have shows how she really knows how to carry herself.  Now with Karen's new hairstyle I might be switching allegiances :)

Tell me, you ever tire of just playing a role instead of really making a difference? 

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