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And I’m still no closer to catching up on LJ than I was before. Darn that Second Life!! I do have GREAT news about my application to be a fashion model in game though!! I gave a little speech on why I wanted to be a model and she said it was the best speech she had that night. I was squeeing the whole time behind the keyboard J It’s so nice when people think you did a good job. One round down…two more to go. My little speech is below the cut line!

So let’s see…I did happen to watch a REALLY good movie called “Water” about a Hindu girl of eight years old who was married and widowed before she turned nine. The things this video showed about India was frightening!! I mean they had her in this home for widows and she can’t remarry, her head is shaved bald, and she has to beg in the streets. They SAY that widows are holy women but they leave them to starve and treat them like pariahs and prostitutes. I loved it when the little girl said “Where is the home for widow men?” She had such spunk! And there were some good adult actresses too J

There are supposed to be icons here but I’ll work on that this week J Just watch this spot for them. There ARE some in my previous Sunday post here! I made one of Jean, Jayne, Aaron, and Bill J Enjoy!

Don't I look handsome!

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I'm trying to have this week and the following weeks filled up with entries :) At any rate, nothing to report on the home or work front :D The only show I watched today was Dancing With the Stars because House hasn't been that exciting for me. I think it's due to Second Life which has so much taken over that I'm now going to compete in a fashion model competition. A YEAR'S worth of free clothes!! Who can say no to that? Unfortunately, Live Journal suffers...those who stay with me, I love you lots!! I'm trying to keep updated with you guys :D

Now a few thoughts on The Last King of Scotland.

So let’s see where we are with poems…When You Are Old by William Butler Yeats. It’s so nostalgic. I love how the writer tells the reader to remember him when she is at the end of her life and how he loved the beauty of her soul over the beauty of her face. That’s the way I like to think Charles thought of Martha. Even if she became disfigured later in life, he would still love her because they’re soul mates *wink*

And that's that! On to the other entries for the rest of the week :) Wish me luck in completing them!

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