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If there's one thing in the world that makes me completely happy, it's sleeping in. When I'm depressed or just having a bad day, I find instant comfort and escape in the welcoming arms of my pillow and soft bed. Everything else could be stripped from me but I could survive as long as I had a comfy bed *giggles*

Now it's time to show you some AMAZING graphics. First up are a few icons I made for 24_stillness. Feel free to use and no hotlinking! 

And finally...the tour de force...a Bill/Karen wallpaper by cnnjunky!! Isn't she the best? I just love how she blended their images together :)

Hope you enjoy the icons and be sure credit cnnjunky if you use the wallpaper :)

Don't question my judgement, Mike...I don't have time for this...

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Well the start of this week had me down but now I'm back to my usually cheerful self thanks to two reasons: AWESOME AWESOME worship service at church and *drumroll please* the new Mr. Bond!  Oh is he hot and charismatic and warm and funny and just totally real and human!!  Pierce Brosnan might have the looks but you, Mr. Daniel Craig, have stolen my heart.  I look forward to your next turn as Mr. Bond indeed.

Ok, first a little commentary on spiritual matters.  I adore our praise and worship on Friday Nights.  It's a chance to kick back and just have fun.  I've never danced at a club but I have just as much fun dancing in church.  It's so refreshing to really feel what the songs are saying and just let it all go.  Anyways, first we did the fast songs and it was fun doing alot of spins and leaps.  Normal stuff really but then our worship team did the slow songs and oh my gosh it was wonderful.  I just wanted to stay all night in that wonderful presence.  Awesome awesome stuff. And my brother drove me there and was nice enough to wait on me.  Sole thing I need to focus on is getting back on track with God by developing that personal relationship but events like all night worship and ladies prayer meeting help in a BIG way.  Can't wait for tomorrow's worship!

Now on to less serious but nonetheless fun TV shows *giggles*  

And now...the moment we've all been waiting for...ok, I've been waiting for :) Discussion of the AMAZING new Bond film!

Well, today is Saturday so time to put some graphics on display and I have the perfect piece by [profile] cnnjunky.  

Ask me for a direct link to her post by commenting here if you want to use this wallpaper!  And can't end an entry without adding the usual screenshot from Season Five of either Martha or Charles.  Let's just hope he looks this good when Season Six swings around *sends up prayers to TPTB*

Would you give me a second chance if I realized the mistakes I made today?
Would you forgive me for being weak and just remember I'm only a man?

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It's a lovely Saturday and I have plenty of free time on my hands. Unfortunately that online game called Second Life pulled me away for a good part of the day. I guess I just really love to shop and organize my inventory! I started writing some more story around 6 p.m. but the darn Microsoft Word program crashed on me before I could save making me lose all my work over the last few hours. I could SO SCREAM in frustration right now. I hate starting from scratch again :( At any rate here are two really nice wallpapers for the Logans. The first one is mine that I made from a single screenshot that I really like of them together and added a few effects in paintshop. The second is by the lovely [ profile] xandra73who made it on request. I'm really in love with it so much and have kept it up for weeks. She is truly the BEST!

Click here for the Wallpaper Size Image!

And click here for this one!


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Aaah it feels good!  So much has been happening this week that I didn't have time to post.  I did have ALOT of fun checking out other people's journals though.  So many fun entries to read, so little time to do it in :)  Anyways, I'm starting out with something I saw in [personal profile] crashandburn's journal and had to place here.

If there is one or more people on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal. 

As for what I've been up to for the last few days...well I've been writing fan fiction and looking at tutorials for icons.  Since I'm crazy about Martha and Charles I figured it would be great if I started making some icons of my own.  However those tutorials are looking a little daunting so I might hold off a few weeks.  As for the writing, I'm in agony over this one chapter.  It's a scene between Martha and Aaron (I know sacrilege on these hallowed pages *giggles* but it's for a friend.  Stares at *[profile] mrsaaronpierce*) and I just cannot get the right tone from Aaron.  The actor is an amazing guy and the character is a great one but getting him down on paper makes me want to tear my hair out.  So far I've gone through two or three drafts and none of them are great.  This scene is one of THE key scenes in piece of fiction so it has to be right.  So I'll keep hammering away until I get it. Heaven help me :)

So back to my main obsession, here is another screenshot of Charles. How I love him.  Those eyes, that scowl *giggle*


Oh! Before I forget,  I came across some extra icons by [profile] jackaholic.  You can find them at this link.  

There is an AWESOME wallpaper there with Charles and Martha that I hadn't noticed till today.  

Don't forget to credit [profile] jackaholic if you decide to use any of it :)


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Ok we welcome you back to our regularly scheduled programming where the artist in the spotlight this Sat is [personal profile] xandra73.  Not only does she make awesome icons but her wallpapers are stunning as well.  The colors and photomanipulation techniques are bold and expressive.  If you like Jack and Audrey, you'll especially be in heaven. However, tonight I will showcase some of her wonderful Martha/Charles icons :)


First up is this marvelous Martha Icon at this LINK

Second were these two icons found HERE.  


And we can't forget this icon with the two of them together.  Click me!

Finally follow this LINK to the latest three...all beautiful, all works of art :)


If you're really looking for a Martha/Charles wallpaper, then look no further because it's just a click away. Thanks [personal profile] xandra73 for making this special request.  I love the theme, colors, and pictures :)

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There are some great icon artists out there who are always experimenting with new techniques and different styles.  [profile] fogg8 is one of those people and the icons she creates are true works of art.  She's also one of my favorite people because she makes EXQUISITE Martha and Charles icons that I have added to my collection.  This post will highlight just a few of the ones she has posted but check out her live journal if you'd like to see more of her wonderful work.


This first LINK leads to 3 Martha/Charles Icons and some AWESOME wallpaper.  I REALLY like the coloring in the two below.


Next LINK has 100 24 icons but I really like the ones of Logan.  They really highlight what makes him a great president :)


For two icons with our favorite couple together, try this LINK for the first and this LINK for the second.  I loved how she captured the moment!


Finally this latest LINK contains my favorite icon of Charles and Martha Logan on LJ.  It's the one I'm currently sporting because I love the fact that he's holding Martha in his arms.  A VERY rare icon to find indeed :)


And that's it for today.  Check back next week for more great places to find Martha/Charles icons :)

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