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I'm trying to have this week and the following weeks filled up with entries :) At any rate, nothing to report on the home or work front :D The only show I watched today was Dancing With the Stars because House hasn't been that exciting for me. I think it's due to Second Life which has so much taken over that I'm now going to compete in a fashion model competition. A YEAR'S worth of free clothes!! Who can say no to that? Unfortunately, Live Journal suffers...those who stay with me, I love you lots!! I'm trying to keep updated with you guys :D

Now a few thoughts on The Last King of Scotland.

So let’s see where we are with poems…When You Are Old by William Butler Yeats. It’s so nostalgic. I love how the writer tells the reader to remember him when she is at the end of her life and how he loved the beauty of her soul over the beauty of her face. That’s the way I like to think Charles thought of Martha. Even if she became disfigured later in life, he would still love her because they’re soul mates *wink*

And that's that! On to the other entries for the rest of the week :) Wish me luck in completing them!

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I could NOT believe who came back on the results show of Dancing With The Stars. I’ll give you one hint…Season Two…Celebrity who made it to the final three. As if the title isn’t enough to give it away *giggles* Thankfully I don’t think many on my flist watch so I’m not spoiling them. If you haven’t seen the results show, go home and watch! You won’t be disappointed!

Anyone a doctor on board this doomed flight to…well, let’s just say the US.

And then there was dancing….

Ok this week’s poem is kind of strange because it talks of someone going through love three times but it’s on the list. So here goes. What’s really ironic is that I think that Charles and Martha gave each other times of laughter, times of tears, and times of silence so in a funny why they are the first, second and third loves all at one time J

So if you see a different interpretation of the poem, please share!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Everything is going exactly to plan...Operation: Meltdown has begun...

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Once again being short staffed at work is no fun!! Why can’t people just stay put! You don’t get any breaks, you’re doing the work of five people without the reward, I need another vacation! Maybe I can use my sick days…I have a ton saved up *giggles* Well at least I have a half day tomorrow. Thank goodness for small favors :D

So it looks like Cuddy is pretty good in her own right!

So for poetry today we have “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns. Quite fitting for my favorite pair. It tells of a man who will love a woman despite all obstacles. I do believe that fits Charles this season. I still can’t believe the writers made him into such a 
romantic figure. I’m certainly not looking a gift horse in the mouth! Best part of the poem: “And fare thee well, my only luve!”

I wish I could write poetry and post them here each week J 

You should have listened to me, nothing but a long life in prison awaits you...

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Ok with all these changes in my favorite shows it's great to know I can rely on one to make me happy hour after hour! Dancing with the Stars has returned and it's better than ever!! Oh I love this show so much it's crazy!! I just finished watching the second half of the two week competition before they kick someone off and they are all so good. Where can I start taking ballroom dance classes?

Now back to what I really want to talk about...Ballroom Dancing!

Then there was a soldier, a disease, and a House/Cuddy showdown.

Why is it so hard to find good poetry nowadays? It seems everyone prefers this post modernist crap that is not elegantly worded and beautifully expressed like the words of Byron and Shelley.  I mean check out the poem below and it could not have been more beautifully written.  I know I's just an art :) However, falling in love makes so much more sense when the person you love pens lines like these...I wonder if Charles is a good writer...

"Nothing in the world is single"...I like that...I also love the author's use of metaphors.  *happy sigh*  It's a wonderful day!

You're not supposed to be here...You're supposed to be in China!!

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I don’t know WHY I stay up so late…there just not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do so I stayed up till 2 AM for the second time in a row. Tonight I’m going to bed early so tonight’s post is going up early! Other than the exhaustion, the day went all right…I didn’t get yelled at! *cheers*

I have Stranger Than Fiction and The Holiday from Blockbuster and will get back to you with those reviews at a later date hehe. Meanwhile…there is poetry J 

The best part of this poem is the reaction the speaker has to the kiss. I bet Charles was like that after his first kiss from Martha. I’m sure he wasn’t popular with the girls when he was younger and Martha is so pretty it must have been pretty nice when she decided to marry him J 

You're keeping something from me, Mike...I can see it in your eyes...don't lie to me...

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I’m in high heaven…I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m just overjoyed about how much they showed that Charles loved her. I have this extra glow about me and the manager asked me if I was singing the phone greeting or saying it. This might just be the result of last night’s episode not being the terrible thing I feared it would be…or it might be Charles’ words at the end of the episode. Monday can’t get here soon enough!

Well, House is on usually tonight but it’s still on hiatus so some Alias episodes to review J But first a little side note on something else!

So that Alias episode…what was it called? *giggles*

Time for some poetry. Now the next one on my list came from some lines by William Butler Yeats and imagine my surprise when it actually involves politics while being drawn to a woman nearby. I would have loved if Charles would have had that with Martha. He’s talking to Walt and Mike about an upcoming speech and then she walks in and gives him that perfect smile, making him lose his head as he stops talking all together and smiles back while his eyes follow her out of the room. “Sir…sir, are you alright?” “I’m fine…now what were you saying?” I would kill for scene like that...Guess that's what fanfic is for :)

Martha is certainly a woman who would make any many's head turn in a room *grins*

That's right, Charles...let that helicopter wait...we have more important things to...discuss *wink*

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And I'm on the road to recovery!

Oh House was so GOOD this evening!

So how about them Heroes?

So that's it for shows...But I do have some poetry :)  Now this one is something Charles should have kept in mind for Day Five and he wouldn't have had any problems.  Good advice for all those in love with someone or in a long lasting marriage of many years.

If you put others first, you usually end up pretty well.  Just have to remember to still keep true to yourself so the real you doesn't disappear.

Now what are you up to this late...something is amiss and I'm on the case...

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I still love the Logans but the writers of 24 are breaking them up this season *cries* I love the Buchanans but they chose to separate them by a whole continent. So what am I left with? No other show has the action I want like 24 though the character development and right actors may be present. Usually I find one character intriguing but there is no love interest or one that is not worthy of the character in question. I want a new couple I can gab about with friends, write fan fiction, and make icons for while watching them interact on TV once a week. Guess I’ll just have to give up and hold on to Season Five of 24 for comfort.

Another holdover from Monday was reviewed next hehe :)

So since my favorite couple will soon be broken up beyond repair, it’s time to indulge myself with poetry to soften the blow. Please forgive this selfish indulgence of mine I just miss seeing them together J Ok, the beauty of this poem is that love never dies…just like my love for the Logans J

My only hope: some relationships last beyond the grave, hopefully this one lasts beyond divorce J

I've got things under control...only a few more hours and I'm homefree..

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Just a snippet from the Josh Groban concert I saw...on TV *giggles*  Though I'd love to see him live...hopefully he'll perform down south one of these days :) I caught the tail end but he is just the perfect song writer for Martha/Charles because it's always about impossible relationships.  I need post more of his lyrics on my journal :) 

Well, House was trumped by American Idol and that makes me mad...I remember seeing the preview talking about three weeks or something but I wanted something to watch tonight.  Therefore, I viewed CSI: Miami on Inner Tube...for free!!

And then there was Josh....And no! I don't mean Josh Bauer hehe.

I love Josh Groban!!  I really do!  Oh I backdated ALOT so look to yesterday's post for squeeeeeeeing and such :D  Here's a poem since it's Tuesday! I'll leave it up to your own interpretation :)  Let's just say it mirrors my thoughts on why I love Charles Logan :)

I LOVE how it says "And love me still, but know not why."  I don't know how this crazy ship started but it did!

What will it be like to leave this all behind me?  My only regret is you, Marty...

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I THOUGHT I saw something in a preview of House that has me VERY intrigued about the next episode coming up.  If it's true and she DOES kiss him, I think I will officially start shipping.  We shall see we shall see :)  Well, today I got too much sleep.  Actually went to bed early and went into work exhausted.  That extra hour really didn't work so remind me to stick with my normal bedtime which is 12 AM :)  We did manage to finish all the XCJO signature cards at work and only have January and February left to send up.  It was yesterday I realized that I did not have the Ty bears for Valentine's Day so went to Hallmark to purchase them as well a pair of cute monkeys, a Josh Groban CD, and a Michael Buble one from last Valentine's Day.  I love this time of year! *does a little dance*

So there was really only one show to watch tonight...The Doctor is in!

Now what about a little poetry to add some spice to your day?

I like the simplicity of this verse.  Basically it's saying that it's time to shrug off any regrets and give into your feelings, which is interesting considering the House episode I just watched.  As for Martha and Charles, I would direct this one toward Charles.  Time to win her back, my man :)

...Living with the truth while wishing for the lie...

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But did I get to enjoy it?  Nooooo! I was up late watching my tape of 24 (review in previous entry) and slept in till it was 1 hour before I had to leave.  Quick shower and I had 30 minutes left.  Parents freaked out about unwashed dishes so had to do those in the minutes I had left.  It sometimes is not that great to live at home...and then I think of all the money I'm saving by being here :)

Only one show on tonight that I like and that's House.   [personal profile] crashandburnconverted me and I must say I saw some good Huddy interaction tonight. 


House  )

And now for some poetry...because everyone could use a little romance in their life *wink*

Lesson in a nutshell: Be careful when falling in love because the price is steep and the return can be small.  Many take the plunge and are rewarded for their faith while others find their hearts broken in two.  I can see Charles saying these lines because Martha wouldn't stand with him no matter what and it had to hurt...especially when he believed he was doing this for the good of the country.  If anyone should understand him, it should be her.

I'm sorry, Mike...I know you know I'm hiding something but I promised Charles...He might have broken his promises to me but I will still honor mine to him...

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And yet another TV show blows me away with character driven's amazing that while 24 lets me down I find just what I need in the other shows that I'm watching.  Variety is REALLY the spice of life!  First things first...this was my half day so I caught up on my Bible reading and then working on a LJ entry.  I'm falling so far many shows to watch and write mini reviews.  Good thing I'm not doing something with pictures and comments!  I tried to stay after work to finish the signature cards but my stomach was too hungry from not eating lunch so it was home I went.  Just hope we can get them done this week!

Well, now on to the romantic stuff!!  Aaah poetry :)  And this one is particularly perfect for the Logans.  Why do you ask?  Well, first of all it's entitled "The Argument" and secondly I like how it shows the man's love for the woman is so strong that he's willing to defy even Heaven to be with her.  I'm sure Charles in his younger days pursued Martha ardently until she said yes.  I hope he did it with class!


So there you have it.  I watched an episode of Law and Order SVU but I really don't think it deserves a review.  Just another rape case though it did have that new detective.  She's the one from Gladiator and she's a wonderful actress...even better than Mariska who I always thought was a little wooden.  This woman has lots of layers to her and each one is fascinating but the case didn't really spark my attention.  Not like Greg and Jean did :)

I don't regret the decision I made...but I do regret that I've hurt you, Martha...please forgive me...

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Ok, it's Tuesday and I have nothing to watch on TV tonight so I ask my Dad if he wants to see Deja Vu at the movie theater.  He's like "oh that's a good idea" and we prepare to go.  Then Mom says she will be staying home and we need to eat before we go but it takes ten minutes to get there and it's ten minutes until the movie starts.  Suddenly my Dad is like "nah, I think I'll stay home...I don't feel good."  Then why the HECK did you feel fine a few minutes ago?  Tell me the truth and don't make up this flimsy excuse that you "suddenly" don't feel good when the real reason is that Mom won't be going.  Sometimes parents can be so annoying!!  

At any rate, I had to get my car inspected because I was overdue by a month.  Thank goodness I didn't get pulled over.  We went to Jiffy Lube at the mall and it only took fifteen minutes.  One poor guy was there to have his car checked out and had been having a run of bad luck.   I felt so sorry for him I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him things would get better.  Poor man!  Then it was back home to catch up on Bible reading.  Though I wanted to keep up this year, I've fallen behind but Mom seems determined to make me keep my promise to keep current with it.  What gets me is that she's home all day with plenty of time to read the Bible while I work from 8 AM to 5 PM.  When I get home I don't always feel like reading it...and I DO want to read it...just at the right time though.  Oh well, I'm in her house...don't see me winning that argument anytime soon :)

Well, that's all I have except this final poem by William Shakespeare.  He really is my favorite bard :)  Interesting that this one is about lying to each other and enjoying it because you know the real truth.   The Logan marriage was built on a number of lies but they still seemed to enjoy each other's company.  Martha wanted the truth but she wasn't prepared for it.  Logan knew the truth but knew it would crush her.  It was a terrible predicament and one every couple faces in a different way.

I especially like "I do believe her...though I know she lies."  Reminds me of their last night together *sniff sniff*

Oh, I'll keep my mouth shut, Charles, but you've lost me forever.  Where you're going I cannot and WILL NOT follow...

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Now that there are no more 24 episodes to see till Monday I find myself waiting impatiently for this week to end so I will be that much closer to my desired objective!  Why must I wait a week for my favorite TV show to air?  *cries*  Oh well, plenty to keep me occupied meanwhile :)  I need to get cracking on my story ideas!  So many things to write and so little time!

Another Tuesday...another Love Poem.  This one is better than last week's which I felt was kind of stilted and old fashioned.  This next poem is timeless and what I wished Martha had lived up to on Day Five :)


I love how the two become one and how nothing can put out the flame of passion both feel for each other.  Each person is fulfilled by the love the other feels for them and thus can live on for eternity.  Poetry is one of the best ways to describe such emotions :)

How much longer till I'm in the spotlight again?  Must Jack Bauer steal all my thunder?

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Well, after waiting all this time, we finally went to a Disney Park.  My brother wanted to go to the Animal Kingdom because they have a safari that his youth pastor said was awesome.  I wanted to go last year so it was all good.  My Mom was going to get us a park hopper for 4 days with a 5th day free but we only had 4 days left before we left, it was $60 more than the two day hopper, AND we would be too tired from the first few days to take advantage of the other days.  From past experience, it's best to space it out by visiting a park every other day so you can recover between visits.  Therefore, we would go to Animal Kingdom today and parents would go to Holyland USA while the whole family would go to Epcot on Thursday since we didn't get to see everything last time and Mom wanted to eat at the French restaurant.  

The other show of note was the bird show where the actors took predictable lines and made them funny, even taking a few jabs at the idea of visiting a theme park.  I loved it when the baby vulture came out and the guy said "If you see this guy flying above you, remember...LOOK ALIVE, PEOPLE....LOOK ALIVE!"  *giggles*  And when a bird returned some money to a visitor, the guy remarked "Well, that's a first...actually getting money back at a theme park."!  And the birds were cute too :)  I also saw some forest creatures at the Pocahontas show that were adorable like the chubby raccoon, tiny mice, and waddling porcupine!  Well, after that we decided to get breakfast and I had a nice big cinnamon bun while my brother chose a cheese danish.  

We then decided to catch a train up to the animal preservation site where I saw the cutest bunny! It reminded me of the one I had in Germany with floppy ears...this one had ears that stood straight up.  I got to pet him and take a picture.  Wish I could upload it to this journal!  We headed back to the safari area so I could buy a keychain with Stitch in a safari hat (I LOVE Stitch).  What was really funny was that work called me on my cellphone (which is usually never on but is on now so parents could contact us) and were looking for some official checks.  I didn't handle them that night so had no idea but was worried about them for a little while because I might have handled them and forgotten about it.  Nothing I could do anyways while down here in Florida.  

So that was pretty much what we did today.  Oh that and watch two hours of 24 Season Five!

Before I leave you, here is another great love poem to think on...


Now this poem is kind of strange because it doesn't allow the spouse to show their true feelings.  I like how it talks about gently knocking at each other's hearts but the idea of hiding things from the one you love is never a good idea.  Best to get it out in the open so you can both deal with it then keep it from them until it finally comes to a head.  That's just my take on it of course :)

Come on...pick up, Aaron...I don't know how much longer I can be out here before I'm discovered...

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I think everyone and his mother want to come and open accounts with us....I mean we were swamped.  Never enough BSR's to help them...I was at the desk and made so many mistakes.  I never get headaches but I got one and have so much sympathy for those who suffer through migraines...I don't know how they continue to work.  At any rate, we close at 4 PM so I was able to get home relatively early :)

Now for Law and Order: SVU...GREAT GREAT episode with Brian Dennehy...let's hope this guy finally gets his Emmy award!

And of course, I couldn't end the night without watching my two hours of 24...this time Season Five.  It's even better the second time around...I'm especially watching the Bill Buchanan scenes because I'm hoping to make him my hero in Six until Charles comes on the scene.  And if he IS with Karen, I might switch over...It would be nice to like a couple that more people are fans of than just me :)

Well, today I will post another love poem.  This one is by Kahlil Gabran and it's on marriage...particularly fitting for my favorite couple!

I love the contrasts in this poem and how it seems to caution about getting too close...not very romantic but a practical lesson to be learned to maintain a long term marriage.   In a strange way, Martha and Charles were together and yet not close so the poem is quite relevant.

I want you to know how proud I am of you today...

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Why must we be open on the day after Christmas???? There are so many stores I want to hit and I can't because I'm working *scowls* We were pretty slow at work but I would rather be doing something...anything else! Fortunately, I got the early lunch so I could race over to the mall and grab some half off Pepperidge Farm food products. Their swiss cheese logs are pure heaven and I love their petit fours and so much more. Stocked right up and headed to the calendar/game shop for the two 24 games. And that's when I discovered I didn't have my driver's license so it was back out to the mall to find an ATM machine. Silly me forgot the right amount to take out and could only get one of the games *sighs* On the good side, I bought my brother a Star Wars version of Risk. Hopefully he'll like it! I never did get to Hallmark or the Disney Store *cries some more*

Time for more poetry.  We're on #13 of The Greatest Love Poems of All Time and it's another classic!  I so so SO think this poem was made for Martha Logan.  She says at the airfield to Mike Novick in the deleted scene that she doesn't know what happened to Charles...that he used to be so idealistic...want to right every wrong and fight every evil.  So when the poet says "I love you for what you are, but I love you yet more for what you are going to be", I believe Martha would have agreed with him when she and Charles first started on the campaign trail.  Just like falling in love for the first time, everything is seen through rose colored glasses and the one you love can do no wrong...


Oh! And on a side personal note, today is my Mom's birthday :) We had a small party at home :D  She's so special!

Don't even THINK about picking up that phone?  We have issues to discuss, Charles...

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Everyone seems to be off...except me!! It's not that I want to be at home with nothing to do, it's just that I want to be doing something more excting than work!!  Research for a government project, practiving for a play, touring another country.  Something than what I'm doing now.  *sighs*  Oh well, that's life!

Also what's sad about this time is nothing new to watch on TV...just when you need something to lift your spirits...I still have Batman DVD's to watch...though I'm finding the 24 commentary infinitely more interesting.  Stayed up late finishing up my last two episodes with commentary.  Jude (Mike Novick) is so funny in his...talking about wearing fishnet stockings and how he tried to get every type of nonverbal communication into one take that Greg was laughing at him when it was time to cut.  Great guys, those two!  And of course the final commentary with Greg about the scene with Jean...It's so fun to hear him tell it.  I like how he can make fun of himself while at the same time showing what is noble about the character.  HE'S the reason I liked Charles Logan so other actor could have played it better!

Yay, it's time for some poetry...I'm so glad I found this site with the world's greatest love poems.  They can put what I'm thinking into words so much better than any story could convey.  I wish someone would share some Martha/Charles poetry!


Oh this is a wonderful piece of poetry!! All the layers it conveys and I would have to say this is what Martha brings out in Charles.  She was able to show his warm and charismatic side when others could only see his bumbling, indecisive ways.  She made him strong and he knew that.  If only he had cherished her more, things could have turned out quite differently :)

I'm sorry, Martha...If I could go back and correct the mistakes I made...I would...

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But I made it. I also got my big gift today from my Secret Santa and guess what it was? A dancing Coco Cola bear with a bass that he strums as he sings a jazzy jingle bell rock. Oh, it was SOOOOOO cute. They know me too well :D On a sad note, I forgot today was my time to bake something for the branch so I didn't prepare anything the night before. Fortunately the other person baked a cake and more than covered that day for me. Phew! I also bought the cutest thing at Sears!! It was an adorable tiny Penguin with soft blue fur that came with his own lotion and body wash. I just love taking him out of his little container and holding him up to my face. How is that almost anything small is so cute? Well, barring insects and such :D

I Had A Date With My Mother :) )

No updates on what I'm currently watching but I leave you with a lovely poem since the Xmas stocking counts as my blogthing. Oh!! Thanks so much for the gifts in the it looks full :)
The Good Morrow by John Donne )

I know I've lied to you, abandoned you, and hurt you but please understand...
I'm trying to do what's right...I just need more time...

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FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!  I woke up at 9:30 and rushed out to Target to get my Season Five of 24 DVD's. No waiting for Christmas, no waiting for Amazon to ship it out, just all that 24 goodness in less than five minutes :)  I was so anxious to check out that small little box of wonderful delights that I opened it in the car on the way home while getting breakfast at McDonald's.  And much to my surprise, Greg AND Jean were on each cover of the little DVD cases inside the box.  Audrey and Jack were on the other two.  *squeals* However the best of all best best parts were the extras and the commentaries.  First I watched the bonus DVD that came with Target's package and it had an old interview with Greg, Jean, and Kiefer as well as elected government officials at some sort of town meeting.  Kiefer was so funny as he said a lady was looking at him on the plane the whole time until he leaned over and assured her "it's just a TV show".  Then she just sat back and smiled as if a big weight had been taken off her shoulders *giggles*  Another classic moment happened after Kiefer said how he could relate to the show because he has a daughter and then Jean talked about her own son.  When it was Greg's time to speak, he said he agreed with what Kiefer said and Jean turned and asked "And not what I said?" He smiled and said "Of course, what you said too, dear."  And she just gave him this wounded look while rolling her eyes.  Greg smiles and says "thats my wife." They are so good together!!

Today I also watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.  The graphics were very good...the story not as good as the last one BUT I did like the romantic tension between Jack and Elizabeth.  There's definitely something there.  And her betrayal of him at the end shows that she does have a pirate's soul and I think Jack loved her even more for that.  This really is a romantic triangle brewing!!  The guy who played Will's father should get an Academy Award nomination...the emotions playing through his eyes was SIMPLY amazing.  The way he changed his voice during various scenes and showed all sides of his personality at just the right times was brilliant!  The Kraken was VERY satisfying to watch and Davey Jones was an admirable opponent but I really liked how the bad guy from the last movie showed up at the end to captain their next voyage to find Jack. It's going to be one heck of an adventure!

And that's all for now...I wish I could have had time to scan the covers of the DVD but that will have to wait till another time.  Here's my parting screenshot for the night!

Stay away, Mike, if you know what's good for you...I'm not in the mood tonight to play games.

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