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Fate is a funny thing. You can run from it all you like but it has a funny way of catching up with you. At least in Lost it does J Quick recap on work. Our head teller had someone pass away in her family so we were really short handed today. I dressed up a little for the visitors from our main office and they never came. My boss asked me to work a Friday at another branch and I said yes. The assistant manager didn’t feel well at all and kept making mistakes. I stayed late and helped a coworker put the summary online. Not that eventful!

Now I just finished the most marvelous Noah/Karen fic at im_a_yogi’s journal and she has a fan fiction archive website. Lots of great stories including ones with Karen and Bill. So today’s website spotlight is on her amazing writing talent. Check it out in the coming weeks when you need to fuel your 24 addiction J

Maria’s 24 Fan Fic Maria’s 24 Fan Fic Maria’s 24 Fan Fic Maria’s 24 Fan Fic 

Would you like me to take your picture?
This is the kind of work former presidents do once they're ousted out of office.

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So today was my late day and I had to do the dishes before going in. I was a procrastinator and waited till the last minute. I thought I wouldn’t get it done in time and recruited my brother to finish the job but unexpectedly it was all done before I left, pots and all. What’s sad is the fact that I’m retreating from Live Journal into the world of Second Life. It’s REALLY addictive!

Then Lost came on and it was Juliet centered *rubs hands gleefully*

Now do you have a favorite celebrity and want another good source for pictures? I found some for Jean Smart, Gregory Itzin, and a whole lot more. Some I never saw before. So check it out if you like to make icons of your favorite celebrities but need some really good pictures to choose from!

Last kiss together...last time together...last minute together...

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Finally!! My late day came!! It’s just been so stressful at work…no time to get anything done. I can’t WAIT till these other BSR’s are trained and ready to go! Only two more days till the weekend *squeee* I backdated yesterday’s entry on Dancing With The Stars and caught up on LJ entries I needed to read. I’ll say one thing…my flist is a diverse group AND we have some talented writers and artists out there J

And then there were two…

Ok usually I post fan fic on this day but I’ve changed tracks and will instead be putting my website recommendations on Wednesday’s, graphics on Sunday, and stories on Saturday’s. With my busy schedule, it works out better that way for me. I have more time to write something on Saturday and then share it in that night’s post. Therefore here’s a recap of Sunday’s and I’ll be posting the next chapter of “If I Should Lose You” on Saturday :D

Smile and wave, Charles...just smile and wave...

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Found a FANTASTIC song today for my M/C ship. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. I had heard it before but it just brought up everything I was thinking for my couple. I thought of Martha going through her breakdowns in the early part of their marriage and Charles just comes and lays down beside her so she knows that she’s not alone. Maybe after they learn the news of their son’s death. When words are not enough and you just need someone to hold you…when you feel your world come crashing down around you…just stay by my side and never leave. *happy sigh*

So there are still no new shows to watch but I never saw the premiere of Brothers and Sisters and decided to watch it on the streaming feed from ABC.

Well, someone pointed me in the direction of another hilarious site: Tvgasm Recaps. They have one for 24 and they’re VERY funny! The one had great comments on Martha’s love of fruit. You have to love these independent review sites popping up to poke holes and make fun of the show all in good humor. If you need a laugh, check it out at this link: Tvgasm Recaps of 24.

I could be facing a long night of torture and all I can think of is Martha...

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Well, today I turn 26...and it's really not a big deal :) I had a great few days off and have everything I could ever ask for. God has been good! Today I slept in till noon again (I know I'm a lazy little person hehe) and then took a peek at my LiveJournal and fan boards before heading to Chinese class (The girls at FLOSS were so nice to wish me a Happy Birthday!! Thanks girls :D) The class was actually quite good today because the teacher was late *snicker* The principal ended up teaching and HE knows how to take the lesson and make it stick. The other girl is just not a good communicator. First of all, she mumbles the words she's saying and secondly she gives us long poems in Chinese to help us with the words we JUST learned. He was smart and gave us short poems that were easy to remember. Man, I wish HE would teach our class :)

Crash...Worth the Award but Needs To Curb The Swearing )
Ok, so some friends were showing me funny 24 websites after Monday's episode and I came across another one I'd never seen where they summarize the hour in a hilarious, Saturday Night Live type way except in a Comic Strip type format. If you need a good laugh and don't mind making fun of some of the flaws of the show, check out the link I've provided here: 24 in 24 (Season Six)

You've meant the world to me and I will never forget you...

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So another day of sleeping in.  Not much going on.  I went to Chinese class today.  Learned a few words and some new characters.  However, it's not sticking.  Mainly because the textbook isn't for English speaking people learning Chinese.  I really want an English teacher to tell me how to get the sounds right because the teacher can't tell me what I'm doing wrong and I can't explain to her what I want.  The only good news...I'm getting a feeling for what the sounds are like :)

Now time to promote another website.  I ran across this in another person's blog and thought it was so cute!!  The commentaries from this site are wonderful and will be sure to make you laugh. So for good humor and fun, check out "The Jack Sack".  Click here!

Just a few more minutes and I'll have pulled off the greatest con in the history of the presidency *insert evil laugh here*

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So we went to a new church today called and it's like three hours from our house. I slept most of the way but it was well worth the trip. When we got there, we went into these prophecy booths where people give you a word from God if they feel Him speaking to them. I had four little kids that were either in grade school or high school talk to me about what God laid on their heart. The main message was how much he loved me and that I just needed to be patient for what I have dreamed about to come true. It wasn't so much a session about what the future held but a word of encouragement to know everything is alright. Just what I needed!

For lunch, we went to an awesome place named Jason's Deli. They serve all kinds of deli sandwiches, soups, and pastas. There is a humongous salad bar with the best little muffins, strawberry shortcake, fruit salad, and all sorts of organic foods that vegans would love. I myself ordered the broccoli cheese soup and chicken panini, both of which were excellent. I hope they bring one to where I live!  So we got home late since it’s three hours there and three hours back. I immediately hopped on the computer to post a backdated entry for yesterday. I still need to do the 1 sentence challenge for the Logans…some good ones are coming to mind as I mulled it over this past week. Only one show to review today but so much to say!

And before I go, if you love the Buchanans from 24, please join [profile] allianceofheart! It’s a great community for fan fiction, artwork, and so much more. We need all the members we can get J


So that’s it…Have a good night and I’ll see you tomorrow! Logan’s on…again :D

What has my husband done to you?  What have I done by keeping silent?

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And I completely forgot that the show would replace Brothers and Sisters.  So here I am fooling around on the computer until 10 PM and then rush over to the TV to see Brothers and Sisters only to find it's not on.  I really need to get my times straight :D  At any rate, I went to church today and it just wasn't that great.  The pastor was going of about money again and the worship leader was missing.  Things came to a head with my parents and they're officially leaving.  It's time...Mom tried to stay for those close to her that attend but you need to go where you're being celebrated and right now we're just being tolerated.  I really don't mind because there were some things about the church that bugged me a lot.  Now I don't need to worry :)

Well, Brothers and Sisters wasn't on and I only saw a smidgen of the Academy Awards (All I have to say is that Jennifer Hudson can SING!!  I also really liked how different the three Dream Girls were with one being beautiful but ok voice, one being pretty but has a good voice too, and one being ugly but a GREAT voice).  However, what I did end up watching was three more episodes of Magnum P.I.  I'm really getting addicted to it.  They fit so much in for that one hour and the chemistry between Magnum and Higgins is priceless!!

So what website do I have for you today?  Well if you're a Jack Bauer fan, you'll love this.  Jack Facts!

When a convicted terrorist was sentenced to face Jack Bauer, he appealed to have the sentence reduced to death.


Remembering happier times....

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I'm still not feeling well and didn't get to make church again :(  Also missed Chinese class for the second time *cries*  Fortunately, they only talked about Chinese New Year's so I didn't miss much.  Should be able to make the next one :D  It's a weird cold because I'm sick and yet I'm not...I take motrin and I'm ok but I don't and I feel kind of bad.  Still must be fighting it.  Darn flu season!

Well, it's Sunday and you know what comes on this time of the week *rubs hands gleefully*  

And now for weekly website showcase :) I'm going to pimp the Floss boards again because of a request from one of the administrators.  This is for all those who LOVE the Martha/Aaron pairing and enjoy discussing them as well as reading the fine archive they have of excellent fan fiction that reunites this pair in all kinds of interesting ways.  At the very least, it's worth a look!  I know I'm a Martha/Charles fan but these gals are the sweetest you'll ever meet and I know some of you are Martha/Aaron fans and just might like it!

This way to forum, fan fiction, and fan girling over Martha and Aaron Pierces...or as one fan likes to say it...the Pierces!

The solution to all the problems of today lies in a single bullet...

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Normally I love going to church but this weekend I really just wanted to be off so I called in sick and slept in till noon.  I also didn't go to Chinese Class...just needed a nice break from it all.  

Today was Grease: You're the One That I Want and Brothers and Sisters!

Now for the goodness that is Brothers and Sisters!

And in closing, I would like to draw your attention to a new yahoo site I opened up called BillLovesKaren.  I couldn't think of a more creative name so I used a variation of the one I had for CharlesLovesMartha.  If you like this pairing, feel free to sign up for news and a few fan fiction stories.

BillLovesKaren BillLovesKaren BillLovesKaren BillLovesKaren BillLovesKaren BillLovesKaren BillLovesKaren BillLovesKaren 

Here's a nice screenshot of Charles trying to decide what move he should make next.  After seeing Wayne's presidency, I miss him so much!

I need you, me through this crisis and I promise to be a better man

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Well, I didn't have to go to church today so it was nice to sleep in and just enjoy myself. I posted an entry for Saturday with some icons I made and a STUNNING Bill/Karen signature by[profile] clementine_lime.  If that interests you, go ahead and have a look :)  After a quick sweep of the house, I went to work on my Martha/Charles mood theme.  The thing is...I'm having trouble in keeping the colors consistent all the way through.  I think I need more practice :)

If many of you remember, there used to be a great 24 fan fiction place on the web called the Fan Fiction Archive.  Well, for the last few months, it has been appearing and disappearing as the owner tried to find a new home.  I finally was able to discover the location of the new site.  Therefore I'll post it in my Sunday spotlight tonight.  If you like reading anything and everything that has to do with 24, be sure to check this place out.  The owner is friendly and the place is well organized :)

The_24_Fanfiction The_24_Fanfiction The_24_Fanfiction The_24_Fanfiction The_24_Fanfiction The_24_Fanfiction The_24_Fanfiction 

And with that, I will leave you with my usual Martha/Charles screenshot of the day.  Live long and prosper!

You lied to me, Charles...I could have forgiven you anything...but never that...You can't build a marriage on lies...

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My church today wanted to take pledges for the new year and we don't agree with this practice at all so the family stayed home.  If you're meant to have something, God will provide the means to get it...otherwise it was meant to be.  Anyways, I was able to get another FULL day off and I loved it.  Sleeping in makes me so happy and I got to spend more time on the computer and Live Journal of course.  My Dad and I were supposed to go to breakfast but...we got distracted hehe.  What ended up happening was a trip to China Wok with the family for lunch so I could then leave for Chinese class with Mom.

Well, tonight the only new show without a rerun was Grease:You're The One That I Want.

And since it WAS a night for reruns, I finally watched the movie I rented from Blockbuster...Elizabeth.

So it's time to pimp another website and this time I'm choosing [profile] 24_stillness.  Reason?  They need more participants in their icon contests and its a great opportunity to either practice your graphic design skills or show off what you already have.  Please join if you get a chance!

[profile] 24_stillness


So that's all I have...until tomorrow.  Talk to you then!

You want the truth, Martha?  Can you HANDLE the truth is the question?  How loyal are you?  To me?  To the country?

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Why must weekends only last two days?  Why can't they be longer like three?  Oh well, I won't cry over spilled milk...24 is on tomorrow and it's a new episode.  That should get me through my long work day :) Plus I have lots of things to do like signature cards and my manager won't be in for the rest of the week *does a little dance, makes a little love, gets down tonight*  Hehe.  So onward to the day's church today because I stayed up too late and Mom and brother weren't going.  It was nice to have a second full day off.  I was on the computer for a little bit before Mom and I decided to go shopping so I could get Dad's birthday card and gift.  I ended up buying a ton of stuff at the mall though.  First,  I used my Borders coupon to buy the new Lost and Prison Break magazines as well as the latest 24 novel.  Then it was on to FYE where I had to grab up some used 98 Degrees CD's (REALLY cheap hehe) before finally stopping at Hallmark for the aforesaid card plus one for my Grandmother and my Mom for Valentine's Day because if I do that I can buy all three animated stuffed animals at $9.99 each.  They wiggle their ears and say the most adorable things.  Not that I need another stuffed animal but they ARE cute.  There are still two or three more I need to add to my growing collection as well as a special Josh Groban CD that came out just for the holiday.  So many things begging for my attention!

Now on to the TV shows.  I only watched two and a half...Grease: You're The One That I Want, some of Jane Eyre, and Brothers and Sisters of course :)

Well, I had to wait an hour for Brothers and Sisters to come on and someone else was using the computer so I turned to Jane Eyre on PBS.

And now what we've all been waiting for...Nora Walker's birthday party!

Of course I can't end without recommending a 24 related website and the good news is that I stumbled across this in one of my LJ communities.  Evidently one of the crew members working on 24 wanted to do some short film spin-off from the series entitled The CTU Rookie.  It basically follows the misadventures of someone new at CTU and will have new episodes uploaded over time.  They just must have too much free time on their hands to produce this as well as everything else hehe.  However, if this interests you, go ahead and have a look :)

You've been approved to enter....Clearance 1 Granted...Proceed through this link....Beep beep beep...Beeeeeeeeeep.

We've been married for over twenty years and I need to understand why you're shutting me out...

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It was nice to stay home from church and catch up on all my LJ entries.  With the premiere of 24 upon us there is so much to do like writing stories, making icons, finding icons, and just general fandom related things!  I just spent the whole day basically on the computer so let's get right to my reviews of Grease: You're the One That I Want, Brothers and Sisters, and 24 Season Six (6:00-8:00 AM).

Now on to Brothers and Sisters, which has a VERY special place in my heart!

Ok, it's that time...what I've been waiting half a year to watch...what I've dreamed about, wrote about, fantasized about, and you know talked all hours of the night's 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, I'm ok now...just had to get that out of my system :D  So I watched the leaked I saw them again tonight.  Either way it was STILL amazing.  No other show comes close.  I mean the only thing that would have made it more amazing was to have Charles and Martha in the limelight once more...alas, we know that it's not least not in episodic TV right now...however, my creative mind is prepared to work them in through another angle so it's like they never left *semi-evil laugh*  On to the reviews!

Well, that's all I have right now.  More to follow tomorrow when the rest of the season premiere airs AND the Golden Globes.  I can't wait to see Jean Smart and Gregory Itzin there. I'm sure it will be a great highlight of the season!  And if you want to see some cute interviews and clips by Fox, check out the following link.  An awesome interview of the both present and past cast members on Season Six!

This is the gateway to the link I was talking about. Click me now or die! Just kidding!

It's all coming apart...and there is nothing I can do...I'm sorry, Martha...I tried to keep this from you...

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It's Sunday and no church since our local one is miles away from here.  I was able to sleep in to a nice decent hour and then check out the cable channels we have.  Nothing real exciting on TV that I hadn't seen before but it's fun to channel surf!  I also was on the prowl for a computer room at this resort.  The front desk said there was one and by gosh I was going to find it.  Too many journal posts I needed to keep up with!

Once again brother and father decided to be couch potatoes while Mom and I went to scout out the lay of the land.  I was also on the lookout for the latest issue of the Entertainment Weekly. Supposedly there was a 24 insert that was too good to pass up.  Profiles on Bill and Karen! *squees*  Last night we went to Wal-Mart and they didn't even have the magazine.  Today we went to Super Target and I was sure they would.  Wrong again!  All they had was last week's I doomed forever to never get this issue until I come home later this week?  At any rate, last night I bought a case for my portable DVD player so I don't have to carry it around in a shopping bag, a starter kit for my PSP that includes a memory chip (Boy are the graphics good on that baby! We need to get a LCD TV so all movies will show up that way :)), and the TV Guide magazine so we'll know what's on this week but more importantly it has an article on 24.  Anything about my favorite series I'm buying these days :)  At Target, I gave in and bought these cute Valentine bears that had on outfits from the Victorian period.  They were so cute with little pink envelopes in their hands that I had to buy them.  I love matching sets.  We almost stopped at Gamestop but Mom wanted to get back for dinner.  No word on the computer room yet (I'm typing this entry after the fact when we actually found it hehe).

Since it's Sunday, we also watched a new episode of Brothers and Sisters: Family Day (1.11).

Recap of Brothers and Sisters (1.11): Family Day )
More time for TV and 24 of course :) 

24: Episodes 5.13 and 5.14: Tensions Run High, Sacrifices Must Be Made, Betrayal of True Love, & Turf Wars )
Now if you were interested in a website that lists all the 24 promos that have aired since the first one appeared on TV, check out the site below to either download a hard copy or just view them one at a time.  They update pretty regularly and have a nice layout that is easy to navigate!  Click me to find this treasure trove of 24 promos!

How could this all fall apart?  I was so careful to plan each and every move?  How could it fail?

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I have so much to be thankful for...a nice job to provide for all the things I want to buy, a family who loves me, and a nice house to live in. Nothing more to ask for except what career I want to pursue for the rest of my life. However, that can wait till later...right now I'm just going to enjoy this wonderful day before Christmas :)

Well after Mom returned home, she was in one of her cleaning moods so we dusted up the house to make way for the presents that would be put under the tree for tomorrow's festivities. She had a few more things to get so we headed out to the mall to return a jacket and Wal-Mart for potatoes and some items to make a used bike like new. The lady at the pretzel shop ended up giving me two pretzels because she wanted to close early so they could all go home. Being Christmas Eve, I don't blame her one bit. Wal-Mart was of course a zoo and I loved it...reminded me of the rush after Thanksgiving Day. I think I like the crowds because it reminds me of living in the city :)

And now for today's website...There has been a lot of publicity about Kiefer Sutherland in the last few days...gearing up for Day Six of 24 so I naturally have to showcase a link that had one of the indepth articles about him with lots and LOTS of pictures.  Thanks to xandra73 for showing me the link *Grins*  So click me to see living proof that men just get better with age just like fine wine and cheese!

I love you, Charles, but sometimes you can be a real pain in the neck!

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It was quite good! I was going to drive myself because my mother was leaving early but she decided to wait for me. At first the production started a little slow but as time went out it got better and my side of the church was the only side jumping around in excitement.  It was so funny...we had the dead side and we had the happy side. *giggles* Anyways, they're going to do it Friday but I think I'll stay home...more Christmas gifts to make :D For lunch we had some really good gyros at a new place to eat in town. The prices weren't so bad and I think we'll be back. Mom and I were going to see Handel's Messiah performed by a choir at a local Baptist church but she ended up being tired and we decided to stay home. I went to the bookstore and bought some cake....oh they had the BEST red velvet cake. Simply melts in your mouth as the homemade icing evaporates in a cloud of sugar euphoria. It was THAT good. They also had a guidebook to Second Life that I'm thinking about buying but not a guide to another game I play. That's fine...I'll order online and get it 30% off :) Gotta love online shopping! 

More 24 Commentary and Christmas Presents for audreyheller, avalon_ski_69, and baerkueh! )
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I'm still in shock that I was able to do it.  Usually his character is impossibly hard to pen dialogue for but this time I kind of found my way around it.  First of all, he only has a few one liners at the end of the story and second it's mostly inner dialogue of how Martha thinks of her life now that her marriage is over.  Though it pained me to write a few one liners that took a stab at Charles, it was necessary for the validity of the storyline.  And it was just fun :P  Don't get me wrong...I love Charles but it's amusing to poke fun at people you love sometimes.  I don't think I could do that with Aaron...he's too perfect...and serious :)  Though Martha has fun getting under his skin *giggles*  At any rate, I started this idea because of a Christmas Fic exchange on the FLOSS boards and I wanted to contribute a story but didn't want to disappoint someone if it didn't turn out right (My Aaron writing block and all).  However, I found the perfect outline of an idea and spent the better part of today handwriting the scenes out before transferring to Microsoft Word and then the board itself.  There were some grammar and spelling mistakes but I think the spirit of the piece was pretty much on Target.  The girls liked it and that's all that matters :)  Hopefully I can write something else as inspiration returns!

So let's see...Sunday...and on Sundays I provide you with another link to a 24 website.  I'll have to check my bookmarks to see what's next...ah here it is:   It's a small site but there a few good stories and a nice list of links for graphics and discussion boards.  Check it out especially if you like one of the popular pairings such as Michelle/Tony or Audrey/Jack.   Not updated too frequently but the layout is nice :)

Just go away...I've made enough decisions for ten lifetimes...

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Well, went to church this morning and FINALLY got my worship service in.  It was MARVEVLOUS like usual :)  What's really sad is that my parents might be leaving the church in the coming months so I and my brother would be the only ones going.  Well, since I'm 25, it is time I make my own decisions of where to go but it's sad when the family splits up like that.  Hopefully it won't be for awhile!! I am just starting to really get into the worship!!  Anyways, after church, we went for our usual Chinese lunch and then I rushed out to Target for a good deal I spied in the paper and ... get this!! I found the Tony Bennett Special of a few days ago on DVD!!!!!!!!! I couldn't find it the first time I went to Target but it was there today and I immediately snatched it up.  After all, Rob Marshall directed it and it's like going to a Broadway show every time I see it.  And man!! it's Tony Bennett so how can you go wrong? :D

Love for Saul/Holly Renewed and New Movie Called Keeping Up With The Steins! )
Ok, time to unveil another great 24 website. Many of you are already aware of this site if you're a diehard 24 fan but those of you who don't know about it, here's your chance to find out.  I discovered this site while a member of the 24 community and it is really a great place for all things 24.  Cute commentaries, great source for promo pictures and the like, regularly updated, and nice layout.  Just a great place to share your love for this show and find useful information such as spoilers!!

Great resource+Fun Blogsite=Perfect Place for 24 Fans To Gather!

Sometimes you just need to get away and have a smoke...

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I'm sitting here in the Southern United States praying for snow.  We only get it every eight years or so where I live because we're not in the mountains but it would be nice to have a white Christmas...and maybe be off from work *mischievious chuckle*  So maybe if I hope and you hope and a few of your friends hope, we'll have a White Christmas.  Speaking of which, it's time to start watching that movie.  Vermont, anyone?  *smiles at fellow Flossers and giggles*

Back to the routine!  Today it's time to direct your attention to a website that was quite useful to me and might be very useful to you...if you haven't seen this site already hehe.  It's called 24FANS.COM.  A quick perusal of the site and you discover that it's put together rather well with nice, sharp graphics and easy to navigate layout.  The latest news is displayed on the front page and there are guides to each day of 24 as well as media, extras, and forum links.  I especially like how it's an "international" site so if you like exploring other 24 fansites, go ahead and check it out!

Another day, another fan site: check out!

I did it with the country's best interests at heart...but will she believe me?

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