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Don't ask and I won't tell...if you do, I won't be able to help myself! Since I'm a fan of many shows, you won't know which one and I can let out my excitement but still be mysterious :) Ok, for some reason, I wasn't feeling well at work and let it show. I did apologize afterwards and felt better after a Tylenol. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow because it’s just me and the assistant manager until 9:30. Don’t you just love the pressure! 

First up for review comes straight from the ballroom J 
Dancing With The Stars: Paso Doble and Waltz )   

Now on to some other matters relating to madness and mayhem.
24 (Ep 6.17 10 to 11 PM) )   
So those lyrics I was talking about… 

I've Cried Enough by Lara Fabian )   
If only the writers had followed this and shown a stronger, more stable Martha. We know Jean could have done it…they just needed to write it J Best part about this song…she still admits love was there, just like there was love in the Logan marriage once upon a time J 

I might smile and stand with you, Charles but I will never forgive you...

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I REALLY REALLY hate Mondays. There are just too many darn shows to watch…and one of them isn’t even on yet. Fortunately the season finale of Prison Break was today so one less thing to keep track of. More on that later. If you haven’t seen it, please do! Work was heck on earth…don’t want to talk about it…don’t want to discuss it. I have a headache and that should more than explain how bad it was.

So on to the reviews!

Now on to 24 which I actually enjoyed tonight and lots of little shipper bits to follow.

Dang if this isn't going to be the length of a novel but I must stick to the schedule. It brings me great satisfaction

So I have no more to say and deep down you’re saying “Thank God!” Come on…you know you’re thinking it after I posted it :D

I'm not worried...that's a fake can tell by the "Made In China" etching on the side
You going to shoot me with water, Jack?

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So another action packed Monday. There was 24...there was Prison Break…there was Dancing with the Stars. How does a girl choose? And Heroes wasn’t even up! I don’t know what I’ll do when it returns. All I know is that all through work today I was looking forward to turning on the TV and watching my favorite shows. And I still have to see Dancing With The Stars which I taped!

Ok on to the reviews for there are some good parts!

Now for some quality time with Jack Bauer J

So time to share some new lyrics. I bought this collection of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs and there is this one from his musical “Song and Dance” that I have fallen completely in love with. It’s entitled “The Last Man In My Life” and basically it says everything I would want Martha to think after her reunion for Charles. As a bonus, you can also use it for her new life with Aaron. Whichever is your preferred ship J 

So if you have time today, check out the song if you like music from these big sweeping operatic epics :)

How much you want to bet that I can beat you in poker, Jack?

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I will try to restrain my squealing and squawking till after I place the LJ cut. I don't have any spoilers tonight but I might in the future so it's good to start now. I apologize if any of my posts spoiled anything for you :) Ok, moving on to real life stuff. Work!! I'm the only BSR and it stinks! All I do is click out members and the last one freaking closed their checking account and I had to manually find all the outstanding checks to send up a note to Items Processing to have them all cashed out of the new account. I spent FORTY extra minutes after closing with these idiots. I HATE MY JOB...for now :) The hours are usually nice...just not when we're shorthanded :)

Then there was 24...cut for episode review!


[profile] elbereth_star tagged me yesterday and I said I would put it in that nights LJ post and I forgot *head desk* So it's going in now. For those of you curious why I picked this username :)




Tell me the truth, long has Charles been playing me...

So time to share some lyrics that inspired me...this time I fell in love with the song on Barbara Streisand's Broadway Album. They're perfect for the Logans to escape somewhere far away from all this craziness that the writers have done. Appropriately, the song is called "Somewhere" from West Side Story :) And there you have it...another hectic Monday out of the way...I want to be back on vacation :)
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Seriously!! alkdjflakjdfklalksjflkjsjf!  What else can I say!!  Greg was brilliant, Jean was brilliant, Glenn was brilliant.  Nothing more to say...well, actually lots more *wink* So now a cute for spoilers!  Sorry if the above was too much already!

Ok so I let that out of my system. Time for some lyrics and I'm done :)  Appropriate for this time I have chosen a song by Shania Twain that says everything I hope Logan is feeling :)  Yes, they're no longer together but this is what he wishes it was like *wink*

You're definitely still the one I love, Charles *dreamy sigh*

Nothing in the earth below nor the heavens above can break this bond we have...

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If my entries aren't as spirited as before, you will forgive me.  Time to review last night's episode of Prison Break and 24.

Now for some 24 and at least something good...Charles Logan :)

Now for some Magnum P.I. Reviews.

And so I'm glad today I post lyrics of some good songs because I was in the mood for one about never giving up hope and loving someone long after they're gone.  I found it in the following song...

Well that's all for now...hopefully, things will get better from here!

This is the end of everything I hold could I be blind for so could he do this to me...

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And I've been looking forward to tonight's episode since this morning, counting down the hours till it would begin.  I was hoping for a preview of Martha at the end and some mention of his ex-wife.  I knew we would get the glance at the picture of them together but was prepared for it just to be a tease.  I can't be disappointed like I was at the Emmy's.  

Now for the best part of the evening....24!!!!!!!!

So I saw a movie once where it talked about never giving up on the one you love and I googled those lyrics and came across this wonderful song by Toby Keith called "You Don't Anymore"  If you're a Martha/Charles shipper, you'll understand.  If you're not, you'll be confused hehe.

*blissful sigh*  I'm sure this is EXACTLY what he was feeling when Martha walked out of his life :D

Yes, I'd like to order a glass of champagne and some fresh's for me and my wife...

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Seriously! I'm floating on cloud nine. 

So let me stop rambling a minute to talk about some other wonderful things that happened today!  Well, it might be President's Day but I'm not off...despite the Federal Reserve being closed...despite working at a credit union.  I was tempted to call in sick because I still didn't feel well but I knew Tally was off and they needed another BSR.  So I went and actually did ok once lunch came and I had some delicious clam chowder with bacon in a bread bowl from Quizno's.  I HIGHLY recommend it if you have one nearby!

Heroes finally follows through on its "Someone flies...someone dies" slogan that has been on the air waves for weeks.

Ok, let the squeeeeeing begin!!!!  It's time to discuss 24 *cues music and commences dancing*

Well, I've been listening to my "With Love, Michael Buble" Hallmark CD and fell in love with the following lyrics from "You and I".  It actually fits Logan presently as he reflects on what he had with Martha and what they could have had together if he hadn't gone down the wrong path.  The old romantic in me is back...or did it ever leave? :)

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Fortunately, Prison Break wasn't on so we got TWO hours of 24.  More on that later :)  However, suffice it to say that those hours were better than last week's AND I found a new love in Morris.  On to the mundane...extended lunch at work so rushed home and filled out the entry for Sunday.  Feel free to read it if you have time.  I just now started mentioning when I backdate things so you know when I'm posting in real time and when I'm not. Should clear up some confusion :)

First review of the night...24!! Lots to say here :)

Now on to the cotton candy fluff that is Heroes :)

Finally, the end of the special two parter of CSI: Miami

Now for some romantic lyrics.  I went to Hallmark and bought the Josh Groban CD they had out for Valentine's Day and found a new song I love :)  It's called "My Heart Was Home Again."  There are a lot of great songs on this track so be sure to check it out if you like romance and classical music.  This one especially moved me because of Charles again.  Read the lyrics and you'll see why :D

This could take place after they've separated and they just happen to see each other one day in DC or LA.  He remembers what he had with her and it all comes back :)  Memories are a wonderful thing!

Did I speak too harshly...did I move too precipitously...what must I do to win your love and trust back again?

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Tonight was another hour of 24 and frankly I wasn't looking forward to it that much EXCEPT for the Karen/Bill scenes.  I wanted to know how he would react to her resignation.  Other than that I didn't really want to see the Bauer Family soap opera.  HOWEVER,  I have to admit that after seeing it, they kind of got themselves out of the hole they had fallen into with a great twist and I even felt  sorry for Graham.  More on that later *wink* 

Well, Patsy called in sick today so I had to do the ATM's.  We were almost out $300 but we found it.  Val and I were trying to go to lunch together but were stopped dead in our tracks by Loleta so it was off to the mall I went by myself for the best gyros in the city.  They fry the flatbread over the skillet with the slices of lamb before drowning it in slavaki sauce.   Delicious!  I finished the whole thing :)  Still was counting the hours till I could leave and head home to watch Prison Break, 24, Heroes, and CSI: Miami :D

Then it was time for Heroes where the plot seems to be growing some legs and new characters are introduced :).  

Heroes ( )

Ok, now for some notes on 24 and what I was hoping would be my favorite show this year...

Meanwhile CSI: Miami pulled a 24 by apparently killing off a regular...won't know for sure till next week's episode.  

And that's it for me TV wise :) I'll end this post with a selection of song lyrics that I've fallen in love with recently.  Usually I post my fan fic on this day but I've realized that I write too much here on Mondays due to the fact that so many shows are on at this time (Dancing with the Stars moves to Mondays too this March).  Therefore, to balance out my entries, fan fiction will move to Wednesdays (where there really isn't anything to watch) and I'll just post lyrics on Monday.  Hope you guys don't mind the change!

Found this song while surfing the internet and I was reminded of my idealistic version of Charles.  Regretting what he has done to her, he quietly leaves so he won't cause her any more pain, knowing he can't repair what has already been broken.  Such a lovely song :)

All the wine in the world wouldn't help me tonight...

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Isn't it funny that when you're just so absorbed in something you like time flies right by and you don't even realize it? Wish that could happen at work. It was actually pretty exciting...the end of the month and we only needed 8 checking accounts to make 3 out of our 3 goals. We had less than 2 hours till closing so what did we do? Hit up everyone with Regular Share Accounts for a Checking, pulling in ones where were reluctant, recruiting all the new employees to open one up and I even opened a secondary checking (I'll close it in a few days). I also had to do some fast talking with my last member to get him over the hump. And what do you know? WE MADE IT!! We were dancing, we were singing, I was ready to have my first alcoholic beverage. THAT'S how good I felt and I don't even drink :) Sometimes work is heck...and other times it's just heaven when you pull together and come out on top :)

The Devil Wears Prada )
Well, enough about that. I have lyrics to show you. I've gone back to Il Divo. Reason: Their new CD Siempre is AMAZING. I mean I like every song on there and they're all in another language. However, they sing with passion and the rise and fall of the beat entrances me. So much pathos and emotion conveyed through a few melodies. It's MARVELOUS!

Caruso by Il Divo )
Hopefully, seeing the lyrics side by side will show just an inkling of how romantic they truly are but nothing compares to the music itself. I swear they should write an opera based on the Logans and this could be one of the pieces used. The love between them is what epics are made of :)

How do you do that, Martha?  Manage to critique me while still showing you have confidence in me? It's a rare gift!

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Well, our Fed Ex box goes out today so I had to send up the signature cards I completed and the ATM cards I finished.  Also some IRA rollovers that HAD to be sent directly to that department before they can complete the process.  Squeezed it all in and was able to enjoy Zaxby's delicious Bourbon Chicken Sandwich.  Seriously! If you have a Zaxby's nearby, go try that sandwich now!  I'm getting another next week :)  My coworker and I were laughing so hard at the end of the day because we're in charge of the signature cards but we're the only ones opening accounts since we're so short staffed. Amazing what makes you laugh when you've had a tough day.

And then I had time to watch another old CSI episode.  This one entitled Crate 'N Burial (Episode 1.03).

Well, time for some lyrics that I'm currently really into.  I've discovered a number of songs by Kelly Clarkson that I've fallen in love with...she almost has a Nickelback flavor to her vocals.  Anyways, I really liked this song entitled "Because of You" since it seems to come from Martha's point of view and how much damage Charles did both her and their relationship.  She now realizes this and is able to put it into words...

Some people make such an impression on your life that you don't realize how large that impact was until they're gone.  

 Sometimes ignorance IS bliss...especially when dealing with your idiot of a husband...

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However it's my own fault...I couldn't find the CD with all my 24 graphics saved on it so had to go and resave all the icons still on display at the 24 icon contest journal.  They are really some nice pieces there and I love how [personal profile] chiroho puts a table at the end of each contest showing who made which one.  Helps SO MUCH in giving proper credit!  That reminds me!  I need to enter some...though I don't stand a chance against such wonderful artists who participate.  At any rate, I logged off early because after saving all those icons, my hand was starting to slip when I tried to right click and was hitting email pic instead of save pic.  You KNOW it's time for a break at that time!

Today was my half day so it was pretty nice to sleep in.  Work wasn't that difficult either...if my stats stay within guidelines, I'll try to pass year because then I'd be eligible for a pension plan! I could get a small amount each month because I worked five years at PFCU.  That's pretty darn nice!  However, if the stats aren't looking good, I'm out of here.  I detest banking anyway!  There was nothing on TV to watch tonight...nothing interesting anyway but I did have some movies from Blockbuster so I ended up watching Rent.

Now on to something less personal but hopefully just as deep.  Someone on LJ was making a fanvid to commemorate the passing of Curtis but what really got me was the song they used and now I found a new group I love because their lyrics talk alot about loving someone but can't having them or saying goodbye.  What better way to describe the Martha/Charles relationship so here is one entitled "Goodbye" which is what Charles is thinking in Season Six as he knows he can never be with Martha again...

My favorite part about these lyrics is how he can't live a lie anymore and would rather hurt himself than ever make her cry :)

This is becoming more than I can handle...can anyone save me from this web of lies I've constructed...

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Well, I am so glad we only got the two day park hopper. More than two would have meant we would have been out again this morning...this way we could just relax and enjoy the day, anticipating tomorrow's visit to Epcot. After sleeping in, it was off to the computer room and a chance to finish replying to over a hundred new posts in my friendlist. It was a lot of fun and infinitely rewarding. Later in the afternoon, we went out to Waldenbooks so I could finally get the Entertainment Magazine. This time we called ahead and discovered they finally had the right issue. When we got there, I snatched it right up and bought a cute brown bear that was half price because it was after the holidays. Then it was off to the flea market where I swore I would not buy anything else...and caved in again! Darn this weakness of mine for cute stuffed animals. They had a sale on Beanie Babies and I found a lion, a bear, a rabbit, and a rat that I really liked and had to buy right then. Oh well, I have money to spend now so it's not too bad. Our last stop was a fruit market where I bought 6 oranges for a dollar...Florida really does have the best oranges! So sweet and juicy! 

And since I bought a Nickelback CD from Virgin Records, I realized another great song that would fit Charles perfectly! Or at least how I want to remember him :)

I like this song because it shows Logan's downfall and as he finds himself slipping away from the moral high ground, he reaches for the one person who could save him...his wife.  If she had been stronger, more stable, she could have pulled him back from the edge and seen the light.  If that had happened, these lyrics would have been their perfect theme song...

Why would Heller come to see Charles this late? What is going on?

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Instead of going in at 12 PM, I was told to report at 1:30 PM.  Yay!! More sleep!  Yay!! More time on the computer!!  The best part of all...I finally was able to talk to [personal profile] crashandburnon AOL Instant Messenger and she was able to put up this wonderful layout with my favorite header that she made me as a Christmas Gift.  I owe her so much for doing this...I just don't know what I'll do to repay her :D  Thank you once again!

Too busy with things on LJ to see any new TV shows so nothing to report on that front.  My Dad finally saw the movie I rented for him called Invincible.  He likes football and it was based on a true story of how an everyday guy was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles.  Too much testosterone for my liking and too much focus on the sport so I only half listened and didn't pay attention really.  Though from the comments afterwards, the ending was very satisfying so if you like sports movies, check it out if you get a chance :)

I opened my new CD's for Christmas and the first one I listened to was Awake by Josh Groban.  My Mom saw an interview with him when it played on PBS and he said he likes the darker songs but finds it ironic that he's most famous for "You Life Me Up."  Another guy who enjoys angst and how two people love each other but can't be together.  No wonder why I love his songs!  Well, here is one from his new album that fits Martha and Charles so perfectly it's frightening.  I also think he would be great with Charlotte Church in a musical version of Romeo and Juliet.  Talk about dark and romantic!

They had a moment where they could have fixed everything that happened that day but it came and went, leaving them both painfully alone.  Though Martha has hope for the future with Aaron.  However, that aside, I like how the song says "There's no black and white" because that was what I liked about their think you had it figured out and then something different would happen and you would sit back in amazement that you didn't have it quite pegged after all :)

Charles...I love you very much but I feel I should tell you that you have a piece of spinach right between your two front teeth....

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Holidays are the worst time to be working because so many people you know are off and work is just not something you want to be doing unless it's very interesting. Yesterday was VERY busy though so it helped the day pass quickly. I like it when I have so many things to do so I won't be thinking of what I want to do. If that makes any sense :) Anyways, I was so happy to get home because I knew that tomorrow I wouldn't have to be in until 12 PM so I could finally catch up on LJ and everything else...maybe :)

And check out the link below...I found it on the journal of [profile] italyfilez.  It's so sad what people will do to poor, defenseless animals :(

And now for some lyrics that I found which REALLY get across the point I was trying to make with my love for Martha and Charles. It has always irritated me how Martha abandoned him on Day Five. Yes, I know he was not really there for her but he has a better excuse than she does...he's the President and he has a whole list of responsibilities calling for his attention. She needed to be there for him during his time of need PLUS it would have been so romantic if she was like "I know you haven't been there for me but I'm going to be there for you because this relationship is not about who is right and who's wrong. I love you no matter what." Anyways! I was listening to my Barbara Streisand Duets CD and came across this lyrical gem that said everything I wanted for her to tell Charles and more. This is what SHOULD have happened on Day Five :D

Now if only Martha could have felt this way, Day Five might have had a different ending :)

Hello...Graham...I'm just calling to tell you that I quit...
I've decided that I can't keep this from Martha any longer...
She's all that matters and I'm going to find some way to get her to forgive me...
Even if it takes the rest of my life...I love her that much.

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I think it's the holiday season but I just don't want to's like I go in and it's like blah!  Let's hope the weekend gets here fast so I'll be more productive next week.  I've spent way too much this Christmas but I can't wait to enjoy it all on Monday.  Still need to get my Mom some shoes as her surprise gift.  It's so hard finding the type she no one makes them.  Oh well, still a few days till Christmas :)

Time for more Christmas Presents...Just finished these this morning...I'm REALLY REALLY enjoying my new batch of textures.  They just blend so nicely with the pictures I've found.  The following icons belong to: [profile] illusory_thrill, [profile] italyfilez, [profile] jacklemmon, and [profile] janaine.  Enjoy!

Oh and I finally found a song to represent what Martha should have done during Day Five...or what I hoped she would have done...I know it probably would have been out of character but it would have shown that when you love someone you are willing to be with them no matter what.  You hate what they have done but you love the person.  Unfortunately the writers were more interested in destroying something than repairing it.  I'll have to confine my thoughts to fan fic *cries*  Here it is...I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders.

It would also have been nice if Charles had done this for Martha when she was going through her breakdown.  Maybe in another lifetime :(

And so it begins...

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You know what that means....more 24 commentary and this time there were some good things :)  

Just want to give a shout out to my GREAT GREAT GREAT friend [profile] clementine_lime who sent me some AMAZING icons that I will display on Saturday.  I'd do it tonight but I have to log off in like ten minutes and uploading icons to LJ takes forever.  However, she went above and beyond my expectations with new effects for my favorite couple.  Greg never looked so good...even with his beard, which I hate, but somehow she made him look attractive anyway.  I don't know what it is but it must be magic!!  Thank you again, Tess, from the bottom of my heart. If I could air mail Aaron Pierce to your doorstop, I would!

Only one set of lyrics today...the words say more than enough and I wish I could use them to write another Martha/Charles story *wistful sigh*

Careful what you say, Hal...I'm still the president and you're not...

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I love fortuitous timing. A meme on my favorite songs and the day I post some favorite lyrics. Just perfect! Unfortunately, my vacation ended yesterday so it was back to work for me. I was the only person with combinations to the vault since the other two are on vacation so I had to travel back and forth to and from the vault the whole day while taking members in my cubicle and then members on the teller line. Fun fun fun! Fortunately, I could log into the 24 Community site and catch some awesome spoilers to hold me out till I got home. Time for a LJ cut so others won't be spoiled by my post :)

Unfortunately, nothing good to see on TV tonight but hopefully that means I can get some graphic design projects done. Something Martha/Aaron related since I promised the FLOSS girls some icons for awhile now, especially [profile] clementine_lime . Good time to fulfill my promise! Now let's get to the music meme that [personal profile] xandra73 tagged me with. Thanks, Xandra!

Well, one of my favorite groups put out a new CD recently but I'm saving it for Christmas so I'll highlight some of their older songs. The group in question is Il Divo and the songs are "Everytime I Look At You" and "The Man You Love".  VERY romantic songs and here is how they apply to the Logans.  The first one talks about how love changes a man and I think that was true of Charles.  He was a better man when Martha was there and he knew it.  I love how the singers says "let love be blind" and "I used to think that I was strong...I realize now I was wrong"  Falls right into line with how I see his character :)

This last song is so beautiful instrumental wise that I could hear the music alone without any singing.  However, the words are lovely as well as they describe a man who just wants to be there for the woman he's in love with.  Now we know Charles was not this kind of guy from the start...however, people could change and maybe after he's lost everything he suddenly realizes what he DID have and this changes him into this type of man.  One can only hope!

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A Brain Likes To Wander Down Some Fun Bunny Trails :) )

Eeeeek!! I forgot the most important thing!!! Some sweet sweet SWEET person was nice enough to anonymously pay for my account time here on LJ and whoever you are I just want to acknowledge the wonderful gesture for what it was: an unexpected ray of sunshine! You didn't have to!! But the fact that you took the time (and money) to do this brought a smile to my face and added a little bit of magic to an otherwise perfectly normal day. Thank you once again, secret Santa! I have my eye out for you *wink*

Prison Break and Heroes (Not particularly interesting to read but maybe I'm wrong :)) )

Ok, I'm breaking the schedule again *hears a collective gasp* Yep, something in another journal caught my eye and I must follow suit. This was found in the journal of the lovely 

[profile] _ila_and she assigned me with the letter N. Now I must find songs that begin with said letter and of course you know how I will choose these songs. *evil cackle* Unfortunately, I'm not very good with any of the upload sites (just at downloading :P) so the names of the songs will be displayed with the artist next to it if you want to find these songs. Sorry about that :)


Just Lots of Lyrics That Fit The Logans (Scroll on if it's not for you hehe) )

Well that's it for now, stay tuned for the next episode of "A Day In The Life"  *giggles*

It's not the fact that you were willing to let me's the fact that you didn't stand up to them.
How can I love a man who will not stand up for what's right?

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